stripy jumpers

Breton Stripes for Little Boys

jumperDog motif striped jumper gifted by Mamas & Papas

Before I knew I was expecting a boy when pregnant with my first child, Oliver, I dreamt of a little sailor-suited and booted baby son, one I hoped would look just like my husband, Peter. That’s love for you, huh?!

I won’t share his actual baby pictures but here is Peter in stripes a few years ago!


..Peter’s Mum had proudly shown me his baby pictures when we were first dating, much to his embarrassment of course, but talk about a baby Brad Pitt!

From that day forward, I’d hoped if I was to have a baby, I’d get one just like him.

Oliver arrived in 2010 and his darling little brother, Alexander in 2012 and what cuties they are too (biased Mummy alert)- and no more so than in Breton style stripes, don’t you think?!

stripy jumpers

Jumpers by Next, stripy wellies gifted by Muddy Puddles.

I must say, this sailor theme, classic stripes in navy and lots of other bold colours, feature heavily across all this family’s wardrobes.

Mulberry bagDress: Dorothy Perkins, jacket: Topshop, bag: Mulberry. Xander’s jumper is Next.

Nothing is more timeless than stripes in my opinion and this post showcases the different ways my little boys rock the lined-look!

red and white striped top

Red and white striped top, braces and trousers gifted by Mamas & Papas

..I must note too, that when I started this blog, it was to showcase my own style but also to champion boys’ fashion as well- because it’s had a bad rap over the years but times have truly changed, boys’ clothes are varied, vibrant, bold, playful, fun and stylish and more and more ranges are now unisex too (my favourite is great friend Nomita’s stylish e-shop Ebabee who stocks boys, girls and unisex pieces).

khaki jacket

Oliver wears jacket by Ebabee, t-shirt by Ralph Lauren kids, chinos and jumper by Nutmeg, Morrisons.

I love dressing my little ones up and I hope to inspire others that little boys have never looked so cute!

striped tee

Bright Primarni t-shirt, perfect for holidays!

My kids’ wardrobes are eclectic with plaids, prints, bright colours (pink, red, blue, mustard, bottle green and more) but stripes, they have to be my favourite (can you tell?)

striped tee

T-shirt by Nutmeg at Morrisons-Oliver has modelled officially for the brand.

I tend to shop mostly on the high street with pieces from Primarni to Next, Benetton, Zara Kids, Gap and Mamas & Papas as regular haunts, and designers Ralph Lauren Kids, Tommy Hilfiger, Moschino, Catimini, Armani and a bit of Burberry, for best.


Benetton Benetton woollen tank over long sleeved t-shirt from Primark.

And, although not Breton stripes, Oliver wears Ralph Lauren Kids, Alexander, Zara Kids below-

checked shirt

We try where possible, to pick up designer kids’ clothes in the sale to get more for our money.

Kids grow quickly so although we’ve kept most designer pieces- their fine quality and the fact most wash well, means they’re ideal for hand me downs, we’ve also re-sold on eBay and of course given pieces away to charity.

My brother, Solos loves holidaying in America which is handy, and always brings back lots of Ralph Lauren for his little nephews from there, and in a size too big too, to last for as long as possible! That’s my tip for designer fare, buy big, people!

I must say as much as we love the odd luxury item, so much of the boys pieces from the high street have really gone the distance and that includes Primark (sadly, I’ve never found this for myself)! I love stocking up with basics from there and from supermarkets too-their ranges are top quality, proving you don’t need big budgets to have great style.

striped tee

Xander in a Primarni t-shirts above, below and jumper below.

Primark tee tee striped tee

So do you like my little men in stripes, would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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