Diary Entry: It’s The Little Things That Make A Life


I remember reading in one of the Rules of Life books long ago (so long, I can’t remember which one), that it’s the little things which make up a life.

That sentiment has resonated with me lately as my focused has more on the minutia. I used to chase the bigger thrills in life and while I love a party as much the next person (if you’ve watched my Insta Stories, you’ll know about Club Car-shared parked up, obvs) and the exhilarating hard-earned highs but I want to give air time to the smaller things in my life I get on with but don’t share enough here like cooking my kids’ favourite dinner or seeing them smile when they bite into a vegan biscuit I baked, which feels just as nourishing as the next career tick.

I want to show some respect to all facets of my life. The precious every day things like posting a letter to a faraway friend or picking my kids up from school, their little hands in mine as we chat about what they liked most in their packed lunch box that day or last night’s episode of Corrie and ‘If they’ll catch the bad guy’.

I wrote diaries daily as a child from around the age of 8 until uni and this blog is my online diary after all so I thought I’d start writing more diary-style entries here, for me and also for you if you fancy a nosey (I hope you do). I’m going back to basics. Literally.

So, I thought I’d list the things I did yesterday, the little things which make up my life. The small moments that make a big impact on those I love and even, sometimes to my readers.



Woke up late as both kids had a disturbed night, and I spent most of the night wide-eyed and NOT asleep. Husband made the lunch boxes, did the school-run and everything else in between. We usually divide and conquer. Not then.

I over-compensated on rising at 10 am so furiously dusted table tops, cleaned the kitchen, toilets, made the beds and put away the ironing. I’m a neat freak and again cleaning is a load Peter and I share equally.

I returned three library books despite their extended due dates as two hadn’t been read by Oliver yet as he’s already got three on the go and he needs to commit to one, finish it, then start on more. He likes to dip and dive between his current David Walliams and Liz Pichon books. I have 6 on the go so can’t talk. Like mother, like son I suppose.

Made pasta for the kids to eat after school as I wouldn’t be there, and I like to cook for them every day if I can. It’s not a guilt thing, it’s a love thing. I love to cook, and I love to feed.

Replied to emails, apologising that my response was a late on some. A girl gotta live.

Ate a brown rice and spring veg stir fry with soy sauce I made on Sunday (recipe coming soon) and avoided eating a dark chocolate biscuit I’d also baked that day. I later regretted sidestepping the biscuit when I got on the train to London, and wanted to eat my arm.

Hung the washing and put an another load on (it’s Groundhog Day when it comes to cleaning and washing). Crossed my fingers that the new washing powder doesn’t bring me out in a rash like the other sensitive powders before it.

Did my make up and applied false lashes, not waiting for the glue to go sticky. I never wait for the glue to go sticky. Who has time for that anyway? P.S. I used to think lipstick was my armour. Now I know it’s false lashes. You’re welcome.

Printed out bank statements in the bank as they’d not reached me with our recent move despite updating my address with the bank and setting up a postal redirection with Royal Mail.

Laughed out loud twice at the counter reading a school mum’s texts to me as I waited. I wish I could share the contents with you, but I can’t. Roared out loud and didn’t mind. It’s good for the soul to laugh loudly sometimes, especially in quiet places.

Caught two trains and one tube to reach a big meeting with Virgin EMI/ Universal which didn’t disappoint. I’ve got a 5 album deal. I haven’t. I can’t sing a note. Real news to follow soon as opposed to fake news.

Wrote and wrote some more (including this post) after my new year commitment to try my best to blog every single day Seth Godin style. I used to blog several times a week but I’m loving this daily practice. I want to keep honing my voice and creative muscles, and fight the fear that can sometimes come with sharing my life online. Take this post. I was nervous to publish it as it’s just a simple dairy entry.

I did it anyway.


Some days, I feel so incredibly liberated and empowered thanks to writing so prolifically that I end publishing two posts a day and not one. As I mentioned in my book you REALLY SHOULD BUY: MUMBOSS (plug, plug), the more you write, the more you write.

I spent time planning future posts and making a list of photos I need to shoot, compiling yet another list in yet another new notebook (I have a problem) and spent 2 fulfilling minutes ticking off items done and dusted on yesterday’s to-do list.

Checked the diary for dates away.

Confirmed more book dates.

Spoke to my manager Jack Freud on the phone, and my Assistant Manager Spencer Johnson and I emailed several times over the day.

Texted my best mates. Spoke to my Mum twice.

People-watched on my train and tube journeys home. Spotted a woman with tiger print, faux fur sliders and long socks and wished I was as brave and cool as her.

Got home in time to watch some cartoons with my kids before bed. I hate Alvin, Simon, Theodore but I fake it for them. Talked through my kids’ day at school (everyone was happy and Alexander announced his love of raisins). We discussed the worries of the night before. They both went to bed earlier than usual to catch up on the sleep they missed.

Watched my new fave show: Spencer, Vogue and Baby Too. Adore the banter between them and how they laugh at themselves. So refreshing.

Added more reminders to my digital to-do list. ‘Buy red onions, black olives and rice crispies’.

Read more of the magnetic Becoming by Michelle Obama.

Went to sleep despite the bright light in the landing, the boys insisted stayed on.

A normal day in my life.


What are the little things which bring you meaning and give your purpose, those times that remind you of your skills, responsibility and also the love you have around you?

Write a list/ diary entry and feel grateful and inspired. You’ll also feel far more productive too. Sometimes you need to document to realise how much you do every day. How much you have going for you.

It really is the little things that add up to make a life.

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