Honest Mum and sons read The Week Junior Magazine

My son Oliver, 11, has diligently read and loved The Week Junior Magazine over the past 12 months after stumbling across it in a hotel pre-lockdown so when Dennis Publishing asked if he, along with myself and his brother Alexander, would like to become ambassadors, sharing how the magazine informs, entertains and empowers young minds (as well as offering exclusive competitions to boot), we were all overjoyed!

The Week Junior Magazine

‘The magazine I love, Mummy?’ Oliver asked in disbelief when I told him about the collaboration.

Honest Mum's sons read The Week Junior Magazine

This is one of the greatest the highlights of my job: working with brands my family genuinely love and advocate.

It’s the only partnerships we accept here.

Alexander, who is 8 towards the end of September is now also reading the magazine, having vastly improved his reading skills over the homeschool period (he now speed reads). Xander adores the animal stories, film reviews and puzzles within the pages whilst Oliver laps up the science, arts and current affairs coverage. There’s something for every child, whatever their interest and ability. You as a parent can also read The Week Junior with your child, bonding as you do so.

The Week Junior is aimed at 8-14 year olds offering intelligent, balanced, newsworthy and age-appropriate commentary on world events today, written completely with children in mind.

The Week Junior

The Week Junior Kids read the Week Junior

It’s perfect for parents too (I’ve frankly learnt more from our subscription to the magazine than from some of the other papers I buy) and as a former teacher, I can confirm that this magazine would be an asset in every school.

I’m not the only one who feels this way as The Week Junior boasts 90,000 subscribers and that figure is growing daily.

It’s an important, stimuating and fun read for children (‘that doesn’t feel like homework’ according to Oliver).

Reading The Week Junior Magazine

We know that life can be complex and deeply concerning at times, especially for little people bombarded with endleslly disruptive change day to day and this is where The Week Junior is a gift for children and parents alike. It unpacks and explains world news from Covid to Global Warming and beyond, helping kids understand these issues whilst building compassion, strength and resilience in its young readers.

It also serves as a tool for parents to broach difficult subjects using the articles as openers for discussion, and pointers too.

Equally, the magazine is packed full of inspirational ideas from how to start a book club to animal fact files, word searches (Alexander’s favourite), in- depth features on science, politics and the arts as well as tech breakthroughs, movies reviews and much, much more.

It offers a free delivery service in the UK (and is plastic free) and is also available worldwide.

In fact, when you subscribe today in the UK, you will receive 6 whole issues for FREE. It is then £25.99 every 13 issues (FYI, you receive 20% off if you purchase online).

This weekly magazine encourages inquisitivitness, improves literacy and encourages and hones debating skills. It is colourful, immediate, engaging and exciting-what more could you want for your child?!

Both of my sons spent an hour over three days (3 hours in total), reading their issues, fully engrossed and not once feelimg distracted. On finishing the latest issue, Oliver immediately asked when the next would arrive for delivery.

I’ve never known him so compelled.


Whilst the volume of reading was high during homeschool, tech had taken over somewhat during the summer holidays but The Week Junior has helped us to regain balance, putting both of my boys in good stead for starting school shortly.

With the latest issues preparing children for their return back to full time education, there’s never been a better time to subscribe.

Just some of the articles in the recent issues that captivated my kids are listed below to offer you a taste of what to expect:

  • Closest ever pictures of the sun.
  • How the Norman conquest changed diets.
  • Whales with wonky skulls.
  • New emojis for 2020.
  • The story behind books and how to publish yours (something they found fascinating as I’m a published author).
  • Thai sweetcorn patties recipe.

Each magazine takes approxiamtely 3 hours to read in full depending on your child’s age and ability and my own children like to keep the back issues for posterity, regularly returning to pieces that caught their attention. They will be applying facts learnt to their school work too.

This is a magazine with enough evergreen content to allow you to treasure it forever if you choose to.

It has lots of famous fans too.

Broadacster Jon Snow said this about it,

‘I wish The Week Junior had been around when I was a kid — I’d have known so much more about the world in which I was growing up.’


David Baddiel said,

‘The Week Junior is brilliant! All the news, without the boring bits. Or at least with the boring bits made not boring’.


It is truly unmissable and makes for a super birthday or Christmas present!

Subscribe to The Week Junior HERE.

By doing so you will receive:

A £5 book voucher as a welcome gift so that’s a bundle worth £20 absolutely free with home delivery included! 


To celebrate this partnership, I am offering two readers the chance to win 1x £25 WHSmiths gift card you can spend on books and stationery to help with your child’s return to school.

Simply enter below.

Good luck.

Ends 2nd October 2020.

UK only.

18 + only.

If the winner does not respond within 7 days of the notification email being sent, new winners will be randomly selected.

No cash alternative.

Honestmum Limited will share the details you have provided with Dennis Publishing Limited. A description of how they will use your information can be found here: https://www.dennis.co.uk/privacy-policy/ In particular, Dennis Publishing Limited may wish to send you communications about similar topics and/or related services. By entering the competition, you are happy for me to share your information with  Dennis Publishing Limited.

This is a sponsored campaign but as always, our words are honest.

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  1. Fiona Martin

    My kids would enjoy this and many interesting features. We’d also all love the WHSmith vouchers as we all like reading and it’d be great to get some new books!

  2. Andrew Petrie

    A great idea . It will encourage children to keep up with what’s happening and make it genuinely interesting . And fun .


    I like the age group it’s aimed at. Winning the gift card would help with all the birthdays & xmas coming .

  4. Emma Wright

    The Week is a fun way for kids to learn!
    I’d love to win so I could treat my daughter to some new books

  5. Frances Heaton

    Children find so many creative ideas which they can try themselves.
    Inspirational, will keep them busy for hours.

  6. Nicola Godfrey

    My nephew loves the magazine. 😃. I’d get lots and lots of new pens – can never have enough.

  7. Alison Johnson

    It just sounds so informative in a way kids understand with some great articles that they would enjoy reading. I love WH Smith & spend so much on their lovely stationery, magazines & of course books any giftcard would be appreciated.

  8. Amelia Kennedy

    It sounds like an interesting and fun way to learn for youngsters. I’d love to win so I could treat my young nephew to some books.

  9. Sheila Shepheard

    I love reading The Week and can’t wait to buy it for my kids too. Informative but never boring.

  10. Peter Watson

    With 90,000 subscribers,it must be doing something right.The vouchers would be spend on books for my grandchildren.

  11. Susan John

    Lots of interesting articles. I would love to win the voucher to buy some Christmas presents for the children.

  12. Sean Eccles

    It sounds like a fun way to improve on there general knowledge 🙂 my daughter loves reading so would love to get her some new books with the gift card ☺️

  13. Elizabeth Yeates

    I love the sound of the week junior. I would enjoy this with my son. I would also use this in my classroom

  14. justine meyer

    Full of educational information for the kids, would love to win for my daughter

  15. Sarah Alexander

    It keeps my children up to date with what is going on in the world in a child friendly way.
    Who wouldn’t would love a WHSMITHs voucher, spend on magazines,books and stationary

  16. Jane Willis

    The range of material covered seems to be very broad with something for every child. I particularly like the inclusion of a “proper” recipe

  17. Claire Johnson

    A fab educational magazine and a WHSmith would be perfect for back to school stationery

  18. Christopher Read

    I like the idea of a magazine that keeps children in touch with the news in a way that they can understand, and it would be nice to spend the gift card on some new books 🙂

  19. Alice Gilkes

    I really like how educational it is.
    I would love to win a gift card so as it will come in handy for some bits and bobs at Christmas.

  20. Emily Smith

    Interesting and educational and the voucher would come in handy for buying Christmas gifts.

  21. Julia Linsley

    Educational yet Fun and very interesting things for my daughter to discover !
    I’d like to treat her to some books

  22. Lorraine

    This sounds really engaging for young minds, my son would love this. The gift voucher would be great to buy lots of new books too!

  23. Alice

    It covers a lot of topics so there’s something for everyone! I would love to win the voucher to spend on some books and/or magazines!

  24. holly harmsworth

    This sounds like an amazing magazine that is informative and fun all at the same time. I would spend the voucher on art supplies for my daughter. She needs all sorts from graphic liner pens to watercolour paints so this would come in handy to put towards that.

    • Heath84

      The magazine sounds great to introduce children to more mature subjects like science in an accessible way. I would love to win to treat my son to some new books to fuel his curiosity.

  25. Jo

    It seems very interesting, educational and fun and I would love to win the gift card to give to my sister for her birthday as she is a big reader.

  26. Corinne Peat

    It looks interesting and fun. It will also get them reading more. I would let the kids buy some new reading materials with the gift card.

  27. Natalie Burgess

    I love how educational it is but fun at the same time, I’d love a gift card for books and stationary xx

  28. Linda Ford

    I like that the week is geared towards my teenage sons, it’s written with their age group in mind. With the gift card we would buy books! We love to read

  29. Margaret Clarkson

    The Week Junior sounds informative about a range of topics. I would love to win the voucher and buys some books.

  30. AndiG

    The Week Junior sounds amazing, so interesting, The gift vouchers would be amazing for some new books for my daughter

  31. Libby Noack

    It sounds great for my kids to keep up to date with interesting stories – I would love to buy lots of lovely stationary.

  32. Tracy Smith

    I like that it can start a love for knowing what is happening in the world. I would let my sons use the voucher for new books they are hoping to get.

  33. Anthony Harrington

    I like that it covers current affairs, a great way to get children taking an interest in News reports. I would buy some books for my Grandson

  34. Karen hutchinson

    It sounds like it is full of facts – my son loves fiction but not a big fan of fact books

  35. Rebecca Nisbet

    The magazine looks like a child friendly educational material, and the voucher would be great to treat my daughter with

  36. Katie Jaques

    My niece would love this, looks like the perfect balance between education and fun! Would love to win as there are so many books I would love to read! I’ve gone through so many during lockdown!

  37. Annabel Greaves

    The magazine sounds really education for the kids and I would love to win to be able to stock up on school essentials

  38. R Amison

    The Week Junior is informative, interesting and lots of fun. We’d love to win the WH Smith voucher to buy some new stationery for school.

  39. Mary Campbell

    That it teaches youngsters about a wide range of subjects, thus improving their general knowledge, feeding their curiosity and preparing them for adult life 🙂 These gift cards would be a real blessing, enabling me to buy my favourite magazines, whilst helping with those all important postage stamp prices! 🙂

  40. emma

    never too early to read cool magazines for kids! I’d love a gift card to pick up some new magazine issues, stationary and books

  41. Harline parkin

    I love the healthy options
    I’d love to win to buy some books for my grandson


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