Goal Digging in 2019

DiaryI’m goal digging 12 months of the year, and while I don’t want to list some grand New Year’s Resolutions like travel the world twice over in 2019 (although hello, that would be fab thanks universe), I do want to continue some positive habits I started last year and I do want to list some realistic goals below which frankly aren’t that dissimilar to New Year’s Resolutions I know but semantics matter right and the below come with less baggage as far as I’m concerned.

  1. Write daily. On here, in my many notebooks, articles, posts, stream of consciousness Morning Notes Doreathea Brande style, whatever, all I know is, when I’m writing, I’m happy.
  2. Pick up a bloody paintbrush. I did return to painting post-book as I promised myself, but soon stopped again. I don’t know why. It’s messy, we live in a flat blah blah blah excuses. I’ve exhibited in the past many moons ago and nearly studied art at uni and nothing feels quite as nourishing as painting be it Still Life, flowers, landscapes or even the odd portrait so I don’t know why I’m fighting it. I’m taking the pressure off. I don’t need to share my work, I just need to create my work.
  3. Keep up with working on boundaries, protecting myself and rejecting people-pleasing as much as possible. Read my post here on just that.
  4. Stop aimlessly scrolling so much. I want to nip the black holes in the bud that I often fall into on social media more frequently, and spend more time doing more of the above: writing and painting.
  5. Fill my life with people who make me feel easy to love. Toxic people I have one message for you: thank you, next.
  6. Spend more quality time with my man. Peter is my hero and this year he’s getting more of my time and attention. We have tons of family time but not enough couple time. Less Instagram, more smooching with my boy. I can hear my kids making the vomming sound to my tongue in cheek (literally-ha) term ‘smooching’!
  7. Make more videos. I was an award winning TV Director and Filmmaker pre-blogging and sometimes I forget about the wealth of experience those years and my MA in Filmmaking gave me. I need to get back to shooting more and the time is now.
  8. Schedule more rather than winging my week, and stick to those dates. I’m forever switching up my schedule and trying to squeeze too much in but this year is all about balance and that’s a word I’m going to keep coming back to.
  9. Do more TV. I featured on the box regularly last year and loved it. Having been behind the camera for years, it was quite the transition to appear more in front when I became a blogger and vlogger, but it’s been a life-long dream (Broadcast Journalist and Presenter was my goal as a kid) and I hope to continue sharing my opinions on topical news shows and documentaries in the year ahead.
  10. Limit sugar. I’m such a sucker for the sweet stuff. I used to be a savoury girl but can demolish a pack of vegan chocolate rice cakes in one go and I really need to get some willpower and quick. Health is wealth.

How about you, what are your goals for the year ahead and forevs?



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