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Sweat In Style: Sportswear Essentials For 2016

Activewear has never been so stylish! Long gone are the days when you could go to the gym in an old oversized t-shirt and tatty trainers. The treadmill is your catwalk and in 2016, sportswear is all about vibrant patterns and innovative fabrics that facilitate breathability and performance.
yoga with kids-Honest MUm

Yoga-Transforming My Body & Mind

I've recently become addicted to yoga, a healthy addiction naturally but an addiction all the same, I feel like yoga is a secret everyone should know, I want to scream, "Do yoga it will change your life" from the roof tops people-a bit like when Cameron Diaz informed me to drink more water in her cute but slightly patronising and highly repetitive 'The Body Book' yoga and drinking water equals happiness (pretty much).