This family loves a road trip so when premier car dealership JCT600 got in touch asking me to test cruise the new family friendly BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer, I jumped (in heels) at the chance! I totes drive in heels btw!

JCT600 are celebrating their 70th year in business this June and represent 18 of the world’s biggest car manufacturers across the volume, premium and specialist sectors primarily in Yorkshire and the surrounding area.

…My passion for adventure is matched by my love of cars and I’ve coveted my own beemer since passing my test!

Since having kids, however, I’ve put this dream on ice – until now that is!

BMW Family Car

I was always under the impression that luxury cars and families were like oil and water, they simply didn’t mix.

So when JCT600 first got in touch asking the whole family to road test a BMW, I was sceptical about spending 7 days in the car with two kids under the aged of 6 and a week’s worth of luggage that includes literally everything but the kitchen sink!

Sure the car would be beautiful, sexy and stylish, but would it be practical?

Whose got the keys to my beemer?

BMW 2-series Gran Tourer

Oh I have!

Look at this car. What a babe!

BMW 2-series Gran Tourer

Road Trip in a BMW

Design-wise the car ticked all the boxes. Curves in all the right places, sleek and contemporary aesthetics. It certainly got this car loving blogger’s engine running!

7 SEATER BMWSleek Design of Car

However, as a Mama, what makes this car really exciting is that it is the first 7 seater family car in the premium car market.

Yes you read that right! Who knew a 7 seater could ever look so stylish?

Appearances can be deceptive and within the sleek, futuristic exterior is a spacious, roomy interior that is comfortable and stylish in equal measure.

Plus, it’s super simple to convert into a 5 seater, increasing boot size for our all our luggage.

Heading off on our week long highway adventure that included pitstops in Norfolk, London and Windsor, I was impressed at how easy the car was to drive.

Dashboard in a BMW

Singing along to our road trip soundtrack, blasting out Bieber (yep my husband hated me for it) on the AMAZING sound system, I noticed how quiet the engine noise was for such a powerful car (1.5 litre).

For a 7 seater, the car was narrow – especially when compared to SUVs- so it was easy to navigate around busy cities including London which is notoriously difficult to drive around. The car also comes with rear proximity sensors as standard. One note, front sensors would have been a welcome addition.

driving wheelalloy wheel

When it comes to fuel efficiency and safety – the 2 major factors that influence every parents’ car buying decision – the Gran Tourer scores highly in both.

The boys loved it too and were able to store their toys and pebbles (!) in the side compartments.

Isofix child seats in a BMW

…Fuel consumption and emissions are both low, while all models are fitted with 6 airbags, along with Isofix child seat mounting points on three of its seven seats.

There are also innovative systems that warn of a potential frontal collision and apply the brakes if you don’t respond. Pretty cool huh?

Here’s a list of the model’s other benefits:

  • Air Con standard on all models
  • Alloy wheels standard on all models
  • Sat Nav standard on all models
  • Available in Manual or Auto
  • 3 child seats possible in middle row
  • 145 litres of luggage space, even with both rear seats up

The BMW Gran Tourer is available from JCT600 with monthly rentals starting from £289 (subject to T&Cs). It also comes with a 3 year warranty, 12 year anti corrosion warranty and 12 months tax included.

This sponsored review came at a perfect time as we’re looking to invest in a new family car and after this incredible road trip, the BMW Gran Tourer is definitely on the wish-list.

Few cars combine style and practicality in the way this model does and I genuinely loved driving it too!

I’m not going to lie, it was hard bidding the beemer goodbye.

Now JCT600 have got the keys to my beemer (weep)!



JCT600 Bradford have represented the BMW brand since 1996.


Their BMW showroom is located just outside Bradford city centre, easily accessible from the M62.

Facilities include a café bar and children’s play area.

play area at JCT600

 They are open 7 days a week and our showroom houses 14 new cars, including an M display, and 12 approved used cars.  Our forecourt is home to a further 50 approved used cars.


JCT600 Bradford

Their workshop has capacity for 14 cars at any one time so for current BMW owners they can offer servicing, specialist parts and accessories to ensure that your BMW remains in top condition.

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36 Responses

  1. Grant

    Fantastic photos Vicky. I am also a BMW fan.
    My first BMW was a second hand dark green 318iS, and even all those years ago, the design and build quality was great. And now the latest designs in 2017/2018 are fantastic, I especially love the 4 series coupe look. Thats one thing I feel the Germans know how to do, and that is to design amazing looking cars.

  2. Benton Cole

    A road voyage with BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer! One can straightforwardly sense the grandeur of your living style. The convertible’s exterior appearance and interior elegance remain unmatched. Tough it is brand-tagged, its fuel efficiency is unquestionable. In addition to that, if you take on its safety measures, you will be astonished and be sure your children will be safe in is custody. It is also environment-friendly as it emits very less smoke. Its maintenance errand is less intimidating, however, it relies on the style you handle. Whenever you notice any complication, you must take it to a BMW authorized service center for making the required modifications.

  3. Bruce Perez

    Highly rated BMW 2 series car have some of the exclusive features that result in tremendous brand value. The acclaimed BMW series are every car lover favorite choices. Pretty looks, decent speed performance all are BMW car series trademark features. Apart from this, air con standard with sufficient space for kids,add lot more convenience to the passengers. The BMW 2 series gran tour-er has 3 years warranty, 12 years anti corrosion warranty along with 1 year tax included. Sounds great, I am planing to buy this BMW series and I am sure it will provide excellent drive convenience to every car lover. Thanks for sharing a really informative blog.

  4. Morgan Prince

    What a car!
    This is definitely something we would’ve considered getting a few years back – we ended up with a Volvo XC90 – which I love.
    We had a BMW 325 a few years ago and it was a truly luxurious car.
    Great review honey. xx

  5. Alison (MadHouseMum)

    I want one! Seriously, you should see the pile of shite I get to drive 🙁
    A comprehensive review and I loved the photos. Innovative shots. Good to link up on #brillblogposts Alison

  6. Debbie

    Hi Vicki, how could you play Bieber is such a swish looking car? I’m surprised the car didn’t actually stop and refuse to move until you turned it off!

    Joking apart though it is a very nice looking car, that I wouldn’t kick out of our garage.


  7. Catherine, Not Dressed As Lamb

    Vicki after having been chauffeur driven in a 7 Series Sport to the UK Blog Awards (woo hoo, get me!!), I can see why you were smitten! Any brand new is awesome to drive, but a beemer would be a whole new level of awesomeness. Lucky you 🙂

    Thanks for hosting the link up, have yourself a brilliant weekend!

    Catherine x

    • Honest Mum

      Ooh lala babes, love it, we had Julia Robert’s driver in Cannes and I was like, ‘I want this every day of the week’! How the other half live hey! It was lush, have a fab weekend babe xx

  8. John Adams

    You know what, I’ve never driven a BMW! In fact I’ve only driven a people carrier a few times. I think we need to step up to a people carrier so this was a great review to read. Just the kind of info I need as we make our next car-buying decision. Great pics too. Thanks for hosting #BrilliantBlogPosts

  9. Andrea Nine

    Gorgeous Babe in a a gorgeous Beemer with gorgeous lads. We are an Audi family but oh the look of the new Beemer’s is enticing!!

  10. tracey bowden

    I love big family cars like this and it sounds as it it performs as good as it looks, this can go on my ‘if I ever win the lottery’ wishlist #brillblogposts

  11. Nige

    That’ looks loads of fun to test drive love bmw’s thanks for hosting #brilliantblogposts

  12. laura dove

    Very nice!! You’re so lucky!! We have a seven seater, obviously need one with four children, but it’s nothing like this! I am so jealous, I need this car in my life!!!! #brilliantblogpost

  13. Lisa

    Wow!! How lucky are you?? The car looks and sounds amazing!
    L X

  14. Eb Gargano

    Wow – that looks a lovely car! And it sounds like you had a lot of fun road testing it – must’ve been hard giving those keys back!! Eb x

  15. Sarah - Arthurwears

    Looks fab Vicki – we will have to get a bigger car when we have another child. Our VW Golf is great, but there’s no way the boot space would accommodate a double pushchair or the extra ‘stuff’ we’d need. This review has made me wonder about the legality of car seats in the rear seats of the isofix is only in the middle – if transporting friends with children etc. I bet it was hard to give this one back! #Brillblogposts

    • Honest Mum

      Such a wonderful car! It is a difficult topic. Have a look at this link:


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