Golden Acre Park

Sunday saw this family get wrapped up in our winter gear and head for the stunningly Autumnal Golden Acre Park in Leeds, where we met with my friend and fitness trainer, Caroline, and her three gorgeous boys, Barnaby, Ralph and Henry, for a walk around the lake.

beautiful autumnal tree

lake with Autumnal trees in Leeds

family and friends go for a walk


I’ve known Caroline since we were 16, meeting many moons ago at Sixth Form and reconnecting when I moved back to Leeds from London six years ago. I can’t actually believe we’ve known each other for twenty years! I know what you’re thinking? We look so young huh 😉

friends pose under a tree

friends wrapped up in winter coats and hats

The most wonderful thing about having old mates in your life is seeing your kids become close too and getting all our boys together on the weekend was such a treat. The crisp weather and fun in the fresh air feeding the ducks, left us feeling rather festive by the end of the day. Just look at those red berries and fir trees!

kids playing in the park on a cold Sunday

kids feed the ducks


We watched wide-eyed as the eldest of the group, my son, Oliver, took charge, directing his little crew around the lake, even holding Barnaby’s hand at one point – bless…And then, Xander decided to adjust Ralph’s hat to make sure he didn’t get cold melting us all. Cuteness overload or what?!

children walk round the lake

kids sit on a bench in the park

little boys on a bench

sweet boy sits on a bench in the park

little boy helps another with his hat

The baby of the group, 18 month old Henry is just so adorable with his great big blue eyes and calm demeanour. That cherubic face saw everyone pass us by, stop to say ‘hello’.

cute toddler wears a backpack

Not before long, Henry felt hungry so feasted on The Super Yummies tomato and herb bread sticks and pear and berries and also apple and orange rice cakes and later enjoyed some strawberry, kiwi and banana squeeze.

cute toddler holds a The Super Yummies pear and berries rice cake

18 month old eats pear and berries rice cake by The Super Yummies

Honest Mum and friend at the park

18 month old eats The Super Yummies squeeze

Just look at his bunny-eared LittleLife backpack with reigns too which was perfect for stashing The Super Yummies snacks inside!

child wear cute Little Life backpack
going on a walk

Jumping in puddles, wading through leaves, feeding the ducks, breathing in that lush, fresh air and all amidst, non-stop laughing, stroking the most adorable dog imaginable I wanted to take home with me, and laughing our little hearts out, I’d say this was one of my most favourite Sundays to date.

Mum walks with toddler using a Little Life backpack reign

puddle jumping

toddler jumps in a puddle

Little Life backpack

mother and son have fun in the park

toddler looks at the lake

kids go on a walk at the park

…The dog’s owner let me take the pup by the lead. Naturally, I fell in love!

Honest Mum and a cute dog

Honest Mum strokes a cute dog

Honest Mum and a cute dog

Honest Mum and a cute dog


What a magical day!

Honest Mum, friends and family go on a walk

berries on a tree

the beautiful Golden Acre Park lake

shubbery by the lake

bread on trees for the birds to eat

walking through the leaves

happy child

Excitingly, you can win The Super Yummies toddler snack range, a LittleLife toddler backpack and a nature-themed activity book worth £75 for your own little adventures!

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A Fun Day Out in the Park with The Super Yummies

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88 Responses

  1. Ella L

    What a great day you had. It’s so nice to get out in the fresh air and have fun. would love the prize for Archie

  2. Oksana Fitzgerald

    I would love to win this backpack for my nephew. He just srmtarted walking and it would be a perfect present for his first birthday.

  3. Rebecca Phillips

    Its such a lovely day out and look at all those happy faces! I am a massive dog lover so meeting a new one when we’re out totally makes my day. Its jumper is adorable!

    I’d love to win a pack for my two year old daughter who is out of the buggy and walking around more outdoors.

  4. Em S

    It looks really nice, I love goign outdoors with my toddler too. I’d love to win the healthy snacks and cute backpack for her.

  5. Jamie Millard

    looks like a great day out and a lot of fun. The pack helps little ones feel like it’s an adventure.

  6. Tammy Neal

    looks a lovely day out! family time is so important! would love this backpack for my niece x

  7. Charlie Brunton

    I love the photos, smiles all round on a lovely day out! I would absolutely love to win this for my little niece Paisley, her nickname is bunny so the backpack is perfect for her & I’m sure she’d enjoy the super yummies!

  8. Deborah Mackenzie

    I would love to win this for my great niece in South Africa. She loves animals and can be just as wild at times 😀

  9. Keshia Esgate

    looks a lovely day out! family time is so important! would love this backpack for my cousin’s little girl

  10. Jo McPherson

    Looks lots of fun, the pictures are beautiful. The backpack looks great and useful too

  11. Katie W

    looks fantastic for a nice long walk and would love this for my little one as we explore our new area

  12. Lisa Wilkinson

    It reminds me of the day out we had as kids. Just the simple pleasure of being with the people you care about.

  13. Jo Carroll

    Looks like the whole family had a wonderful day out. I can still remember going for long walks with my mum and dad when I was tiny so these days plant some really precious memories into children’s thoughts and subconcious. The photos are gorgeous and I think the LittleLife backpack looks super cute on your little guy…so sweet! Happy Xmas to all your lovely family and have a great 2017. x

  14. Rebecca Smith

    Looks like a lovely day out. I would love to win this for my friends little girl


    It sounds fun and it’s always good to have a good day out with your family to spend quality time together, I would like to win to give this to my friend for her two children.

  16. Leila Benhamida

    So many wonderful photos. Love the scenery looks like a fantastic place to get out with the children and create awesome memories. Love to win for my daughter Aaliyah.

  17. claire woods

    It looks like you had fun. Sometimes the simplest of days out are the most fun. The backpack looks good for the children who will enjoy wearing it.

  18. sarah knightley

    Great photos and looks a lovely day. Feeding ducks is one of my toddlers favourite things to do. I would love to win the backpack as my 11 month old has started walking will need supervision while out and about.

  19. Kayleigh Robinson

    These are my fave types of days out! You look like you had so much fun in the outdoors. My kids love puddle jumping. Lots memories made!

    • Kayleigh Robinson

      Ooh and if I win I’d give the backpack to my daughter who is obsessed with any type of backpack.!


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