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If you’re having a rubbish day today firstly I’m sorry and secondly, I hope you stumble across this post and feel less alone.

Wednesday for me was utterly pants. Most of it was spent feeling rubbish (I won’t bore you with the details) but sleep deprivation from poorly kids being coupled with frankly, inconceivable behaviour from people I previously respected, made for a sad, sad day.

I forced myself on a run when I felt most overwhelmed, drank a huge cup of chamomile tea, sprayed some Rescue Remedy on to my tongue (my companion since I was a tween-it was only in bottle form then) and fell asleep.

The following day saw me head to London for fun with great friends (people whose energy I know I can always rely on: Lela London, Jason Collier, Nomita and my manager Neil Ransome) and rather than wallow in things, I made a choice to embrace the day, to accept what can’t be changed and enjoy the wonderful whirlwind of Thursday.

Yes, I’m lucky that my job means having exciting experiences like attending the Pinterest Awards where I was a finalist, having my hair done by my buddy Jason Collier, and hanging out with inspiring women like Adele Parks in the most serene of settings (hello The Royal Garden Hotel whom I blog for) and that helps, undoubtedly, it does but so would any change of scenery, any sort of distraction you can offer yourself if you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Yesterday was a truly great day and because I felt much happier than the previous 24 hours, it made me reflect on things I can do to help myself when the going gets tough.

I’m totally inconsistent with healthy eating at the moment veering from balanced low-ish carb eating to help my condition PCOS to eating far too much cake. I don’t want to give up occasional treats (life would be so boring) but I do need to be stricter about the food I eat so I can feel my best. I’m tired of my yo-yoing body where half my wardrobe is a UK size 10, the other a 12 (not that either of those sizes are big but going on my frame, I suit being a UK 10).

I’ve also realised that sometimes you need a tough day to help you take action. To re-evaulate. To decide to make some small changes which will hopefully have a big impact, generally. To remove negativity from your life, even if that hurts initially.

I read a tweet last week, ‘People will hate you for the things that they do to you’ (apologies I can’t remember who wrote it) and it made a lot of sense.

If you’re feeling suffocated with negative energy, move on and take time out for you.

Importantly know you are in control and are the protagonist of you life. You get to make decisions on who deserves your time and energy and who doesn’t.

I’m so lucky the love of my life, my husband is also my best friend and equally that some of my greatest friends are also my colleagues like Neil my manager.

More than anything, it’s important when life feels a bit overwhelming, you take time out whether that’s a day off, a long walk, a leisurely lunch or getting your hair done.

Without guilt, without worry. Life is busy and none of us can thrive if we don’t put ourselves first sometimes.

The sun is shining today and I’m taking a day off with my youngest and I’ve even put my Out of Office on.

If you can, I hope you do too x

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What a Difference a Day Makes


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18 Responses

  1. Mim

    I only just saw this and I’m so sorry you had a crapola day lovely 🙁 I’m glad you’re feeling better and hope you still are – lots and lots of love x x x

  2. Susanna

    So sorry you had a rough day Vicki. Sometimes we are faced with challenging times to make us stronger and to make us re evaluate our life. I look back at my own life and previous times when I hit rock bottom. I will never forget a few years ago sitting in my car on a country lane miles from home sobbing my heart out wondering if life was worth it. Then something happened. My daughter was a passenger in a car and drove past my car. She sent me a text a few minutes later and said ” Mum I just saw you and you looked sad. Please don’t be sad as I love you” I dried my tears and realised that as long as I had people around me that loved me, then that’s all that mattered. What shocked me was the fact my daughter passed me, quite by chance, on that road miles from home, and a simple loving text changed everything. As long as we hold our loved ones close then we can overcome most things. Sending you love and hugs Vicky xxx

    • Honest Mum

      Wow that’s so beautiful Susanna, so sorry you went through a bad time. You are so right about keeping loved ones close. Feeling so much better today x

  3. Mirka Moore @Kahanka

    Awwww, darling, so sad to be reading this. This week has been manic for me, but you know I am here for you anytime. Glad to hear you are better again, and as I ahve said on instagram you are the winner for me always xxx love and let’s catch up soon xxx

  4. Jacqui Paterson (@Jax2000)

    Love this post – in these days of ‘the Instagram illusion’ it’s so important for people to understand that everyone has tough days. Days when nothing goes right and they feel out-of-sorts and struggle with being their usual selves. Good on you for admitting to it, and also for pointing out that these days pass and are quickly forgotten. xx

  5. Leigh - Looking for a Bright Side

    Ah sweetie it sucks that such crap stuff forces us in to action. So sorry to hear you had such a horrid day. Good for you for focusing on the positive. It doesn’t make the crap go away, but it’s about not letting the bad stuff keep you down. Love you xxx

  6. Nat @ Intolerant Gourmand

    I can totally relate Vicki – It’s been ‘one of those weeks’ here, tough all round for work, health (little dude) and more! You’re absolutely right, you need time away from it all to regroup and bounce back! Amazing friends and family definitely help, especially if you can offload some of your troubles. It sounds like you had a wonderful day yesterday, the perfect medicine to put a spring back in your step! I hope the weekend is kind, calm and relaxing! 🙂 x

    • Honest Mum

      Oh no so sorry to read this, hope your son is doing better. Yesterday was just what I needed. Sending love and thanks for your kind words x

  7. Amanda Fulton

    Ah, I wish you’d called for a natter – a trouble shared and all that! Sometimes I do think these kind of days are sent to remind us how wonderful the numerous fabulous days are but they are still tough to handle all the same! Glad you’ve pulled it back with your usual positivity and cheers to the weekend! xxx

  8. Amancay

    I have one of “those days” from time to time and yes it is like a vicious circle. Helps to call a friend who listens and sometimes even both of you are having a rubbish day so you console each other. Things don’t just vanish even if you go to a beach in the Caribbean but we can definitely make it better by doing things as you did on Thursday to take your mind off “life issues” and live life and remember that a bad day is not forever and that you need a bad day to have a great day and appreciate it . “You’ve got a friend in me , when you got troubles I got them too yeh you got a friend in me …. “


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