tough day

Yesterday was an overwhelmingly tough day for me, so like most bloggers, when the going gets tough, the most therapeutic way to offload, is to write it out.

I actually started this post as a means of distraction whist sat in A & E with a massively swollen finger. It looked like a prop finger in a horror movie. You get the picture. It had ballooned so badly that my rings (engagement, eternity and wedding) were slowly cutting off my circulation. I was in complete agony but the team at Harrogate Hospital, the Matron and her nurses were amazing, kind, caring and utterly determined to cut through those rings which held me captive.

Finally, despite some electrical devices on standby and a disclaimer that the next step would be the fire brigade, a pair of pliers and scissor style instrument won the day. And the reason for the big finger? All down to an episode of crazy water retention, a monthly hormonal inflicted thing that makes me bloat which took a turn for the worse, yesterday.

I’d felt my hand swelling the night before, attempted to take the rings off but in my tired state, decided it would be easier in the morning. Yep, I’m an idiot!

Alexander, 4 had woken up crying in the early hours and it was then that I’d noticed quite how badly my finger was throbbing. Trying to turn the lights on, I’d realise the fuse had gone downstairs and for the whole street (when it rains, it pours right) but managed to locate olive oil and fairy liquid to help shift them. Nothing worked. I scrolled through YouTube videos that involved removal with string and dental floss but was in such agony, I couldn’t face trying.

Not only was it getting more painful by the minute but it was also weirdly claustrophobic too.

After calling 111 and being advised to get to A and E, Xander suddenly started vomiting over the bed. You couldn’t make it up. And it gets worse. My mobile phone was out of service and I couldn’t find the portable house phone to see if my Dad could drive me to A &E as I was advised not to drive with my hand as it was. Argh!

Mopping up sick with one hand whilst my husband calmed Xander down, I eventually found the phone and was off to casualty thanks to Papa G.

What a day.

I realise what happened yesterday was not a huge medical drama. Many go through much worse. I have myself. It was just incredibly stressful and upsetting and disrupted normal life for us all. Yet I suppose normal life is just that though, messy and upsetting at times.  The tough with the good. It can’t all be smooth sailing.

The worst, lowest point of my day though was missing Oliver, 6’s nativity play. With all the drama, I’d failed to check the nativity tickets and realised we’d booked the wrong show time, missing his debut as narrator. When I realised, I sat in the car, crying my eyes out, utterly heartbroken. I literally ached.

On collecting Oliver, I explained what happened, handing him a candy cane we were saving for Christmas. The kind boy that he is broken into pieces, handing them to friends nearby. He was a little deflated but took it well and was smiling and laughing within no time. If only I felt the same.

When he got back home. Oliver put on his own little performance for Daddy and I and whilst I went to bed heavyhearted, I reflected on the life lessons I was handed.  S*** happens. We will overcome adversity.

Fully functional fingers must never be taken for granted.

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A Tough Day

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65 Responses

  1. Emma Peach

    What a totally crappy day! I bet you were exhausted too which makes everything seems a hundred times worse. I remember getting a ring stuck on my finger and it swelled up overnight. When I got up for school the next morning my mum tried olive oil but it wouldn’t budge, and it was getting very sore. In the end she hack sawed it off and packed me off to school! I’d be devastated if it happened with my wedding/engagement/eternity rings though.

    Emma xxx

  2. Mycitymylondon

    Awww I know the feeling ! Single mom life isn’t easy!i deal with a lot from tantrums to financial struggles to even trying to increase my numbers on IGand blogging! Want it to be a success and it’s hard. I hope his tantrums settle! That’s a real struggle.

    Didn’t realise they do nativity after Reception, I thought all schools just do it for Reception years

  3. Undercover PTA Mum

    What a day! I feel for you. I’m sure your son was soon over the fact you missed his nativity – it’s just us Mum’s that are left with the guilt! It’s always good having family that can come to the rescue!

  4. Juliana

    Wow! What a day! Bad days always seem to have a domino effect – if one thing goes wrong, everything goes wrong! But I love your perspective on it all. If life gives you lemons (i.e. a bad day), make lemonade (blog it)! #brillblogposts

  5. @adadcalledspen

    Hope all is groovy now. I’m sure it is. I know those days where nothing seems to go right. I have chronic pain issues at the moment, and my arms aren’t fully functioning due to a vertebrae which is pushing on a nerve, so even the simplest things are difficult. Make a coffee for your loved one. Whoops, you’ve just had a spasm in your hand and thrown boiling water over yourself.
    Some days are a challenge. It’s how we review those challenges afterwards which make us who we are. As you say, adversity will be overcome.

    • Honest Mum

      I’m so sorry to read this Spen and hope things improve for you. You are absolutely right about attitude being crucial and possessing that steely determination to endure and overcome.

  6. Lianne harris

    Oh no! Sounds like a complete nightmare! It really does all happen at once doesn’t it! Have you managed to get more tickets to see your little one perform? I remember being the head angel in my school nativity. I was so jealous to not be Mary hahaha! #brillblogposts

  7. Welsh Cakes and Wellies

    Oh dear – not a great day at all, hope your finger is better now. It’s horrible having to miss concerts ins’t it, the guilt, but sound like your little one took it well and you have to remind yourself of what a brilliant mum you are.

    My son’s concert is on Tuesday but we have the lurgy in our house, I’m starting to feel rough so am hoping I’m going to be ok for the concert and that he doesn’t get it either. We’re the last ones standing in our house out of the five of us!

    • Honest Mum

      Oh no, how are you all doing? It was heartbreaking missing the nativity but there will be more in other years and I’m feeling a lot better this week x

  8. Kimberly - media mummy

    Hideous! Like you say far worse off people, but it’s all relative. A shocking day for you. Is your finger ok now? Did you save the rings? Sorry you missed the Christmas play, that’s tough. What a mature lad Oliver seems.

    • Honest Mum

      Thanks lovely, what a day but so important to reflect and know how lucky I am. Rings are able fixable thankfully and although finger is still sore, on the mend. Thank you, Oliver is such a thoughtful, sweet boy. So proud of my kids xx

  9. Michelle

    When it rains it pours. Well done for staying so positive and I hope your fingers is all ok now. I had a rubbish morning today and managed to send my daughter in a Christmas jumper on the wrong day, then had to take her home to change and then managed to lock myself inside my house so my poor daughter had to go through the window and remove the keys from the other side of the door. #brilliantblogpost

    • Honest Mum

      Oh no, so sorry Michelle, hope all is OK now. I had a day of crying the other day and lots messaged me to say they’ve been through some awful times, at least we know we are not alone xx

  10. teacuptoria

    Aw Vic bless you! That sounds like a real drama babe. You must have been flapping! I would have been equally upset about missing the nativity play too. I did a similar thing recently and missed a carol concert. I’ve never missed one ever so I beat myself up about it but as you say…shit happens. Tomorrow is always another day 🙂 I hope they managed to save your ring and your finger wasn’t too damaged. Mwah xx #brillblogposts

    • Honest Mum

      Same hun, never miss anything and it broke my heart. What can we do, life can be messy. Hope you guys are OK and they can fix all my rings luckily, thanks for your kind words xx

  11. Mim

    Oh lovely I’m so glad it’s all ok now though – it must have been so so stressful. I get edema and no-one understands water retention unless they’ve had it – it’s impossible to explain how horrible and scary it can be. Lots of love beautiful x x

    • Honest Mum

      Gosh really Mim, I need to look into this, no one mentioned that but this water retention is ridiculous. People constantly think I’ve lost weight every month but I put on half a stone pre menstruation and then lose it after. The other day was such a stress and so heartbreaking over the nativity. Thanks for your kind words darling xx

  12. Laurie

    That really was a S**t day! There is nothing worse than having to have your rings cut. My wedding band was cut after a reaction to potato peelings! So upsetting! Sounds like O liver handled it very well though. I hope you don’t have another day like that anytime soon x

  13. Liz

    You poor thing! Sounds like a month of bad luck all at once. I’m sorry to hear about that, but happy that you came through it. I’ve heard a few stories about rings getting stuck like that. It sounds painful. #brilliantblogposts

    • Honest Mum

      Thanks lovely, it absolutely was an avalanche of s***. It was so painful and restrictive, I can’t explain how horrible it felt xx

  14. Lucy grace

    Ahh bless you. As you say, when it rains it pours! Its amazing how the slightest thing can set off a domino effect. I’m so sorry yout missed your son in the nativity as a result of everything, I’d be heart broken at that too. But, shit certainly does happen and it happens to help us appreciate the times when everything goes to plan. The rough is all over now, focus on the smooth for a while 😉 xxx #brilliantblogposts

  15. Rebecca

    Wow that is a terrible day bless you! I thought the swollen finger was bad, but then the vomit… and the ticket mishap… its something that you would find in a comedy sketch! Super Oliver though for handing out his candy cane to friends… all the feels <3 You must be so proud! Thats enough to pour some magic in to your day to forget the horrifying earlier events for sure x #brilliantblogposts

  16. Mel

    Oh honey, what a day… Luckily you managed to call Papa G to the rescue in the end. That floss thing on YouTube sounds odd. I would definitely have tried creams and soap too but clearly it was a job for professionals. I can’t imagine how claustrophobic it must have felt… Oliver is such a good little man, performing for the 2 of you. xx

  17. Tooting Mama

    What a day! A&E, sick child and you missed the nativity play – I’m feeling your mummy pain! But hun you are such a trooper, you made it through! I do hope you are feeling much better now. Sending you a big hug!

  18. five little doves

    Oh gosh what an awful day!! I usually end up crying over those days, but you have a great attitude, you pick yourself up and move on. We spent the weekend in hospital with Harry who fell down the stairs and got concussion, it was terrifying and I too sat crying in the hospital, but he is absolutely fine and it’s all just another tale to tell him when he is older. I’m glad you have your fully functioning fingers back! #Brilliantblogpost

  19. Susan Mann

    Aww hon what a day. We’ve all been there and many a time I’ve sat in the car breaking my heart for missing something the kids have done. It is hard. I am please you are on the mend and what a scary time. Lots of love xx

    • Honest Mum

      Oh no sweetie, sorry to read this, other mums were saying the same to me today and it made me feel I’m not alone. Parenting can be so tough can’t it xxx

  20. Michelle

    No I completely understand where you’re coming from Vicki, I swear whenever I’m in a pickle my kids sense it & will simultaneously go down ill!
    It’s sods law as they say, poor you – So glad you saved the rings 😉

  21. Twin Pickle

    So sorry you’e had a rough time of it. Sickness is bad enough without the nativity incident. In the long run though, it’s probably harder on you than him and I’m sure he enjoyed giving a personal performance at home! #brilliantblogposts

  22. Alison (MadHouseMum)

    That’s quite spooky because yesterday I had a strong feeling about how things can change in an instant and your day can go very differently to the one you’d planned. I thought it could be a blog post! Sorry that you had such a difficult day. Kids are so emotionally resilient really, but I’m not surprised you were so upset. Alison x #Brilliantblogposts

  23. Caroline

    Oh no, what an awful day Vicki. I hope that your finger is better now? Such a shame that you missed your son’s Christmas play too, I would be gutted. xx #brillblogposts

  24. Bee | Better than busy

    I hate those days when things just go weirdly wrong! How come things happen in runs like that? Not to mention that its all so much more complicated when you have kids, because they pick up on your stress, you need to get a sitter and so on goes the drama. Glad it was nothing major, but definitely pesky!!

  25. Catherine, Not Dressed As Lamb

    Oh Vicki that sounds like the crappiest of crappy days (when nothing really frighteningly awful happens) – I can imagine that missing the play was absolutely the most upsetting thing…! So glad your finger’s on the mend, I have to admit that fingers swelling up for whatever reason and not being able to get my ring off is something that worries me – I totally get why you’d feel claustrophobic.

    At least that day is over and you can start afresh… And what a little champ Oliver was for sharing his candy cane, bless him!

    Sending better luck and love your way
    Catherine x

  26. Rach

    Ah that is a really shit day. I hope your finger is better now, I bet that really hurt too. #brillblogposts xx

  27. Eb Gargano /

    Poor you, that really does sound rough 🙁 It’s amazing how these things all seem to happen on one day, isn’t it? But it does make you realise how lucky you are most of the time and how much you take for granted normally (like flushing toilets in my case!!!) Hope the finger is on the mend now and your rings can be fixed. Xx

    • Honest Mum

      I know, bet you can’t wait to get your new bathroom sorted. Really does all come at once and you’re right, we are all so lucky most of the time x


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