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We all get stressed out at times and it’s inevitable isn’t it, with the constant juggling of kids, work and life. The endless pursuit of finding balance along with precious time out is stressful in itself-I need a lie down just reflecting on it all!

…Some days I want to high five myself for achieving all of the above and other times, I feel like I’m failing miserably.

The last few months in particular though have seen me making some small changes to my life that have made a HUGE difference-I feel calmer, happier and more in control than ever before so here’s my list:

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Switching the computer and phone off at a reasonable time-

I’m a full time professional blogger, switching off is never easy-there’s always something to do, another post to write or email to send, but I’m pretty strict that when the kids are back from childcare and nursery, my attention is theirs for play and dinner, then once they’re asleep, I catch up on remaining posts, emails, tweets before couple time. Remember that-you know just talking to my husband without little people jumping on us, simply chilling out and trying to get some rest before inevitably one of them wakes up in the night, which leads me to…


The holy grail that is sleep doesn’t happen often enough in this house, from nightmares to teething issues, none of us seem to get a full night’s zzzz’s EVER. I nap in the day on weekends though (ooh disco naps rock don’t they?!) and yoga has been a life-saver, giving me more energy I thought possible!…


I’m UTTERLY obsessed with my 10 Minute Solution-Yoga DVD (it only cost £5 too) and often try and get at least 20 minutes a day of it, in. It energises and relaxes me and if I manage the whole DVD, I feel better than ever. I’m besotted with yoga and it will always be in my life now.

I do also enjoy a run so head out a couple of times a week, hitting the park for a 20 minute jog and stretch, to clear my head. In winter, I hit my treadmill which lives in the garage but there’s nothing like fresh air outdoors to get me feeling great!

Eating a Balanced Diet

I’ve blogged a lot about how I eat but I think I’ve found balance lately, I eat a low GI diet, bursting with whole foods (whole milk and butter not skimmed which is full of sugar), slow releasing carbs like brown rice, sweet potatoes, whole wheat pasta, lean meat, fish, seafood, seasonal fruit and veg, and treats every so often (because life’s too short not to have the odd piece of my husband, Peter’s chocolate torte)!

In fact I feel so much better upping my healthy carbs intake, I wish I hadn’t been so strict on myself before. They release endorphins and I sure, feel happier!

Rescue Remedy

I don’t remember life before Rescue Remedy, it’s got me through exams, a driving test, university, my weddings ( I had 2 to the same man), childbirth, bereavement and anything else stressful, life has thrown at me.

It’s always in my bag for emergencies and I sometimes give it to my son Oliver, 4 when he’s had a nightmare or become overly distressed (safe for children over 2).

*I was sent Rescue Remedy along with the Night Spray (to aid a natural night’s sleep) and Rescue Cream-the latter also becoming stress-busting staples too, helping my dry skin and disrupted sleep. I recommend them all.


Another product I have used for years, Spatone helps restore my iron levels, something I need especially during the ‘time of the month’. Unlike ferrous sulphate tablets though, this is gentle on my stomach and even suitable for all the family.

*I was recently sent apple flavour spatone with vitamin C which is tasty enough not to add to apple or orange juice as with the original spatone and I take one a day.

Me time

Nothing helps relieve stress like taking time out, be it a quick blow dry (how I love my blow dries) or catching up with the Kardashians (I never seem to quite keep up with that lot but they keep me entertained and even remind me of my own Big Fat Greek Family)!

Date night or a girl’s night out, letting my hair down with the people I love is so fun, relaxing and restorative…Even speaking to friends regularly on the phone or Skyping makes me feel more like myself again!

So how about you, what are your favourite stress busters?

I’d love to hear them, let’s all de-stress together!

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16 Responses

  1. Ali

    I keep meaning to do yoga, I am torn between using a dvd or going to a class but reading this means I need to get on with it and stop dithering!

    Rescue Remedy saved me from many a panic attack escalating when I was younger and I used to use it for my dog with fireworks which worked a treat too!

    Totally agree that diet really can help your mood but like you I want treats too!x

    • honestmum

      Oh wow good tip for animals, it’s miracle stuff isn’t it-stops anxiety as soon as it starts for me. That yoga dvd is seriously good and means you can do it anytime too. I never seem to get round to attending a class x

  2. Coombemill

    Exercise is my key which usually incorporates me time too, though now my older boys can actually keep up with me on a bike or out in the sea on boards which is even better than me time.

  3. Tom @Ideas4Dads

    Some great tips here. Yoga has been on my list for a while. Although I have recently taken up meditation and wpuld recommend it to anyone 🙂

    • honestmum

      Oh yes must look into that although not sure I can stay quiet for very long! Yoga has been incredible for me!

  4. Amy

    Great post I find my mood going up and down a lot at the moment I’m trying to make some changes to help this so your tips aswell are brill I really want try yoga!

    • honestmum

      Thanks Amy, hope you feel better soon, these things have all really helped me and yoga has been an incredible addition to my life x

  5. Franglaise Mummy

    I’ve read a few good books recently which have stressed the importance of switching off from technology (blog post on this coming soon), so in the evening I aim to switch the internet off at 9pm. I also read more now instead of surfing social media or watching TV, it’s more relaxing and gets me more ready for sleep. And we get round sleepless night issues by taking one night off while the other parent deals with any kids waking up – my ear plugs are my saviour here!

    • honestmum

      I’ve just finished my latest book and need to buy some more, computers stimulate so really not good before bed are they. Love that night on, night off and so need to get some ear plugs, you are fab, love your tips and can’t wait to read your post x

  6. Ebabee

    Great tips. Chatting on the phone, watching a bit of mindless tv, and for me a facial or massage are all stress busters. Shutting off the computer is one I’m not so good at 🙁 The one thing i need to re-introduce in to my life is yoga or pilates. It’s top of the list for after the Summer holidays when i can go to classes. In the meantime might check out that dvd you recommend. x

    • honestmum

      Oh yes Nomita, love a massage and facial, not had chance for either for ages but will be booking in soon thanks to your reminder. Yoga has seriously changed my life x

  7. Lauren

    I use rescue remedy as well, I’ve had problems with anxiety and agoraphobia, but it helps generally as well. I sometimes do a face mask, or have a soak in the bath and wash my hair at the same time – hair pampers are great for unwinding. So is my sisters dog when I get a chance to dog sit. Also face spritz is great for when you’re feeling frazzled and need a pick me up.

    • honestmum

      Sorry to hear about your anxiety, it really helps doesn’t it-love the sound of the relaxing soak and dog sitting, pets are so soothing x


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