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A Lovely Day Out in Liverpool

flags-Honest MumThis family LOVES Liverpool, I nearly studied English at the university there before opting for the bright lights of London and Goldsmiths, University of London- but now we live in Leeds, we like to visit it a lot-for culture, shopping, great food and family fun.

Liverpool-Honest Mum

The buzz of Liverpool is like no other city in the world, the locals are so friendly, welcoming and warm, the architecture staggeringly beautiful with over 2,500 listed buildings in one place, described by English Heritage as England’s finest Victorian city…

It’s such a happy-maker of a city, I urge you to visit if you haven’t already!

friends-Honest Mum

…Last weekend saw us meeting up with London based friends Ruth and Paul and their children Rosa-Maria and Antonio (along with some of Paul’s relatives too), in his home city of Liverpool for a perfect family day out filled with food, culture and lots of laughter.

…I met Ruth when we both had babies at similar times, my eldest, Oliver is just 4 days older than Rosa-Maria and they were ‘best baby friends’ when we lived close to one another in South West London-it was touching seeing them connect again as little people too.

children-Honest Mum

cute-Honest Mum

Ruth and I bonded instantly over our kids, cultural backgrounds and shared interests-I, Greek Cypriot, she, Colombian and we cemented our friendship at a time in our lives when everything felt so new and a little surreal with new babies in tow and new lives!

friends-Honest Mum

I’ll never forget how much it meant to me having Ruth a mere twenty minutes away when my family felt so far away in Leeds- we’d meet up weekly to talk, eat (Ruth and I love to cook) and go for long walks in South West London, usually by the pretty river in Richmond and Twickenham or to Richmond Park, to feed the ducks, take in the sunshine and enjoy picnics under the trees.

Most importantly we were able to support one another at such an important time in our lives where new friendships are so crucial to feeling normal when not much else does.

Now with two children each, it was the first time we were able to get together to meet one another’s new additions (we’d met solo in London of course)-and it was such a fun day-windy but bright with fab Italian food (thanks Zizzi and for your great service too), wonderful company with Paul’s sweet and entertaining family-his Mum, sister and her fiance also joined us…and of course, the perfect opportunity to see Liverpool with our very own personal tour guide: Paul.

Liverpool-the docks-Honest Mum

After a long lunch we took in the beautiful views before heading to the Museum of Liverpool, a free must-see museum for all the family…

Museum of Liverpool-Honest Mum

…With a quick stop outside to appreciate these beauties first!


These vibrant Superlambananas are utterly captivating- weighing almost eight tons and standing at 17 feet tall, they’re a cross between a banana and a lamb, designed by Manhattan-based Japanese artist Taro Chiezo and certainly brightened up our day!

Superlambanana-Honest Mum

Chiezo actually only created a four-inch model; the full-size replica was made by four local artists: Andy Small, Julian Taylor, Tommy Reason and Ray Stokes and developed for the 1998 ArtTransPennine Exhibition.

The pieces are both a comment on the dangers of genetic engineering and also signifiers of Liverpool: historically both sheep and bananas were common cargos in the city’s docks. And aren’t they gorgeous? I’d love a dress in that print too?! Any thoughts on that Chiezo?!

…Inside, we reflected on this uplifting city’s history, geography and global significance learning more about Liverpool’s famous playwrights, creatives, sportsmen and leaders (I found a film of vox poxs of well known Liverpudlians and locals truly touching) and the kids were occupied for hours…

Liverpool Museum-Honest Mum

Liverpool Museum-Honest Mum

Oliver-Honest MumThere is just so much to do and see in Liverpool, we’ll be back again soon, that’s for sure…

Have you been?

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