Women of the Future Awards-Honest Mum

I was a finalist at the Women of the Future Awards in 2008.

In light of the awards’ season: the Baftas and Oscars out there for the film industry, I started to ponder-where are the awards for all the amazing mothers out there-because you totally and utterly deserve it.

I’ve won a few in my time as a director, not Baftas or Oscars (I wish) but a few festival awards etc and one from Channel 4 but I feel there really is no job, no directing or acting gig that comes close to how far you have worked/stretched yourself physically or emotionally nor as life changing or rewarding as being a parent.

Just ask anyone, in fact ask someone who’s won an Oscar or a Bafta and is also a parent. I’m sure they’d agree with me.

So here for all you mothers (yes fathers you are great too but this one’s for the Mama’s): this award is for you.

For all the women out there who have done the following and more, you deserve recognition:

For always putting your kids first (even when that means putting you first).

For showing unconditional love.

For trying to be the best Mum you can and sometimes failing (it’s OK, we’re only human).

For sitting through hours of crying with a colicky/sick/frustrated baby or child thinking you might just go out of your mind.

For not sleeping for [insert number of hrs/weeks or years] and managing to get dressed, function and even arrange a day or go to work: you are amazing.

For going with your gut, overriding others decisions even when that means GP’s/nurses/ friends/families/ where you disagree with them and following your all powerful mother’s instinct. It won’t fail you.

For trying to deal with hormonal dysfunction for what seems like forever.

For asking for help.

For carrying your child/nurturing and loving them before you have even met.

For giving birth/in all the different ways you can-there is no easy way-natural to c section. It’s hard. Oh so hard.

For forgetting all the pain and sometimes months/years of pain/suffering you may have gone through afterwards so much so you possibly go on to have another child. Respect.

For being one of 2 of the most important people in your child’s life.

For doing the job you do and without a manual.

And the award for outstanding contribution to your child’s existence/ life/well being and happiness…goes to you.

Now for the after party!




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8 Responses

  1. ghostwritermummy

    So when and where is the after show party? Can I turn up with shreddies on my top, milk in my hair and oddd socks? There’s no dress code, right? I love this post!

  2. Antonella

    I accept this award with pride! Many thanks. I loved Helena Bonham Carter’s speech at the baftas last Sunday when she thanked her mum. Ciao bella! A.

  3. Kate Davis-Holmes

    thanks for doing this which I have shared on Twitter and Facebook. Thanks for joining Yorkshire bloggers group on BMB and for pointing me towards your lovely blog.

    • honestmum

      @ after party is a night on the tile Julie, you coming? @Bangs yay for Mama’s and Papas always! @K.R.Dav so glad you enjoyed the post, means so much. Hope your toddler is better, you do deserve an award, you all do. @Kate so glad you found me, so kind of you to share it too, really means a lot. I’m on networked blogs and you can follow Honest Mum on facebook too if you like. Thank you. @Antonella, Helena BC is amazing, a great actress and mother too and you must always thank your Mama. I will in my Oscar speech (wink)* @Sarah hi thanks for stopping by!


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