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Music video

Yesterday, I directed a music video.  I mostly direct drama but have made a few music videos in the past (which screened all over the world) and I really love the freedom you have creatively on music promos.  You can pretty much break all the rules as a director and really push boundaries.

This shoot was different to others I’ve done before though, for many reasons. The band in question is made up of three unsigned 17 year old students who formed a band aged 14. I came across them when I was a special guest at my former Sixth Form College’s Film Awards  and was bowled over by their sheer talent when judging a music video they’d made. Their self penned and played track Karolina was utterly hypnotic. I had to work with them.

I pitched the idea to their Head of Media, offering to bring in a small, award winning professional crew along with a clever concept for the video that would hopefully go viral and help them get the attention of A & R people/managers/a label. The college raised the budget for the shoot and hand on heart, it was one of the most professional shoots I’ve ever been on/directed (and I’ve had the luck of working on some pretty incredible shoots). We were supplied with a brilliant cast along with 100 extras who were all students at the college, an auditorium (that was repainted) with full lighting rig and gallery, as well as lots of passionate media students who would assist in various departments as well as being production assistants.

The award winning Director of Photography Paul Robinson, shot the music video on the very cool 7D HD camera, making everything look beautiful. Smoke machines blasting, extras screaming, the band were literally superstars.

It was an exhilarating shoot, the passion from the band, crew and the students made the whole experience so rewarding. I loved every minute of it. The only downside (which comes after most shoots) is that I now have the ‘ post shoot blues’.  This tends to dissipate once I get in the edit. I look forward to sharing the video with you guys soon.
Watch this space as I’m sure you’ll be hearing a lot more about The Scandal.

To show the band some love, this is their FB page.

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N.B. A piece on the music video will be in tonight’s Yorkshire Evening Post.

Photograph ©Vicki Psarias-Broadbent.

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