Sarah Knight's Calm the F*** Down book

About Tonight: an Evening with Bestselling Author Sarah Knight

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Let me make this short and sweet as I’m freezing my f***** (I didn’t count the asterisks so sue me) ass off on a not-so-slow train to Windsor and I’m nearly at my stop…. As per my well-intended goals for this year, I’m posting here daily and tonight certainly deserves a post.

Earlier this evening, I got to attend a Q&A and meet the original anti-guru, Sarah Knight (who’s sold a ga-billion copies of her No F**** Given guides FYI) and I came away feeling fuzzily happy and empowered af.

Sarah Knight's Calm the F*** Down book

The party was hosted at my own publisher Hachette UK’s HQ at Carmelite House, and the Instagram-pretty but fittingly authentic night was just what I needed on this bleary Blue Monday.

Sarah Knight is the right kind of enabler: she gives you permission to be who the f*** you want, aka unapologetic-ally YOU, and advocates that you to say ‘no’ to the drainers, the blamers and the flipping annoying naysayers. She gives you a f*** bucks allowance and asks you to cash them in wisely, saying ‘no’ to what doesn’t nourish and ‘yes’ to what does. Simple, yes, but admit it, you missed the memo pre Sarah Knight and you’re grateful. Thank f*** for her wisdom.

Honest Mum, Sarah Knight and Lauren Jobling

Sarah naturally takes no shit but is one heck of a warm, witty and considerate lady. She even suggested we meet up for a drink before the event after I’d interviewed her via email last year and stayed in touch on Twitter (she lives in the Dominican Republic the lucky b****). She is 100 percent my kind of woman: a no nonsense, honest (obvs) sharp as they come, funny as f*** writer. When Daisy Buchanan excellently probed her tonight, asking at one point where her humorous asides in the series, first originated, Sarah shared that as a kid, it was either, ‘entertain or go to bed’ so being funny was always the way.

I revelled in listening to her every word, her candidness, the fact she owned her past, her expertise and that entire room, tonight. It was bitter sweet in many ways as I realised how few and far between role models like Sarah are. How rare it is to see women in their element not dismissing their accomplishments or feeling belittled, being themselves. We need to see this more. I’m thirsty for it and so are you.

As well as the kick-ass chat, I also freaking loved my much-needed massage, even more desperately needed mani (Blow Ltd really can polish a turd) and the way my newly-purchased vintage coat picked up for just a tenner in my local charity shop, made me feel with its elegant Victoriana sleeves and KMiddy style dog-tooth print… and of course, the laughs Lauren Jobling and I snorted all night, as we always do, both at the event, and then later when we inhaled pasta at Carluccios (thanks for the ‘VIP Card’ you amazing peeps) putting the world to rights as per.

It made me realise that all you need in life, is great company, brilliant books, a no f*** budget, and a truck-load of carbs.

You’re welcome.

Calm the F*** Down is out now.

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