Aviva Liber laptop

Review of the AVITA LIBER Laptop

I love a laptop. Of course I do, I’m a writer but a laptop that’s as pretty as the AVIVA LIBER and its pink and silver design absolutely gets my seal of approval. And what’s more it unintentionally matches my nail polish, too?

AVITA Liber laptop review

Aesthetics aside though, how does it fair when it comes to the quality of its hardware and software and how user-friendly is it?

Aviva Liber laptop

First up, a bit about the brand and laptop.

Hong-Kong based AVITA released this AVITA LIBER 14” Windows Notebook in the UK recently and were kind enough to send me one which I’ve used for 4 weeks prior to writing this review. It’s had the Honest Mum road test so I can share my thoughts with you.

Aviva Liber laptop

It boasts mega memory power (something that matters hugely to me), is undoubtedly high quality and offers statement designs in this range to boot. Bye bye boring laptops!


The track pad is absolutely massive (the biggest I’ve seen) so it’s easy to navigate your documents/home screen/ edits etc and the keys are light to the touch making typing and meeting your deadlines easier (no clunky keys here).

AVITA Liber laptop review close up

The keys also have backlighting which is a huge plus for those working in a dimly-lit environment ie late at night from your bed as everyone sleeps like I do! It equally has a bright high definition screen for clarity, making more complex work such as video editing easier, too.

Honest Mum with her AVITA Liber laptop

As a mumboss, I’m forever juggling work and kids, and most of my intensive writing and editing takes place when my kids sleep. This laptop has literally become my bestie between the hours of 9pm and midnight! It’s me and the laptop against my 1000 word deadlines!

Security is of course an important factor and the LIBER offers a fingerprint reader making logging in more convenient and safer than ever as well. No remembering complex passwords, necessary. The laptop is also thin and light so fits into your bag with ease.

lightweight AVITA Liber laptop

The battery life is 10 hours so no need for panic recharges in the day or carrying the lead around with me when on the move, and the built in Wi-Fi makes logging online a breeze. Where Wi-Fi isn’t available, Bluetooth 4.0 is also compatible to connect devices to the notebook.

When it comes to sound, there are two inbuilt speakers which offer a wide dynamic range and strong bass and the LIBER enables you to plug headphones in to the 3.5mm headphone jack if needed when in a busy place with two channel stereo sound effects. Also including a webcam with 720p HD, video calling is easy and provides real clarity of both image and sound. The notebook includes two full size USB 3.0 ports, one USB 3.0 Type-C port and a mini-HDMI with adaptor so users can easily plug in any devices as required.

AVITA Liber laptop review

With four designs available in the collection, you can choose the one which fits your personality and taste.

A perfect Christmas gift for yourself, I’d say!

The AVITA LIBER 14” Windows Notebook is available in Ornament on Gold and Paisley on Lilac for RRP £459.99 on Studio and £439.97 on eBuyer (reduced from £529.99)

The laptop was gifted to me in return for this honest review.

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