The boys

My Hopes for 2014

So what are my hopes for 2014?....I've been mulling over this post for a while now and in fact have started implementing a lot of things I want to change in 2014, even within the last few days.

Unmissable Christmas Films

I do love the Christmas classic film marathon each year and we start the race around, well November in this house (there's a lot to get through)...from Home Alone to Elf and Bugsy Malone for the kids to all time favourites It's a Wonderful Life, White Christmas and Scrooge, it's a non stop Christmas flick watching time for us and we LOVE it!
The Smurfs 2

BritMums Kid’s Films Review

Head on over to BritMums and read my thoughts on the kid's films I watched this summer (when I wasn't sleeping in the cinema)...What?! Don't pretend you don't snooze watching the Smurfs too.

My Birthday & Blogiversary!

Wow, it's my blog's 2 Year blogiversary (well it was on the 10th but I'm combining it with my 32nd birthday) and I can't quite believe it: two whole years since my very first post and I'm no longer 16 anymore. Shucks.

BritMums Film Review-my Fave Films of All Time

Sadly this is my last film review guest post for BritMums before baby so I have reviewed all my favourite films from Raging Bull to Bridesmaids. Not to be missed. Just click here. Enjoy!