Hello Sunshine…

Oliver eating an ice lolly

Wohoo, it’s tropical out there (get those maternity hot pants at the ready)- OK maybe I’m not rocking the hot pants with a bump band but with highs of 24, I’m one happy Mama, absorbing every single last  golden ray and totally loving the summer style that’s hitting the high street.

I think I seriously suffer from seasonal affective disorder in the winter and am more than tempted to live abroad (especially as my husband grew up in South Africa and would move somewhere hot tomorrow) but who knows, if these temps stay high  maybe we’ll be in Blighty for quite a while longer…

So as you may know, I’m only 5 and 1/2 months pregnant so the heat’s not too uncomfortable yet and just reading in the shade when things get sweaty is a sheer delight.

The sun makes people happy: simples. Anyway without further ado, here’s my list of summer must have’s because it’s totally summer now right? Right? I’ll pop a Burberry umbrella in there for good measure just in case! Actually I won’t, it might be a bad omen for rain and I’ve just had a blow dry…


Photo by Lawrence Walters on Unsplash

1. It’s all about the sunscreen. I love Ambre Solaire products as they simply smell of holidays and I’m a sucker for sun tan oil not cream (still high factor though).

ambre solaire suntan cream

My child is of course covered in Factor 50 (30 at a minimum) and always wears a sun hat (when he’s not pulling it off and putting it on Billy the Cat that is)  and I  try to approach his play time in the sun ‘the Mediterranean way’, keeping him out of the heat between midday and 3pm, especially when it’s scorchio.

2. Brights.


Loving all the neon brights out at the moment and although I’m gutted my bright yellow bikini will have to wait ’til next year, vibrant  jackets over cute dresses make my heart smile. Love, love, love this peach Zara blazer over this bang on trend flowery blouse, don’t you?

3. Le sandals.

Topshop sandals

I snapped these beauties up from Topshop recently as I’ve vowed not to touch my flip flops this summer. Let’s be honest our flippy friends are a menace to society and there’s no way I want to slip on my havaianas while I’ve got this baby on board.

4. Bronzer

To bring out that tan and feel good in the sun, bronzer is a girl’s best friend. I love my MAC one and it comes in a variety of shades to match most skintones.

Mac bronzer5. Painted toenails.

Girls, don’t you just feel naked if your toes aren’t painted? I do. I’m loving the odd Minx manicure too (although I did overdo it last summer and my nails literally turned white and flaky once the minx came off) but they do last a long time and the odd one won’t hurt. If you don’t fancy stick on toenail colour, a good old fashioned pedicure is just what your tootsies are crying out for.

You can do it yourself, just nab a clear basecoat and topcoat for a lasting professional look and go BRIGHT baby. I love Opi, Jessica and of course Chanel for the erm…Chanel of nailpolishes. Enjoy!

chanel nail polishes

This post was not sponsored (sadly). Chanel, call me.

Photo of Oliver and my sandals ©Peter Broadbent.

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