Vivien and Blossom

Wonderful Women Wednesday-Interview with Author Vivien Sabel

Vivien and Blossom

Vivien Sabel is a Mum, published researcher, Psychotherapist and award-winning author of The Blossom Method™ – TheRevolutionary Way To Communicate With Your Baby From Birth.

Describe a typical day for you?

My iPhone alarm goes off at 6.30am and then I’m mainly out of bed for 6.40am. Drop my adorable Blossom (now 8 years old) off to school, then I’m on the road. I’m a self-employed psychotherapist and I have base in a private psychiatric hospital. In a previous life I trained as a Sign Language Interpreter and my second language is British Sign Language. Working with the deaf community, travelling to places far and wide sees my mileage clock up!

I see children in clinic, schools and in their own homes. Once home I’m usually glued to my Mac (no argument from me it’s Mac all the way – no PC’s here). I am usually found tweeting *holds head in shame*, pinning, producing articles or blog posts and bashing away ont’keys to write further books.

I’m passionate about sharing The Blossom Method™ to support parents to go with their intuition. On Fridays, yes even after all that mileage. it’s off to Karate with my family. We’ve just passed our grading and have achieved our Orange belts.

What do you feel are your biggest achievements?

Having the courage to believe in my observations and to trust in my mummying instincts. Having a natural and successful homebirth – which was aided beautifully by my man and Hypnobirthing. Securing a book deal with Random House without a literary agent. Alongside Blossom’s daddy helping my daughter to think deeply about life and to write a book about it with her thoughts captured at age 7½. Passing my clinical finals with merit, merit distinction *proud feeling*.

What’s in your handbag/satchel?

This could be a tad embarrassing. Diary, Luella purse, a copy of The Silva Mind Control Method by Jose Silva, The Blossom Method™ postcards, iPhone (I can’t live without it!), Spirulina (Blue-Green Algae), Molecule 01 perfume (I know this is wrong but I can’t live without this either – I love it), pens, lip gloss, sunglasses (prescription), tissues, extra strong mints, dental floss, a needle threaded with black thread (don’t ask) and usually a few things belonging to Blossom, sometimes snotty or plastic!

What advice would you give your pre baby self that you now know having had a child?

Being a parent is the most significant job you’ll ever have. So make sure you are as present as you can be. Keep your eyes on your baby, she’ll show you all you need to know. This is your time with your baby and it cannot be recaptured it’s for you and your little baby to share. Be present ‘enough’ to take the time to ‘be’ with your little one(s) learning from them of their needs and wants. Babies can speak with their tongues, facial expressions and body language so watch out as it’s going to be your job to tell the world about it.

What are your ambitions in life?

From feedback so far it seems The Blossom Method™ is making a positive difference to mums, dads and their babies. This in itself fills me with joy. If this book helps to encourage instinctive parenting and non-verbal observation and exchange (early communication between parent and child) then I’m delighted. If on the other hand this book serves to promote a positive parenting imprint and supports breaking a negative parenting cycle then so be it. My ambition is to tell the world about it. Oh yeah and I have a yearning to visit India – it’s been with me since childhood.

Where do you see yourself in five years time?

My visualisations include living in sunnier climes, near water, banging the keys on the Mac. I’d love to do some radio work too. Feeling even better and better. Bear in mind I’m already feeling brilliant!

Finally, happiness is…a cigar called Hamlet??Definitely showing my age now (43 BTW). No really……Happiness is something to share, to keep and to visualise in abundance for all.

Latest projects include editing Blossom’s Big Ideas On Life book, an honest and frank account of some tricky subjects as seen through the eyes of a 7 year old. Chapters developed with Blossom include parenting, education (homeschool and going to school), the mysterious world of religion, the government, karate, the amazing world of street dance, bullying and more).

We created this book as a homeschooling project. Blossom in her ‘mirroring’ of me said, “Mama if you can write a book so can I – will you help me?” I’m also about to embark upon co-writing a further book to demonstrate the value of communicating with babies in daycare using The Blossom Method™.

Please see below for a short film about Vivien Sabel’s Blossom Method™ (with signing)

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Photograph ©Vivien Sabel.

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