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Two days ago my beautiful and intelligent Grandmother, Vikentia turned 95. Amazing. My Dad’s family live forever thankfully-his Grandmother died at 113. For real. It’s that naturally organic food and sunshine. Good for the soul.

Despite my Grandma (Yiayia) living in Cyprus we have this unbreakable, close bond-there’s no generation gap or lack of understanding between us which is incredible. ( I’m so happy for all those Saturdays spent in Greek school.)

She is in fact more modern that my own parents in many ways. Today of all days I want to celebrate my wrinkle free, fiercely bright, funny and utterly kind Yiayia Vikentia. Happy Birthday Yiayia.

Next up is my wonderful Mum-when I found out I was pregnant with Oliver, my first thought was how can I compare to such a wonderful woman. Always fair, offering the best of advice (a real feminist she taught me women together are strong, a wore a badge aged 2 stating as much) and that we can achieve anything, loving-she is truly fabulous- and what she has achieved in life is simply awe inspiring.

Arriving in the UK from Cyprus as a young teen, she had one year to learn English-took all her O level’s, then aced her A levels before studying for a degree in Sociology and Politics then gaining a Master of Philosophy in Sociology at Bradford University and then a PGCE before becoming a lecturer. Wow. My Dad and her opened award winning restaurants later when my brother and I came along. Inspirational, the only person I know who can read 4 books a week-and a brilliant Grandma to my son who thinks she’s his second Mum, Happy Mothers Day Mama.

Last but not least, I’m one of the lucky ones to have such a cool Mother in Law. Sadly she lives in South Africa but we do visit and they also come to the UK often too. Cathy is the most incredible chef and her special chocolate cake is to die for.

Little Oliver still talks of Grandma Fifi and Grandad David everyday and adores them. They are the most patient and loving Grandparents O could ask for.

To all my readers: Mothers-to be,  Mamas, Grandmothers and Mothers in Law and of course the Mothers who are no longer with us but will never be forgotten: Happy Mothers Day.

Photograph ©Peter Broadbent.

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15 Responses

  1. Kate

    Hope you had a Happy Mothers Day. Youngling was away at his daddy’s so I missed him lots but relished in the cuddles on his return 🙂 xx

  2. Babes about Town

    Wonderful post. Makes sense that you come from a line of strong, independent and open-spirited women. Your nana sounds amazing – and my great granddad was about 112 too when he died (nobody knows exactly how old) so I definitely believe you!

    I’d add to the organic food and sunshine the sense of respect and appreciation for old age in some cultures that’s sadly lacking in others. Back in Nigeria, the elderly folk are still out having a good time – nobody looks their age and they certainly don’t act like it!

    Hope you had a fab mama’s day!

    • honestmum

      @Babesabouttown thank you lovely-and totally agree with you-the respect for the elderly in Cyprus is something I plan to pass onto my son. It shocks me how much ageism exists in Britain and other countries. Old people’s homes don’t really even exist in Cyprus-elderly relatives live with with their children and are so valued. Sounds the same in Nigeria and well done on your Great Grandad-that’s just amazing. Happy Mothers Day to you, you incredible lady!

    • honestmum

      @SusanMann thanks lovely, I’m really lucky and truly appreciate them. Definately can adopt you and your gorgeous boys x


    Hey, hope you all had a wonderful day yesterday. We spent it, amongst others, with my daughter’s great-grandmother, a young whippersnapper at 92, who is totes amazing!

    Isn’t it lovely to have strong, intelligent women in your family, to help shape who you are! Here’s to all us mums!!!

    • honestmum how wonderful and totally agree with you-I’m so lucky to have so many strong, intelligent women in my family leading the way. Happy Mothers Day to you and yours xx


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