yoga with kids-Honest MUm

Yoga-Transforming My Body & Mind

yoga with kids-Honest MumI’ve recently become head over heels (literally) in love with yoga, addicted really- a healthy addiction naturally but an addiction all the same, I have to do it daily otherwise I don’t feel as balanced and content as usual and as you can see, even my kids have gotten in on the act! I literally can’t believe how amazing those flexible little people are!

…I’m so amazed at the effects of yoga, I feel like it’s a secret everyone should know about so much so, I want to scream, “Do yoga it will change your life” from the rooftops people-a bit like when Cameron Diaz informed me to drink more water in her cute but annoyingly repetitive ‘The Body Book’, yoga and drinking more water has honestly changed my life.

yoga with kids-Honest MUm

…Until recently it was years (and years) since I’d gotten myself into a downward facing dog position (hey you, behave at the back)…but thanks to a DVD which caught my eye in HMW, ‘The 10 Minute Solution- Yoga’ priced around £5 would you believe, I’m doing 40 minutes minimum of yoga a day and couldn’t feel better for it.

Yoga feels like internal spanx for my body. My tummy post 2 c-sections is actually toning up as I type (probably). Seriously though, yoga firms up your abs, thighs, tums and bums and the results are quick and I mean crazy quick folks, I’ve noticed a difference in weeks!

And it couldn’t be easier, I just press play in my living room and get going. What I heart most about the DVD is the fact the pretty presenter/yoga professional is a smiley, normal, toned, healthy and obtainable looking woman (not scarily skinny or overly serious) so I can have fun with it and as it’s split into 10 minute sections, I never feel like I don’t have enough time to get even a quick session in.

yoga-Honest Mum

My kids as the photos show, also love getting involved and there’s nothing sweeter (and slightly crazy) than a 19 month old demanding “yoga, yoga!”

Olier yoga-Honest Mum

And here we are showcasing our new two tone yoga mats in the pics-4 year old Oliver requested the blue and white one and mine is peach and red. Pretty huh?! No more carpet sliding/burns for us!

I’ve also inspired my Mum to start some gentle yoga sessions from the DVD too and her request is for a Mexican style patterned yoga mat to match the decor of her lounge. It makes sense to her so I’m going with it and will be ordering it for her soon!

When it comes to yoga clobber, I like my stretchy, chic Sweaty Betty yoga gear but here I am wearing gifted Black White Denim Basics round neck long sleeved tee (retails at £65) and Topshop leggings-low maintenance, comfy clothes, ideal for some flexy-exercise at home!

Yoga-inspired fashion aside, deep breathing and renewed flexibility plus feeling the burn with aerobic yoga sessions along with the restorative relaxing 10 minuter’s is making me a happier, more serene Mama and this has not gone unnoticed by my husband! PMT subsided this month, my mind is less busy and more relaxed, sleep has improved and my body feels tauter and tighter than ever before. Good for 14 days of daily yoga huh! I’m in it for life now. Totes.

So, have you tried it yet?



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