The boys

My Hopes for 2014

The Yorkshire Sculpture ParkTaken at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

So what are my hopes for 2014?….I’ve been mulling over this post for a while now and in fact have started implementing a lot of things I want to change in 2014, even within the last few days.

I recently read three fabulous blog posts which really resonated with me, firstly by TV Comedian Andi Osho whom I met years ago at Channel 4 HQ (to discover more about the Channel 4 Talent Award which I surprising ended up winning) and I of course interviewed her for my Wonderful Women feature….her post You Giving is about shifting attention to what she can do for herself and the world rather than expecting from others and it’s totally inspired me.We have the power, people to make things happen! Thanks Andi!

The next post is by one of my all time favourite bloggers and friends Sarah of Grenglish who has summarised so much of what I too want for myself and my family in 2014 in her post Raising My Game: to be a better friend and blogger and not to be scared to say yes more (and for me, to learn to say no more, too). A heartfelt, inspiring read. I hope to lock Sarah down for her Wonderful Women interview in 2014 too and of course head to Paris, like she did, for lunch in 2014!

That’s my kind of lunch date!

Last but not least wonderful blogger and friend Katie of Pouting in Heels has written a touching post LIFE: A Letter to 2013 that really moved me. The last image of her cradling her daughter embodies all that is motherhood, the rough with the smooth but moreso the unconditional love parenthood brings. Beautiful.

…So what are my hopes for 2014…

First and foremost I must say I’m utterly, flipping grateful for so much this year: for those munchkins below who make me happier than I’ve ever known (and who’ve taught me to survive on 3 hours sleep for months on end-grrr)… for supportive family and friends and the strength they’ve shown me during the tough times of 2013, for my blogs, here and at Mummy’s Got Style who help me hone and retain my voice and for everyone who takes time to read and comment about my little world, it truly means a lot to this little Greek fish in the sprawling ocean that is the ‘interweb’!

The boys

It’s been a bit of rollercoaster for my family and I this year with gravely ill close relatives, the loss of our beloved cat Billy and whopping HUGE change-we sold our London place a few months ago and are seeking a new home in Leeds where we’ve now 100% committed to settling in and I’ve been juggling raising my sons with running my blog as a business and developing a TV project.

I’ve also made time to be filmed for some little films on motherhood for Yahoo and Fairy Non Bio out next year and have continued writing for parenting powerhouse BritMums. Busy is not the word! Mad perhaps!

It’s been a heady mix of intellectually challenging pursuits meets ‘am I going crazy’ moments and as much as I love working, my new mindset has led to some recent stringent restructuring and big decisions….

I crave a greater work-home life balance (inevitably tough when trying to sustain a business and earn a crust with kids, I know) but I’ve started….mostly by saying no to a lot of things and getting my head down and FOCUSING on what I REALLY want from work and life in general! My Creative Plan for 2014 helped me hugely. Writing my goals and hopes down on paper in black and white felt sooo good!

Oliver and Mummy

I’ve also been winding down more be it running, acupuncture or simply dancing around the living room with Oliver to those Rizzle Kicks boys! Pre-festive dance above!

So 2014 is about me switching off more. I’ve loved taking things easy over the festive period and I don’t want chill time to just be for Christmas (!!) I write quickly and prolifically which helps with my blogs but it’s time to have more rest days too!

I also want to be a better mum (more patient), a greater friend (more time) and a brilliant wife (more ironing, yeah right!). OK more Simpsons and to cook more. I do love cooking and relying on wonderful family restaurants is handy but I want to get my hands dirty more!

Peter and Alexander

Seriously I am one lucky girl and I know it: my husband is my soul mate, best friend (I still fancy him like mad) and he’s my all round rock-an equal carer of my kids, a superb photographer who shoots for my blogs and he also sorts out the technical side so things run smoothly, even when that means late nights. I LOVE my man millions so thank you Mr Peter!

A huge thank you must also go to my ah-mazing folks who help me with childcare and adore my sons more than they love my brother and I. And that’s saying A LOT! They’re the best!

…And because of all of the above, it’s time to make more time for those I love next year and a girly holiday with my Mum will be booked to thank her for all that she does for us!

This year has swung from grave sadness to deep joy but I’ve learnt TONNES in the process! Adversity and overcoming it has a way of doing that! I’ve learnt more about blogging, people, who I am and what really matters in life. Quite a lot in one year, right!

Most of all, I know now, more than ever, that my little family who light up my life and give me purpose and power make everything worthwhile. Always and forever.

Here’s to a rocking 2014 for them and for us.

Thanks for reading and Happy New Year all,


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