De Vere Cotswolds Park Hotel l Honest Mum

It doesn’t hit you how much you need a break until you actually go away, does it?

After what has been a physically and emotionally draining period of juggling work with homeschool for 5 long months, a weekend away at the De Vere Cotswold Hotel* for some much-needed R and R was just what this mama needed!

Honest Mum

It provided an opportunity for the whole family to collectively exhale and reconnect in a new, tranquil surrounding, and I for one, feel like a brand new human being for it!

De Vere Cotswolds Park l Honest Mum

De Vere Cotswolds Park l Honest Mum

The De Vere Cotswolds Water Park Hotel is more a modern complex than a traditional hotel and it curves itself around a picturesque lake at its core, one of 152 lakes in fact spread across the Cotswolds Water Park.

De Vere Cotswolds Park l Honest Mum

We enjoyed several strolls around the lake which boasts adjacent streams and ponds the children threw pebbles and pooh sticks into!

De Vere Cotswolds Park l Honest Mum De Vere Cotswolds Park l Honest Mum

This was just a stone’s throw away (literally) from our vast apartment in the furthest wing of the complex, The Watersmeet which boasted two ample sized bedrooms with en suite bathrooms, a compact kitchen, sprawling lounge and outside area to sunbathe in, if we fancied it.

De Vere Cotswolds Park l Honest Mum

De Vere Cotswolds Park l Honest Mum  De Vere Cotswolds Park l Honest Mum

De Vere Cotswolds Park l Honest Mum  De Vere Cotswolds Park l Honest Mum De Vere Cotswolds Park l Honest Mum Our master bed was comfy as could be and despite me drinking far too much vino (FYI that’s 2 glasses over here) on the Saturday night, I slept like a baby, my second baby that is!

De Vere Cotswolds Park l Honest Mum

The entire complex is one happy-making sunlight magnet and as it’s secluded in countryside (despite being just a short drive from the nearby pastel coloured villages closeby) the only sound you’ll hear are the tweets of the birds.


De Vere Cotswolds Park l Honest Mum

I’d like make it clear that every care was taken to reassure us that health and safety measures were in place in light of the current crisis, with hand sanitisation units on every corner as well clear sign posting to remind guests to comply with social distancing.

Gift bags with disposable masks, hand gel and handy socks could also be found in all of the rooms and apartments (I didn’t pack enough socks for the kids so those came in handy).

De Vere Cotswolds Park l Honest Mum

Importantly, our apartment was deep cleaned before arrival and our room keys were placed in sanitised envelopes for our safety.

De Vere Cotswolds Park l Honest Mum

Even the teddies kindly left on the children’s beds were encased in clean and transparent plastic bags.

De Vere Cotswolds Park l Honest Mum

The hotel also operated on a cashless system and staff wore masks so we always felt safe and protected.

De Vere Cotswolds Park l Honest Mum

Equally, when I visited the hotel spa (Spa 6) on the Sunday, masseur Melissa wore PPE and took my temperature before the treatment took place.

De Vere Cotswolds Park l Honest Mum

A gentle aromatherapy massage with mandarin and lavender essential oils, I fell asleep at one point (which is always a sign of a good massage) and Melissa made me feel both welcome and safe at all times.

De Vere Cotswolds Park l Honest Mum

De Vere Cotswolds Park l Honest Mum

The Spa Manager, Louise was also generous with her time, taking us on a tour of the hotel on arrival, ensuring we felt comfortable and content, even arranging chocolate treats for the boys when she noticed they were hungry. It’s this attention to detail and thoughtfulness which trul;y makes hotels like The De Vere Cotswolds Water Park stand apart from its competitors.

Another highlight was being able to swim again. We lapped up (get it) every minute of the hour we had in the hotel’s luxe hydro pool on site and again felt safe due to the extra measures taken with those using the facilities.

De Vere Cotswolds Park l Honest Mum De Vere Cotswolds Park l Honest Mum De Vere Cotswolds Park l Honest Mum

For safety purposes, only a few people were allowed to use the pool at a time and for 1 hour sessions only, to ensure regular cleans. We actually spent most of our session alone in the pool, distancing when another family joined us towards the end.

Alexander had forgotten how to swim to start with bless him but after a short while, he was soon racing his brother and front-crawling with ease. I liked that the entire pool was shallow so I didn’t have to worry about the boys either.

The sauna and steam room were understandably closed during this time but the Experience Shower and Cold Water Bucket Shower were available for those brave enough to sample them (not me!). I did lounge on the underwater recliners for a breather from all the laps I clocked up though and it’s well worth booking a swimming session if you visit.

When it came to the food at the hotel, it was excellent across the board, as were all the extras such as Continental Breakfast left in paper bags outside of our apartment (you could order a hot bap option if you wished too), as well as items stocked in our apartment’s fridge with over 10 bottles of still and sparkling water, orange juice and milk (as well as non dairy options) and a wide range of snacks such as fruit, crisps, biscuits and muffins. This generosity makes a huge difference to families there as children are constantly hungry and not needing to source food and drink meant less stress for us!

De Vere Cotswolds Park l Honest Mum

As well as enjoying the open countryside nearby, within the complex, the kids squeeled with excitment when they saw the Games Room with its retro arcade games and fusball and table tennis tables.

I personally loved the Hotel sweet shop which offered a huge variety of local delicies and treats from chocolate banana pieces I couldn’t get enough of to Cornish ice cream and artisan crisps. I ate in peace whilst they played. Good times!

De Vere Cotswolds Park l Honest Mum De Vere Cotswolds Park l Honest Mum De Vere Cotswolds Park l Honest Mum De Vere Cotswolds Park l Honest Mum De Vere Cotswolds Park l Honest Mum

We also dined al fresco at The Old Boathouse restaurant on site which overlooks the lake. The Bar and Restaurant offers a considered seasonal menu incorporating fusion dishes with much-loved classics. Tthe Jalepeno poppers with lime and corianger mayo with their creamy come spicy hit and the tempura prawns were top-notch as was the fillet steak.

The portion sizes were perfect for a hungry family who’d played all day, and the waitress had thoughtfully marked up the children’s menus highlighting available choices in light of their allergies which saved both time and stress.

The Old Boathouse The Old Boathouse l Honest Mum The Old Boathouse l Honest Mum The Old Boathouse l Honest Mum The Old Boathouse l Honest Mum The Old Boathouse l Honest Mum The Old Boathouse l Honest Mum The Old Boathouse l Honest Mum The Old Boathouse l Honest Mum  The Old Boathouse l Honest Mum The Old Boathouse l Honest Mum The Old Boathouse l Honest Mum

Oliver said it was the tastiest chicken he’d eaten! The cheesecake sure went down well too! Yum!

A wonderful meal, hotel, surroundings and company. What more could an exhausted mum ask for?!

De Vere Cotswolds Park l Honest Mum

We spent the entire weekend laughing until we cried (you can watch my Insta videos for all the madness) feeling more carefree and happy than we have in a long time.

Thank you De Vere Cotswolds Water Park for your hospitality and care.

Now, excitingly dear reader, you can win a stay with your family here. Find out all the details on how to enter below! Good luck!

De Vere Cotswolds l Honest Mum

*This was a press trip but as always, my words are honest and my own.

Competition T&Cs

De Vere prize: An overnight stay in a family room at De Vere Cotswold Water park with breakfast included

De Vere competition terms and conditions:

The prize is available for up to a family of four, maximum of two adults and two children only, in a family room only. Prize winner must be aged 18 and over. Only one winner will be drawn. The prize is non-transferable, non-refundable, non-exchangeable and there are no cash alternatives. Prize may be changed without prior notice. Prize to be redeemed and booked by 31/12/2021 and is subject to availability. Reservation must be booked in advance by contacting the PR team at Travel expenses are not included. Any extras not mentioned in the prize, including food and drinks, will be charged. Prize to be claimed at De Vere Cotswold Water Park only.

If the winner does not respond within 7 days of the notification email being sent, a new winner will be selected.

Ends 1st October 2020.

UK only.

Competition is promoted at Prize finderLoquaxSuper LuckyUK Wins and Competition Database.

Enter more competitions here.

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142 Responses

  1. Nicola Sadler

    I’d love to win – it looks amazing and I’d love to spend my anniversary here. What a treat!

  2. Karen Usher

    You sold it to me on the pictures alone! looks like such a welcoming place with great food! I would love to go with my family as we simply didnt get that holiday we wanted this year, like many others 🙂

  3. James Harris

    Cotswold Water Park is not too far away from us, so this would be absolutely amazing to win as it would be such an easy break for us and the kids. There is so much to do there, I’m sure we would have a great time.

  4. Sean Eccles

    Would be a much needed break with the kids and it looks a absolutely beautiful place to visit 🙂

  5. Anne Richards

    I would love to treat my family who have been amazing during lockdown. I worked all through lockdown in Asda, be nice to have a break for that reason too.

  6. Elizabeth Yeates

    I’ve recently had a baby and would love to take my little family away for a treat

  7. Lucy Wright-Booth

    I would love to win because I grew up in the Cotswolds and haven’t been back for years!

  8. Jo Heath

    Wow, what a fabulous competition and thank you for offering your followers another opportunity. I would love to win as family time is important, visiting the Cotswolds is on our family bucket list and because teaching online, my husband doing the same but also being an army reserve who was busy in the pandemic and going back to work in college and changes with my children starting high school and new things in primary means all of our time is precious and I would love some quality time with them.

  9. Ruth Harwood

    We really need a break from these four walls that’re making us a little claustrophobic xx

  10. Shellyg

    I haven’t had a break anywhere in almost 3 years and after moving house 2 times in less than 1 year, I’m ready for some time to relax

  11. Kanaan

    I’d love for my mum to be able to take a break to look after herself and not everyone around her for once! I think she would love the setting and quiet, it would make me so happy to see her put her feet up for a couple of days away from all the stress xx

  12. Susan Willshee

    I would love to win because I’ve had 2 holidays cancelled this year and I’m feeling as though I’ve never been away from home in my life!


    I really need a break away as my 2nd holiday this year has just been cancelled.

  14. Emma Evans

    I would love to win as I it would be a lovely treat for my family especially as you have made it look like a fun and lovely place to stay.

  15. Katie Witherington

    we have a had a fair bit of bad luck this year, this would help make it abit better

  16. Lynne Durkin

    Would be perfect after not being able to go out and celebrate uni results or birthdays, might help life spirits too as hubby is back to job searching again.


    I haven’t had a holiday in 20 plus years. After the lockdown it would be lovely to take my family away.

  18. Ines Aveiro

    I’d love to win because I haven’t had a chance to go anywhere this summer, my partner has been working 6 days a week and we haven’t been able to take any days off so far. This would be a lovely little getaway

  19. Christine Clarke

    This hotel looks amazing we love the Cotswold and would like to visit v\

    • Rebecca Nisbet

      Like a majority a people a holiday has’t been a simple decision this year, we managed a weekend away in my dads caravan but would be lovely to be able to go somewhere else.

  20. melanie yates

    I want to win because my teenage Daughter has been working at the Emergency Hub through Lockdown and needs a break <3

  21. Kathleen robinson

    Would be lovely to go somewhere like this after the lockdown of the last few months

  22. michelle o'neill

    Its been a rough year – for everyone. Be nice to have something to look forward to.

  23. Karen hutchinson

    Would be a lovely treat for our son as had to cancel holiday this year – it’s been a long summer .

  24. Nicola Docking

    I would love to win this – my two are just getting to the age where this sort of trip would be so much fun and not a stress!

    • Claire Barrett

      Oh wow! This looks amazing, looks like you had such a fab time! P.s that cheesecake looks so good! What a wonderful prize <3

  25. Lorraine Tinsley

    This would be lovely for our 10 yr wedding anniversary, I can’t believe we made it to 10 yrs!

  26. Denise Whiskin

    Would be great to have something special like this to look forward to 🙂 What a lovely prize.


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