Pat a cake, pat a cake…

Oliver and my husband’s Godfather Andy baked bread yesterday and I wanted to share this simple recipe and very cute pics with you. Scroll down to view a video blog too!

Photographs & Cinematography in Video © Peter Broadbent

bread 1 Ingredients:

750g (1 1/2 lbs) strong white bread flour
1 sachet fast action dried yeast
450ml (3/4) warm water
10g (2 teaspoons) salt


Mix the dry yeast with the flour until its uniform within the mixture. Add a bit of water at a time and stir. Eventually when it’s hard, knead the mixture with your hands. You know you have enough water when it feels slightly sticky. Knead for 20 minutes. Let it rest and rise to twice its size. Repeat the process and let it rise again.

Preheat the oven to 220-250 and bake for 30 minutes. Easy.

child baking bread

bread 4

bread 5

bread oven



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18 Responses

  1. EmmaK

    OMG looks so delish I wanna eat it up! I mean Oliver. And the bread too of course. I will give it a whirl.

    • honestmum

      @Metropolitan Mum thanks…he’s already got the girls wrapped round his little finger but making sure he grows up to be a little gentleman!


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