BT's Digital Dash

Sports Day 2020 Isn’t Cancelled Thanks to BT’s App, Digital Dash

BT's Digital Dash

After BT recently helped me to homeschool my kids thanks to their free educational toolkit where my sons learnt to code, they’ve now saved Sports Day as well (called off in schools across the country as you know) with their newly released app: Digital Dash.

Digital Dash is helping my sons Oliver and Alexander, aged 10 and 7 respectively, improve their digital skills by training their own dynamic athlete avatar.

Honest Mum and son

Kids can choose their avatar’s skin tone, gender, hairstyle and clothes.

BT's Digital Dash

The child is then in charge of training their avatar to compete as an athlete, assisting him or her to build strength and resilience both physically and mentally.

The goal is to create an agile athlete boasting skills spanning determination, passion for sport, resilience and enduring stamina. The avatar becomes a role model to the user, exuding qualities we parents are constantly working on instilling in our kids.

Honest Mum's son Oliver plays BT's Digital Dash

While the child works on creating a successful training programme, building a strong sprinter, they’re also simultaneously boosting their digital prowess as IT designers/creatives through a series of mini games on the app. From using logical reasoning to spot their athlete’s missing shoe to learning algorithms by herding sheep in their athlete’s sleep, Digital Dash uses educational elements to help children develop the key problem-solving skills they require for the future

BT's Digital Dash

Additionally, we parents don’t need to feel any guilt over tech time. I know that when my sons play Digital Dash, they’re learning life skills whilst also having fun so I don’t need to sweat it as a mum.

They’re now counting down the days to the live virtual Sports Day event on July 23rd where children across the UK will race their own avatars. 6 children will be chosen to race based on the strength of their avatars and in doing so, will have the chance to win free tech for their schools. The live event to be hosted by Middle Distance Runner and Olympian Dame Kelly Holmes and Broadcaster and Presenter Reggie Yates. So fab!

The Digital Dash app has really helped to keep my boys enthused about sport during this tricky period that has seen them indoors more.

Both boys had several races when they played in the park the other day, then on return back home via the app, and Alexander asked me if you could run a marathon when he’s older-all this interest is thanks to the game.

A dynamic, fun and inspirational app, I know your kids will love it too.

I’ve even created my own sprinting superstar with green hair. I might have to race the kids myself!

Find out more about Digital Dash here and download on App Store and Google Play.


More about BT Skills For Tomorrow:

Through BT Skills for Tomorrow, BT is helping 5 million children across the UK make the most of life in the digital world. As part of this, BT has created Digital Dash: an exciting new game designed for 7-10-year-olds.

BT’s Skills for Tomorrow programme is designed to empower 10 million people in total, by giving them the skills they need to flourish for the digital world. Skills for Tomorrow is a portfolio of programmes and initiatives with a portal supporting families, parents and children, including educational interactive games and missions tailored for primary age kids.

Since the Covid-19 crisis began, BT has provided support for all its customers – from providing unlimited data for broadband customers and offering unlimited mobile data for any NHS staff on EE, through to supporting the homeless, and connecting the NHS Nightingale hospitals and providing hundreds of free digital skills and educational resources. The resources provide support in a wide range of areas – from home-schooling to business webinars and include help for people with low or no digital skills to ensure they can keep in touch with loved ones and access vital health services.



This is a sponsored campaign but as always, my words are honest.

Digital Dash

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