We’ve lived in Windsor for just over 2 years now, and having fully flung ourselves into Berkshire life, we didn’t think we had much more to learn about the city we now call home, but we were wrong. The Windsor Duck Tours gave us insider info hard to find elsewhere. Covering Windsor and Eton, we lapped up fun fact about the famous landmarks in this stunning Royal Borough as well as trivia on former and present famous dwellers from Her Majesty the Queen to Dragon’s Den Peter Jones who attended Windsor Boys High School.

Windsor Castle was built by William The Conqueror in the 11th century and is the Queen’s favourite of all her palaces and while we’ve toured the Castle before and my sons have even sung twice in the Chapel there, the views from the water thanks to the Duck Tour were like no other.

Duck Bus

The wow factor of the trip is undoubtedly the movie style transition from road to water which made squeal with joy. Our trip was sandwiched between exquisite courses at The Royal Windsor pub situated opposite the Windsor and Eton Riverside train station, a place we’ve walked past many times and had been meaning to go in.

The Royal Windsor

We ate our starters and mains, breaking before dessert (more of that, later) for our jaunt on the River Thames, returning for sweet treats and shots (yes, shots, which blew our minds) and truly, it was one of our most favourite days here to-date.

salad flatlay

A surprisingly hot September Saturday (we seem to be experiencing an Indian Summer here), the river was picture-perfect tranquil, the sky deep blue. Families and yapping dogs were splashing around, bobbing along beside the swans (this part of the river is only around 6 ft deep) and the day felt equal parts nostalgic to me, and equal parts, surreal.

Duck Bus

Duck StopThe trip transported me right back to my carefree childhood days spent outdoors rustling up adventures in the teeny town of Ilkley by the River Wharfe; it also made me feel as if I was part of the old school ‘This is Your Life’ programme (remember that?) as the Tour Guide  mentioned all the spots we frequent every day here. ‘Over there is Bachelor’s Acre where children like to run through the waterfalls’ noted the tour guide. Yes, my children, every day!

Duck Bus Honest Mum kids

We revelled in being pretend tourists in Windsor for the day (you admittedly feel a little stupidly smug at knowing about the city first-hand than the person on the bus next to you) and seeing the place through the eyes of a visitor, doubled my appreciation for Windsor and Eton where my youngest goes to school. We often say that living here feels like being on holiday but anywhere, however pretty because the norm everyday. Yesterday reminded me quite how special Windsor, is and how lucky we are to live here.

I strongly recommend a trip on the bus turned boat, and food at the Royal Windsor gastro pub for tourists and locals, alike. It was a Pinterest-perfect gastro haven. Just look at the pics. Swoon.

The Royal Windsor The Royal Windsor pub The Royal Windsor

The Royal Windsor The Royal Windsor lunch The Royal WindsorAnd the kids even got off my phone when they spotted the colouring-in on the back of the Kids’ Menu!

kids drawing pub

So what did we eat?

Me: the Royal Windsor Rhubarb & Blackberry Gin to kick off proceedings (served with Franklin and Son’s Sicilian lemon tonic and garnished with lemonthyme, blackberry and candied rhubarb in quite frankly my FAVOURITE COCKTAIL OF ALL TIME (brewed in their own distillery in London no less). It was more a work of art than a drink but tasted as good as it looked. Fruity and floral, it was summer in a glass. I’d return to the place on that drink alone.

gin cocktail


gin cocktail

Main: A mammoth vegetarian platter for me as I’m veggie, bursting with crispy hallumi fries, creamy Buffalo Mozzarella, artichoke hearts, marinated Kalamata olives and a seasonal salad. (Peter greedily shared this with me along with his main course and polished the crusty bread I didn’t eat). Next up, it was a tangy limoncello cheesecake (I don’t eat gluten so the kids gobbled the biscuit base and proclaimed it ‘yummy’. The caramel tequila shot that wonderful host, Kez, brought us to finish the feast with, was created in the pub’s distillery and tasted heavenly. Dangerously so. I could have had 3 in a row without blinking! I’ll def be back for a girl’s night out there!

Salad salad hallumi fries

homemade breadlimoncello cheesecake

Peter: the Royal Windsor Clementine & Rosemary Gin served with Franklin and Son’s Indian tonic and garnished with rosemary and flamed clementine zest which tasted pleasingly festive with juniper berries and sharp, citrus notes. Starter: refreshing avocado and crayfish salad (his words here by the way, as I don’t eat meat or fish) followed by a creamy pan-seared Hake with sugar snap peas for Mains and a gooey chocolate brownie with salted caramel ice cream (homemade, as with everything there) with a shot of Nutella Cognac on the side, to end.

gin cocktail

Bottoms Up!

gin cocktail avocado and crayfish

salmon and prawns brownie

Kids: Crudites of carrots and cucumber sticks with cream cheese they got stuck into (Mama helped them out with the cream cheese they couldn’t finish which is a good thing as proves portions are not small there). Bolognese for Oliver and Napoli pasta for vegetarian Alexander which were both duly inhaled in minutes. Big (little) thumbs up. Then it was homemade vanilla and chocolate ice cream-I also sampled for the review’s sake (yeah, right) 😉 which was thick and creamy but thankfully not overly sweet.

Drinking gin cream cheese and veggies pasta bolognese

The decor is a dream there. I actually want to move in. Soft pink velvet couches at the front, gilded mirrors behind the bar with monochrome tiling in the bathroom, not forgetting a beer garden to enjoy aforementioned cocktails or craft beers in under red umbrellas and potted flowers. There boys loved the vintage style bike boasting flowers by our table when we moved outside for desserts.

This place is a jewel in Windsor’s regal crown. We can’t wait to go back.

caramel tequila and chocolate cognac

caramel tequila and chocolate cognac

You can watch the little film I made of the day, too!

Thank you for the invite guys.

The pub and Duck Tours are offering regular family packages kicking off with a special Halloween Tour on October 31st.

These experiences were in return for the honest review you see here.

Excitingly, you can win a lunch and tour package including the Royal Set Lunch, Kids menu and round of drinks along with the Duck Tour for 2 adults and 2 children.

Ends 23rd of Oct 2019.

UK only

No cash alternative

No transport or accommodation to Windsor and return covered.

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  1. Emma Perry

    Wow, what a wonderful prize! If I were to win I would take my partner and grandsons, they would absolutely love this! We also have family in Windsor so what a great opportunity to visit them whilst spending the day there….fingers crossed xx

  2. kellyjo walters

    I’ve never been to Windsor and would love to.. I’ve driven through but that’s about it.. I’ve love a day out with my husband and my father

  3. Mrs Kay Young

    I’d love to take my husband and daughter for a treat. My daughter has never been on a boat before, I bet she’d love it!

  4. Bev Cannar

    I would take my Mr E and our best friends and have quality time and a good laugh together, it would be a lovely surprise for them

  5. Monica Gilbert

    We aren’t too far from Windsor but have only been to the city proper once (with visiting family). I enjoyed the little I saw and have always wanted to take a duck tour. It would also give me an excuse for my daughter and I to use our season pass castle tickets. I’d take my husband and daughter.

  6. Petra B

    My husband works hard and with this voucher I can persuade him to stop being such a workaholic and take a day off. Didn’t know there are Duck tours in Windsor.

  7. Emma Byford

    Would love to win this for me and my friend, we are visiting London soon and this would be great! Sounds like such a treat and really exciting 🙂

    • Joanne Heath

      I would love to win as my son has got in to a competition in London, so we would love to make a weekend of it, have new experiences and make it a memorable weekend.

  8. Alison Barker

    I would take my husband, daughter and grandson, I think it would be a lot of fun.

  9. Libby Noack

    I would love to win to celebrate my 40th Birthday and share the experience with my family x

  10. Alison MacDonald

    I would love to win it looks amazing my grandchildren would love it too I love to have new experiences and this would certainly top that bill. xx

  11. Susan Pointon

    It all looks so absolutely tasty! This would be a really nice way to celebrate my and my husbands 15th wedding anniversary 💕

  12. Mel Nicholson

    The food looks mouthwatering! I’d love to do the Duck Tour too, something different from the usual boat trip. We’re not too far from Windsor, so this would be a lovely day out for me and my partner, celebrating his 50th shortly.

  13. Charlotte Davis

    I would love to win, I would take my husband and two little girls for a well deserved day out. My youngest loves the royals so would be nice to see Windsor.

  14. Karen Christmas

    I would take hubby and our two youngest sons…. have seen this tour many times and keep meaning to book it – this would be a great surprise for the family

  15. natasha douglas

    I’d love to explore more of England with my boys, and remember my parents taking me on a day trip to Windsor over 30 years ago! We had always planned to do a Duck Tour in London when they boys were older, but sadly they stopped operating from central London a couple of years ago. Had no idea Duck Tours were in Windsor. Of course, with boys, comes extreme hunger, so a pitstop of a pub lunch would be perfect!

  16. natalie s

    I’d love to win as the food looks so delicious, it would be such a treat. I’d take my mum as she’d love it too!

  17. jemma edge

    I want to win to gift this to my cousin and his fiancée and their two children. I don’t have any children to enjoy this with and have done the duck tour before which I thought was fantastic. One of his children has a bad skin condition and they don’t get to get out much so it would be amazing for them to have a day out together x

    • Rachel Ginger

      i would take my mum whos always doing things for other partner ,she suffers from depression and my sister alwsys busy and needs a treat x

  18. Hannah Igoe

    This would be a lovely treat for my family and I would take my husband and two kids

  19. Lynn Neal

    Looks great and that food, I would love to take my husband and grandchildren!

  20. Pamela Chang

    I would love to take my hubby and my 2 boys on a family day out. They would absolutely LOVE a day out like this!

  21. Elaine Stokes

    i love windsor, last time i went it rained the whole time, so would love to go back and visit when the weather is better. I’d take my partner

  22. Jo Godfray

    My Husband and I haven’t been to Windsor for years (Pre-Kids)
    Now they are all in School full time it would be lovely to go back.

  23. Rachel McMillan

    I would love to go on the duck tour. Would be a great opportunity for a family day.

  24. Becky Duffy

    We would love to win this as we don’t live far but rarely get to visit so this would be a great excuse for a day out in beautiful Windsor. I’d like to take my partner and our daughter 🙂

  25. Louise Crocker

    I’d like to win because my children would love it and it would be a fantastic day out.

  26. katrina walsh

    We try as a family to visit London a few times a year – just love the feel of the place and there are so many quality attractions! The duck tour is still on our to do list

  27. Kim Neville

    Would take my OH and kids. My son especially would love to go on the Duck Tour 🙂

  28. nicola humphries

    I’d take my hubby and two boys, they would love the duck boat. I’d be there for the food!

  29. debbie gilbert

    I would love to treat my 86 year old mum as she was born in High Wycombe and spent a lot of her free time in Windsor. This would be truly a day to remember for her!

    • Jo Taylor

      Hi. We’ve only been to Windsor to visit Legoland but we drive past the beautiful Windsor castle each time, we love to sightsee with the children, it would be so nice to be a tourist for the day, I’ve heard such good things about Duck Tours too

  30. linda june gill

    We drove thro’ Windsor for the first time last saturday….it was rather busy and we could not park….I want to try again ! this looks fabulous, plus it is always tricky to please two teenagers and a transport -mad dad….this looks like it will tick all the boxes…as I rather like the look of that G and T.

  31. Maggie Coates

    I’d love to go with my daughter. The last time I was in Windsor, I was a child.

  32. Maria P

    It would be a great day out – we were in Windsor a long time ago and we never tried the duck tours before.

    • Neha Chauhan

      I’d like to treat my husband and kids to a lovely family day out at Windsor. This would be really special.


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