Being a Parent but Feeling Forever 21

I reckon I might just be a bit of a Peter Pan ( why there isn't a female equivalent to the youth-chasing PP I don't know, but that surely requires a whole other post)- essentially my point is, I refuse to GROW UP or more so, I don't feel that different from the 21 year old girl I was erm, (Googles a calculator)-14 years ago (case in point)- despite two kids and 2 c-sections (ouch) and cement thick concealer to hide my my eye bags.

Not Broody, Baby

My baby Alexander will be 1 next month and after hormone inducing broodiness through a lot of his first year (sure this is nature's way to help mothers bond with their babies and mostly because A is just so damn cute), I can say I no longer feel the urge to procreate (husband is no doubt wiping his brow as he reads this). You do read my blog don't you Pete? Come on, keep the stats up dude.