Take one car-loving blogger (me) plus her super-funny Papa G and the breathtaking Bowcliffe Hall in the village I live in (how cool though?), pose in cool cars, shoot, test drive then eat exquisite food- and what do you get? THE BEST DAY EVER that’s what!


With Papa G by my side (he likes to call himself my chauffeur the poor guy- he does do quite a lot of dropping me off at the train station for trips to London), I literally could not wait to get behind the wheel and take the striking red Jeep Grand Cherokee out for a spin.

First up though was an intro in the coolest bunker style breakfast room at Bowcliffe to hear more about this super-cool brand before a quick photo shoot in the grounds and a whole lot of posing on one of the first ever jeeps (!) along the Cherokee-then it was time to zoom off into the countryside following the set route from Bowcliffe Hall to the breathtakingly beautiful Ripley Castle.

First ever jeepTop Blogger Vicki Psarias poses in one of the first ever jeepsHonest Mum poses in one of the first ever jeepsVintage JeepJeep CherokeeJeep CherokeeJeep Cherokee in redBlogger, Honest Mum with a Jeep CherokeeVicki Psarias with Jeep Cherokee

Jeep steering wheel

Inside a Jeep CherokeeThe drive was silky smooth with the Cherokee picking up great speed with ease on the open roads-all buttery leather inners and in built sat-nav with plenty of room in the back for babies and bags: I adored it.

Driving a Jeep Cherokee around Bowcliffe HallJeep Cherokee goes off road

I also officially now LOVE an automatic-it was the first time I had a go at ‘lazy driving’ as I like to call it and let me tell you, I want to LAZY drive all day long from now amigos. Automatic is the way forward.

…Pops wasn’t just a passenger either.

After a quick tea and biscuit dunk in the decadent parlour at Ripley Castle, Dad got behind the wheel of the Renegade (another smooth operator-boxier in design and this one was silver) racing (within speed limits of course) back to base, in time for an exquisite lunch with fellow bloggers, journos and vloggers in the opulent car-themed dining room overlooking lawns.

Jeep RenegadeJeep Renegade in SilverJeep Renegade in Silver goes off roadGoing off road at Bowcliffe Hall in a Jeep RenegadeGoing off road at Bowcliffe Hall in a Jeep Renegade

I naturally vlogged the day of course and in 5 minutes hope to have captured a truly fast and fun experience with Jeep below:

Now please let’s just take a minute to appreciate the beauty of the range of Jeeps in all their finest.

Range of jeepsCelebrating Jeeps 75th anniversarycollection of jeepsOff Road JeepsBrand new JeepsBrand New Jeep in Red Jeep in BlackJeep in BlackJeeps at Bowcliffe Hall

My plan is to bid goodbye to our 7 seater (toodles) and get me that red bad boy stat.

How lush though? I can’t even. #Cargoals in overdrive. Get it?!

Right, so I’ve put it out there to the universe, ‘Please universe may I have a jeep?’ and you know where I am Jeep, don’t you. Course you do. Good.

Suits me huh?!

Posing in a Jeep Cherokee to celebrate their 75th anniversary

So do you have a jeep?! Say no because I might cry if you do.

Seriously, though wonder this car is the fastest growing car brand in the UK with a staggering 10,800 vehicles sold just last year alone.


Now go test drive yours today!


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51 Responses

  1. Jerry Vecchio

    You looked outstanding in your dress and those jeep are awesome. Loved all pics.

  2. Morgan

    Wow, this looks awesome! Great pictures! Jeeps make for really great vehicles, especially if you travel often. They’re dependable, spacey, and drive smoothly!Nice job! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Emma

    cool. I have major envy because I love cars but then it’s not great to see a blind girl driving 🙂

  4. Becky, Cuddle Fairy

    You are so adorable in that army jeep! I love those photos! I adore the maroon jeep – it is so stylish & sleek. The interior is fab too! Thanks so much for hosting #brilliantblogposts x

  5. Agent Spitback

    They make such beautiful cars! I am sure they drive well too. It is fun to just have a day out driving, especially if it’s lazing driving, like you say LOL.

  6. laura dove

    Wow that looks like fun! And what amazing photos!! You always look so glamorous, great post! Thanks for hosting #brilliantblogpost

  7. One Messy Mama

    Oh my word! What an awesome day that must of been! Definitely a “mama’s” car… Added to my wishlist! And you looked gorgeous!

    • Honest Mum

      Haha I’m THAT cool (I’m not)! We had a fab day! Aw you are a car guru, we need to go for a spin together, girl x

  8. Sally

    You get such interesting opportunities! Jeeps look great, as do you. Automatic Driving is the Only Way! x

  9. Mim

    Oh that looks like such a fun day! Ripley Castle looks beautiful – I’ve never been, I do miss Yorkshire when I see your Yorkshire posts you know! PS I love your skirt, it’s lovely on you x x

  10. Amanda Fulton

    What a fun day, and fab wheels! I don’t have one, but my RR Evoque is an automatic and it IS the best way to drive! I hope the Universe grants your wish 🙂

  11. Jaime Oliver

    oh this looks like so much fun! i so wish we could have gone instead of turning it down .. that red one is totally gorgeous! .. what a really great set of photos, looking lovely as ever honey 🙂


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