School starters-Honest MumAnyone else feeling drained as we approach the end of the first term for our school starters? (Say yes, tell me it’s not just me, please)!

…I blogged last week on how I skimmed the newsletter and forgot the Harvest Festival assembly and well some days I feel like I’m failing at this ‘my son goes to school’ thing.

On the plus side, this picture above drawn by my son Oliver, that I found stuck on the classroom wall at parent’s evening made me laugh and melted my heart in equal measure! Silver lining and all that and the teacher saying wonderful things about my 4 year old. That was pretty special.

Anyway, if you’re also feeling a bit overwhelmed by noting things in your diary months in advance, then you’ll no doubt relate to this list below!

So you know you now have a child at school when…

1. You wake up at 8.30 am because you kept hitting snooze and your kid needs to be at the school gates for 8.50. Quavers count as breakfast right? School is just so flipping tiring (for both of you).

2. You’re required to wear more than your PJ’s and Uggs at crazy o’ clock in the morning. ‘Good intentions’ gym kit and Uggs are fine obviously.

3. You’re forced to smile and make small talk at the school gates when you’re NOT A MORNING PERSON!

4. The labels on most of your kids clothes you spent hours ironing on a few weeks ago have already fallen off because they just. won’t. stick. Money well spent then.

5. You start speaking phonetically (even to your colleagues) to help your child learn to read. You secretly love it.

6. Your child has grown up in front of your eyes in a matter of weeks and it makes you a little sad inside. You might find yourself weeping over red wine and old baby albums.

7. Requests for, ‘a sponge pudding in a silver chocolate melted, creamy sauce’ after eating it at school happens. A lot. Shit.

8. You never seem to have enough school jumpers by Sunday so you bulk buy on Monday because ironing sucks.

9. You’re required to do homework with your kids which (disclaimer) is of course highly rewarding (as long as it’s not maths of course) but the sticking, photographing and documenting all the fun times (when you’re not actually doing homework) is ‘something else’. And it never ends. A bit like auditioning to be a Blue Peter presenter forever.

10. You, like your child get that sinking Sunday feeling because it’s all about to start again…

Good times.

Can you relate?

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44 Responses

  1. Carla

    Hi, just happened upon your site and enjoyed having a mooch around ๐Ÿ™‚ My youngest, also a 4 year old boy, started this year too and I miss having a bub at home. I relate to all your points-having a giggle at some-and have one to add: My family “Command Centre” (a pin board and whiteboard combo) now has 3 different school schedules which covers trips, parties, homework days (all different days), spelling test days (all different days), library days (got to remember to put those books in the bag on the right day!)after school activities (all at different venues-sigh mums taxi)…and as an after thought, my own activities fit somewhere! Oh and somewhere in there I try to blog! Thanks for an entertaining read…best I go do some work before school run again …

    • honestmum

      Thanks Carla, lovely you’ve found my blog, wow I need a pinboard and whiteboard in my kitchen, sounds like a great plan, thanks so much for the tip!

  2. Franglaise Mummy

    Can totally relate, and it doesn’t get any easier and you don’t get any better at it! We’re now onto Year 3 but what I’ve learnt is to fail miserably with my school mum friends and then we retreat to the pub together and laugh about it all. Hang on in there as it does all get so much better ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

  3. Kiddy Reviews

    Baby D has just started nursery and I am totally overwhelmed already. I’ve got a post going live on Monday about it. Glad I’m not alone… not so glad that it clearly doesn’t get any better! lol

    • honestmum

      Gosh nursery is tough-A has his trial again after hating it in November, school is getting easier, it’s just a big change x

  4. Jenny

    I love this Vicky, and not laughing but nodding along as I will soon be joining you next Sept with Buba starting school and I know this will happen all to me too. Not sure how I will cope with baby and running one to school. I hope I don’t fail but I seem to miss out on everything because we always seemt o be rushing and busy. lol Love the drawing and glad he is settling in. What a great post. Thank you ever so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

    • honestmum

      My pleasure Jenny, it’s a real juggling act but everyone has been assurring me it always feels like this at the start and things will get better, thanks for having me xx

  5. Kate

    Wow – so true. My eldest has just started school and I can so relate to all of the points you’ve listed!

  6. John Adams

    Relate to it massively. Having a child starting school is a huge leap for any family. I especially relate to No6. I also predict that by next year you’ll be writing your son’s name on his clothes in permanent marker! #brilliantblogposts

  7. Alex Allen

    This made me smile this morning, I can relate to the entire list. As to the labels I have discovered some which seem to stay on my sons clothes after several washes and the activities of a 5 year old boy puts his clothes through. They are from

  8. Suburban Mum

    Oh yes – I can so relate! Especially this new ironing routine that I have suddenly acquired which I hate. And don’t get me started on the name tags – they have pretty much all fallen off his socks!

    I am so ready for half term.

      • Suburban Mum

        I was told by a teacher friend to label socks as apparently they go missing all the time?! Parents evening this friday – am dying to find out more about what he gets up to at school I don’t know about you but I don’t get much info from mine.

      • honestmum

        Oh we loved Parent’s Evening, tried not to cry when his teacher said he was a credit to us and smart and caring. You will love it x

  9. Katie

    Ha ha am with you on lots of these – especially the labels, why don’t they sticks on damn them?!?!

    But waking up at 8.30?!? You are on your won there i’ve been up hours by then! How dare you! ๐Ÿ˜‰ xx

  10. Notmyyearoff

    Hehe yes I am sooo zonked and z ony does half days at preschool. I think the colder weather and snug mornings aren’t really helping are they? I can’t wait till we have a week off!

    • honestmum

      They really aren’t, this weather sucks-thank goodness we had sun over the weekend, need to start taking Vit D again too x

  11. Betty and the Bumps

    So, I have an 18 month old who goes to nursery one day a week which isn’t the same as being at school all week but, I would definitely add “forking out cash” to your list.

    I had a text saying Gwenn had made a Christmas card and if I filled in an order form I could have 12 reproductions made for ยฃ10 (which I obviously did) and the next day I got the info for the Christmas party tickets, the suggested donation for “spotty day” for Children in Need and also notice that professional photographers will be visiting in a fortnight to take “no obligation” pics (which I will obviously also buy!!!).

    They must love me because I am missing the “no” gene!!!


  12. Alison

    Just wait till they start secondary, eeek! The iron on labels that fall off still do though, I hate them! You will soon get into a routine

  13. Katie / Pouting In Heels

    Haha! This made me chuckle and slightly fearful of what I have to come in the future too! Such a milestone isn’t it? And my goodness, how amazing is that picture?! Utterly priceless.

    You’ll get there darling. And as someone who is married to a Deputy Head, I can tell you half term isn’t far off now! ๐Ÿ™‚ xxx

  14. Charlotte Oates

    You’ll figure it out and get into a routine (even if that routine involve quavers for breakfast! ๐Ÿ™‚ ), then you’ll find it all much easier.

    Don’t bothering ironing their school uniform, it looks crumpled within about 5 minutes of them playing in it anyway. I also use a fabric markers for labelling, I’ve tried sewing and ironing and both take ages – fabric marker is are done in a couple of minutes and it doesn’t come off.

    P.S. I find it funny that it doesn’t sound like you like maths and yet I have to answer a maths question to post this comment ๐Ÿ™‚

    • honestmum

      Ooh good idea, hate ironing! Haha yes not a fan of maths and my blog receives hacking attempts literally every second so only way to protect it along with all the security sessions IT guru of a husband has sorted hehe!

  15. Ebabee

    Ha, ha… but I can totally relate. First term of the first year of school was pure trauma. I began to wonder who was actually going to school – her or me?! But it does get better – well it doesn’t actually get better, you just get used to it and find a rhythm to manage it all. Becomes second nature I guess. So there is light… xx

  16. Kate

    3. Gets better with age. I send mine in now if I happen to drop them at school. Usually, however, I drop them at a walking bus the other end of a path away from school. I rarely get out of the car (although one day I WAS the walking bus and walked 7 children to school… )

    4. Don’t use labels, use stamps (or a sharpie) they don’t fall off and if they need repeating, it takes seconds to sort.

    And 8. I never iron school clothes. Mine have sweatshirts tho and we hang them up to dry, and they’re fine!

    And it definitely gets better but I can remember how relentless that first term felt. Winter term is the longest by far. My boy got more and more ratty, my girl just slowed right down because she was daydreaming all the time!

  17. My boys and me

    I love the bit about the school jumpers. I bulk bought school shirts this year and love the winter months as you can hide them under a jumper and no-one knows you didn’t iron them ๐Ÿ˜‰

  18. Hannah Mums' Days

    You’re right, I do love a list! But that’s a steep learning curve and it looks relentless!! But stick with it lovely, soon you’ll not even notice and get everything right on auto-pilot. You’re doing an amazing job, Vicki xxx Holidays in a couple of weeks!


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