A Brotherly Love/Hate Relationship

So when Alexander was first born, we had this.

Older brother kissing baby brother

Aw, soft focus pictures of our boys together kissing and cuddling, Oliver our firstborn and heir looking lovingly at his younger brother, our darling baby Alexander. Bless.

Fast forward a year. Oliver realises his brother is sticking around for more than just the photo opp (and he’s loud, confident and wants to play with his toys). Like forevs. The adoration is still there, sure it is. But from Alexander to his older brother. A spends his days gazing at Big Bro brimming with love and admiration.

When Oliver play-sleeps he bounds over and lays his head on him, stroking his back, urging him to wake up and play. Until he gets walloped over the head that is. Then my mostly mild mannered smiley baby boy cries and cries making for tears before bedtime… and lunchtime and pretty much all of the time when Oliver is around.

Master Oliver is definitely wearing out the naughty step… and my patience at the moment.

I get it, he’s fed up of this cute little dude with the angelic face and perfect curls, stealing his thunder and previous ‘divide and rule’ status pre baby.

So we now have pictures like this.


Oliver is a caring little boy, he just doesn’t want to share our attentions and affections after being King for 2 and a half years before he arrived. Sometimes is of course kind to him and they play happily together, one game is where Oliver crawls chasing after Alexander before tickling him and they all fall about laughing.  I just wish it was more often. I just wish I didn’t feel like I was pulling my hair out some days. I’ve got good hair guys, please don’t ruin it.

…And my previously talkative baby (around 8 words and counting at 11 months) has now resorted to calling everyone and everything “Mama” and he’s not the only one regressing. My mature little 3 and a half year old Oliver who is bright as button, could write his name from 2 1/2, creates songs that would make a tiger mum enlist him for Britain’s Got Talent (do you take toddlers Mr Cowell?) is now demanding milk from a baby bottle when his brother does, wails in synchronicity with his brother (and the cat)-I know I really need to get them on Britain’s Got Talent…and he even wants to play with his brother’s toys, hides his clothes and basically would like us to put him up for adoption.

I understand this is all normal older sibling behaviour (it is right?) that will no doubt pass but exactly how long does it take? I’ve now flipping well regressing myself. You’ll find me tantrumming and wailing on the living room floor reaching for wine (see above) by lunchtime.

And I’m tired, so tired… can I have my hot milk now?

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