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On the 23rd of March, I hosted the launch of of groundbreaking dentists Happy Kids Dental in Chelsea, a second sister site to the existing, renowned practice of the same name in Marylebone. The day saw me welcome prestigious parenting bloggers and press along with their families for a tooth-friendly lunch, tour and Q&A with founder Dr Mykhalus so they could experience the magic of Happy Kids Dental for themselves.

After a tour of this enchanting sea-themed havens (which is undoubtedly more Disneyland than dentists), the children in attendance were entertained by Sharky and George allowing the adults to listen to an informative Q&A with founder and dentist Dr. Mykhalus who shared her ‘do’s and don’ts of dentistry’ (I’ve included these towards the end of the post).

The guests were wowed by the bold and beautiful interiors at Happy Kids Dental, and the interactivity of the educational games on offer digitally, as well as the fun slide, and teeth cleaning stations on the second floor, which encourage children to clean the statues’ teeth for the recommended 2 minutes.

sea themed dentists Happy Kids Dental sea themed dentists Happy Kids Dental

Happy Kids Dental

The launch also supported World Oral Health Day, a day dedicated to empowering everyone with dental facts and best practice tips.

Happy Kids Dental Launch

It’s incredibly needed too.

The statistics on dental hygiene for children, are alarming.

In the UK, 50% of children under the age of 12 suffer from tooth decay, and in London alone, over a million children failed to visit the dentists in the last year.

This is in partly due to parents being unaware that regular check-ups are necessary when it comes to prevention over cure, and equally, the fear associated with visiting the dentist can prevent children from required check-ups.

Happy Kids Dental is like no other dentists my family and I have ever visited, before. They pride themselves on making trips to the dentist fun, alleviating fear from the visit, naturalising the experience and alleviating any discomfort or anxiety.

Happy Kids Dental Launch with Honest Mum

Happy Kids Dental are the top children’s dentist in London, and enjoy a 5* rating from their customers which is down to their unique approach and ethos when it comes to children’s oral hygiene.

Their staff members are paediatric dentists who know how to address the unique physiologic, emotional and social needs of young patients, and the the treatment rooms are equipped with the latest, pioneering dental technology, as well as the home comforts that relax the child with televisions on the ceiling, an opportunity for a ‘teethie selfie’, and cuddly friends to comfort.

Happy Kids Dental in Chelsea

making dental visits fun for kids with Happy Kids Dental

Happy Kids Dental Launch with Honest Mum Sea themed dentists Happy Kids Dental Cleaning stations at Happy Kids Dental Happy Kids Dental Launch with Honest Mum

The fun culture here, starts from the minute you enter the vivid and engaging waiting rooms at Happy Kids Dental which are set up to entertain and nourish inquisitive minds so they can enjoy the experience, and furthermore, look forward to their visits.

Happy Kids Dental Launch with Honest Mum

My eldest son, Oliver, 9, was frightened of having his teeth checked before our first visit to Marylebone after a negative former experience at another dentists, but the friendly demeanour of the dentists, the stimulating environment, helped to combat his anxiety and before we knew it, he was having his teeth cleaned and polished while watching Sam and Cat on a TV screen in a relaxed position in the dentist’s chair. He loved taking a tooth selfie too!

At the end of the teeth clean he announced with his now bright, white teeth, how tasty the toothpaste was (ha) and said he couldn’t wait to return! I witnessed the power of Happy Kids Dental with my very own eyes. Brilliant!

teeth cleaning stations at Happy Kids Dental Happy Kids Dental practice in Chelsea, London

Alexander, 6, felt the same way as his brother too. After both children had brushed the the animal sculptures’ teeth at the dental stations, they had their own teeth checked and cleaned before playing before we left.

They literally raced through the doors of the new practice on launch day after their fun experience, and had a ball showcasing the treatment rooms to the others at the party, even demonstrating how the teeth cleans work.

What I love most about Happy Kids Dental is their ethos is built on preventative dentistry, over treatment. They lay healthy foundations for your children’s teeth so adult teeth can come through strong and healthy-and remain that way thanks to their care and advice.

Happy Kids Dental Launch with Honest Mum

Their paediatric dentists are handpicked for their extensive knowledge on children’s dentistry, putting them in an ideal position to give out fun and informative tips on preventative dental care for children.

They are committed to creating a welcoming environment for children, and are especially skilled with treating children who are nervous, or have special needs.

child at Happy Kids Dental child has his teeth cleaned at Happy Kids Dental Happy Kids Dental dentists Happy Kids Dental Launch with Honest Mum

Alexander never wanted to leave!

…Below, I share vital tips into dental hygiene for children from the Q & A on the day.


Q & A with Dr. Mykhalus on the do’s and don’ts of children’s dental care:

Happy Kids Dental Launch with Honest Mum


When should I allow my child to brush their own teeth?

One of the main causes of tooth decay in children is poor oral hygiene, more specifically inefficient brushing of teeth. What happens when we let our children do the brushing on their own? We see a lot of children and parents every day. What do most parents say when it comes to brushing their children’s teeth?

During consultation, parents would often say “My child knows how to do it”, “My child does not want me to brush his/her teeth” or “I want my child to be independent.” Most parents allow their children to brush their teeth by themselves. What happens then? The child does a poor job of cleaning his teeth, and ultimately, the end result is cavities.

Every child is different but in general, parents should brush their child’s teeth until they are about 8 to 10 years old. Remember that it is very important that parents continue to supervise their children’s brushing until the age 10 to 12. This is to make sure that they’re doing it thoroughly. Brushing should be done for two minutes minimum twice a day.


What do I do, if my child insists on brushing his teeth independently?  

Brushing is a skill. Like many skills, it take years to learn it and be good at it. Young children usually do not have the manual dexterity to brush or floss properly. If your child wants to do it by himself, let him! It’s a great way for him to practice but ALWAYS make sure that you brush his teeth before or after he’s done it for himself. For older children, aged 8 to 10 years, make sure that you supervise them. Be there when your child brushes his teeth and make sure that your child is doing it well.


What is the best way to prevent decay?

Brushing and flossing alone cannot get into all the pits in the teeth and the hard-to-reach areas in the mouth. Dental sealants act as a perfect barrier to prevent your kids from painful cavities. This method of prevention has been developed in USA in 1960 and produces brilliant results.

Dental sealants are thin plastic coatings that are painted on the chewing surfaces of one or more teeth to avoid dental caries.

Sealants work best if applied soon after these molars emerge, that means children between 6 and 14 years old would benefit most from sealants.

These are usually applied twice – at age 6, when the first molars come in, and when the second molars erupt, around age 12.

At Happy Kids Dental – we give our patient a guarantee that their sealants will last minimum of a year – we check them regularly and top up for free if needed.


 Is it true that decay in baby teeth can affect permanent teeth?

Cavities that are left untreated for a long time not only compromise the health of primary dentition but can also lead to infection that can affect the underlying permanent teeth.

Small cavities need small fillings, big cavities need big fillings. The whole point of these treatments is to arrest the progressing decay, restore baby tooth and

maintain infection free environment for the permanent teeth to develop.

Where there is lack of treatment of decayed primary teeth, bacteria continue to progress deeper into and through the root canals into the underlying bone – where permanent tooth is developing.


How did my child get decay in the first place?

Bacteria which cause decay are easily transmitted from parents to children during the first 2 years of age – oral bacteria have been shown to be transmitted from parents to their children by sharing utensils, food, drinks and even kisses!

Also, the bacterial content of a mouth full of cavities is very high. When the new permanent teeth start to erupt by the age of 6 years, these existing bacteria invade them leading to cavities in young erupting permanent teeth, while they are not fully mineralised and vulnerable .

Decays in baby teeth should be diagnosed, treated and then maintained by good oral hygiene practice, dietary guidance and six-monthly regular appointments with the dentist.


What if my child is scared of going to the dentist?

While dental anxiety among children, especially those with special needs, can be challenging for general dentists to manage, Happy Kids Dentals experienced team has a wide range of methods at its disposal. They can offer a child all the time they need to build their confidence leading up to a treatment, appointments take an hour on average, which gives patients an opportunity to relax and not feel rushed. Paediatric dentists are extensively trained in behavioural management, hypnosis and sedation .

We have clinicians on our team that have more then 10 years of experience in Special Care dentistry and we are delighted to say that a lot of our special needs patients love their regular dental appointments with us!

A real eye opener.

Thank you to all who attended on the day and made it so special. Here are some more joyous pics!

Happy Kids Dental Launch with Honest Mum Happy Kids Dental Launch with Honest Mum  Happy Kids Dental Launch with Honest Mum Happy Kids Dental Launch with Honest Mum Chelsea dentists iPhone Happy Kids Dental Launch with Honest Mum Chelsea dentists' launch

bloggers Ruth and Vicki child Happy Kids Dental Launch with Honest Mum games and arts and crafts fun Sharky and George entertainment  bloggers' children child enjoys the party

Don’t miss the video from the day

Excitingly, Happy Dental Kids are also offering you a super competition prize of an initial consultation, hygiene visit and a child’s electric toothbrush worth a total cost of £250.

UK only.

If the winner does not reply within 7 days of the email sent, a new winner will be randomly selected.

End date 17th June 2019.

Good luck.

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    Great post, so crucial to answer key Q’s like these for parents like me, to help our kids oral health. We really enjoyed our day. Love the photo’s. The way we brush our teeth has changed for the better.


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