Jennifer Aniston

Yes They’re Greek!

A bit of fun for the weekend my friends.

Jennifer Aniston

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I’m a British Greek Cypriot and my friends and I (especially the Greek ones, obvs) enjoy finding out who in the wonderful world of Film, TV and Music are also Greek. Yep we’re a little bit sad like that.

Here’s a list of all the Greekies you didn’t (or might not) know are Greek:

Jennifer Aniston. Previously Anistonapoulos (I wonder why she changed her name?) blames her apparently ‘bit butt and boobs’ on being Greek. I don’t see anything big about her do you? Apparently brought some plate smashing Greekness to her wedding with Brad. No doubt she wanted to smash aforementioned plates over his head when he met Angelina. Just saying.

Tina Fey-her Mum’s a Greek. Who knew? Not me until I googled ‘famous Greeks’. Genuis comedienne. All makes sense now.

Mena Suvari-another half Greek. Not sure what the Greeks ‘in the village’ made of American Beauty. They probably shrugged and shouted reassuringly to one another, ‘ she’s only HALF‘ Greek’.

Billy Zane previously Zanetakos. (Yep you can understand the abbreviations). Both parents are Greek. Has that broody, Greek, ‘hairy everywhere else, slightly bald thing’ going on. What, you not feeling that? Pourquoi?

Nicky Clarke hairdresser extraordinaire, goldy locks is also half Greek. Bet his family have hours of fun saying ‘let me touch your hair’ to one another ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ style.

Kelly Clarkson who said “I like my waist because it’s the smallest part of me! I do love my figure but I’m part Greek which means I’m curvy. I like wearing stuff that shows it off best.” Yeah blame your curves on being Greek (notice a pattern here?) Greeks and curves are best. Fact.

Peter Andre. An Australian Greek Cypriot singer everyone I know pledges to be related to!

Andy Serkis. Mama says he is definitely Greek and you don’t mess with Mama. Will have to get my people to speak to his people about potentially working together on my feature film. Would love that.

George Michel-superstar and British Greek Cypriot. My Uncle Andreas apparently was his English school teacher when he was a wee boy in London.

Maria Callas Operatic megastar was of course Greek. Respect.

Theo Paphitis. A lovely man, met him at the Cypriot Film Festival-now if only I could get him to invest in my films. Thank you, please.

BONUS Greek:

Demi Moore! Apparently this one is also of Greek origin too! Yay, another Greek superstar for the world!


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