Nestlums app

Nestlums App Teaches Kids Financial Skills Through Play

Honest Mum x Nestlums app

Put your cup of tea down right now folks and read this blog post carefully because I’ve discovered an excellent new app called Nestlums which will HONESTLY take the stress out of your life (and boy, do we need it huh). Nestlums will ensure your kids complete their chores while teaching them the value of money in a fun, engaging way so you can actually finish your cuppa.

Nestlums app

children play Nestlums app

Nestlums app

Believe me, we’ve tried and tested this app all week long and it’s an absolute GAME CHANGER (yes, I’m shouting)! 

If you’ve only got 5 mins, let me highlight what the Nestlums app does and why you need it in your life (it’s a one-off payment of £2.99 too):

1. It teaches your children the value of money both on and offline in an easy, interactive way.

2. It makes kids ACTUALLY look forward to doing their homework and chores.

3. It offers your kids meaningful ‘tech time’ with games they’ll love.

It really does work, as well. Simple. Effective. Fun.

Honest Mum x Nestlums app Nestlums app

Since we’ve started using this app, my home has never been tidier. NEVER.

I woke up today to find my kids had made their beds, eaten their breakfast and tidied up while my husband and I slept. WHILE WE SLEPT?!???!?!??!?!

Did you take that in?

I was dreaming whilst my kids were doing chores (probably dreaming they were doing chores).

They’d tidied their rooms, eaten cereal, wiped the kitchen table top (with a little too much soapy water but 10/10 for effort) and even piled their bowls and spoons in to the dishwasher. True story, my friends.

I’m not ashamed to say that I kissed my phone (after wiping it with hand gel, obvs) in gratitude to Nestlums.

Honest Mum and sons review Nestlums app

This app encourages good behaviour from your kids, while providing them with the vital life skill of financial literacy offering them rewards in real life with money and also by playing the in-app game.

Honest Mum x Nestlums app

Taking literally seconds to set up, you name the characters after your children if you wish to and create a task list of errands you would like your children to complete. Each completed task unlocks games and/or earn them pocket money.

Nestlums app

To explain further, as you can see here, Nestlums features two virtual currencies: ‘Gems’, which let kids unlock and play games within the app and ‘Coins’ which represent a tally of real world money you can honour, if you choose to.

There’s no pressure to comply to the latter, the gems incentivise children just as much as real life money I’ve found, but it is a great way to note what is owed and in relation to which chore. 

boy dusts his home

With my two boys, pocket money is only earned outside of core chores so for example, Oliver helping Alexander with his homework for an hour was worth 50p but cleaning his bedroom earned him a single gem as this was part of his usual chore list.

elder brother helps his sibling with homework brothers do homework together

This app is easy peasy to use and navigate (which was the first thing my Mum asked me when I was singing its praises to her on the phone the other day as she’ll be using it with the boys when we go and stay later on in the year).

The characters are bold unisex cute looking alien-like beings the kids immediately liked. They are designed to evoke empathy in your children, thus helping them spring into action. Xander referred to his character as being his new Nestlums friend. Sweet!

Look how bright and bold the graphics are too.

Nestlums app

It’s no wonder the app’s so slick and engaging as Nestlums is the product of a collab between Cauldron, the in-house design studio of FinTech company, Thought Machine and the BAFTA award nominated games developers, Glitchers. These peeps really know their stuff when it comes to both tech, and motivating kids.

IMPORTANTLY, there are NO subscription fees or ads with this app, and it’s safe too as it lives on your phone (the parent) so you can manage and control it.

The app doesn’t connect to a bank account or bank card and there is no limit to the number of tasks that can be set, rewards given, or games played so you can adapt the app to best suit you and your family. It teaches children to use tech safely and responsibly.

Nestlums app

You can also subtract money and gems if your kids don’t follow house rules. YES TO THAT!

Tasks here have spanned everything from emptying the dishwasher to tidying away LEGO and toys, to doing homework, unpacking groceries and helping me to cook and bake.

child does chores child tidies his LEGO

The app is targeted at children aged 4+ but my 10 year old was completely taken with it. This is an app for children of all ages.

‘I love how fun the game is’ said Oliver.

‘My favourite bit is cracking the egg and releasing the gems’ said Xander, 7.

Oliver loved it so much, that on first go, he suggested I add extra tasks for him so he could earn more gems and continue playing the game. He ended up vacuuming the lounge!

boy vaccuums

His interest hasn’t waned all week and this will prove to be an app we as a family use, as part of our daily routine.

Honest Mum x Nestlums app

A third of parents are unsure that their child has the necessary understanding of modern financial literacy concepts for their age but Nestlums is here to bridge that gap. 

We truly love it.

Nestlums can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store for a one off payment of £2.99, and features no subscription charges, in-app purchases or advertising.

Nestlums app

For more information on Nestlums, please visit:

This is a sponsored campaign but as always, my words and thoughts are honest.

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Nestlums app
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