yellow diamond ring

What girl doesn’t love diamonds? Beautiful, timeless and totally elegant, diamonds never go out of style and what’s more diamonds are favoured by woman of all ages. No wonder Elizabeth Taylor got married so many times! 8 weddings equals 8 diamond rings! Ooh lala!

I adore my own engagement ring, I kindly received an upgrade last year and had it reset into an art deco style setting and I adore it. It fits beautifully with my eternity ring, a present after the birth of my second son Alexander.

I’m lucky that my darling Mum gave me the most stunning sapphire and diamond bracelet to mark Xander’s birth. A present from my father to her, she was adamant she wanted it to be mine. With sapphires bright, light blue (the finest quality of sapphire, the darker, the less quality and value), I adore it.

Now onto some exciting news. As diamond is the birthstone of April, the wonderful Laings of Glasgow is kindly giving away an exciting free gift with every online purchase of their jewellery throughout the month to celebrate.

art deco style diamond engagement rings

Buying a diamond ring can be a daunting experience, but with over 175 years experience, Laings of Glasgow is one of the UK’s most prestigious jewellers and guarantee quality. Their collection of breathtaking jewels is hard to beat, making it the perfect place to find that all important engagement ring or birthday/anniversary present.

diamond engagement rings

They have a magnificent online selection of over 1000 exquisitely cut diamond engagement and dress rings and one of my favourites within the collection is the yellow diamond. Unusual and unique, it’s definitely worked its way onto my ‘wishlist’ (Hope you’re reading this Peter)!

yellow diamond in a white diamond setting

I think I might just pop over for a purchase myself. A girl can never have too many diamonds, right?



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10 Responses

  1. David Orozco

    Its crazy the difference in value diamonds can have just from little things about them. im always looking at diamond alternatives like zircon. i like this website

  2. larasruthi

    Looks lice they have every thing The best and top8 things in the world Top 8 biggest diamond in the world (

  3. Sarah

    I loved this post so much. I’m not even planning on going to Dubai or buying jewellery but I really enjoyed reading this. I have to admit I actually loved the first version of the ring but it is very flashy…

  4. Angela Waterford

    I’ve never really considered a yellow diamond, but seeing the pictures in this article are making me think twice about that! I could really see a yellow diamond being a great way to have a unique ring that other women won’t have. Do you know how yellow diamonds differ in price from regular diamonds?

  5. Katie

    You are right that buying a diamond ring is a daunting experience to those who do not know the right and trustworthy place. It is important to find the trustworthy jewellery store. How lucky you are with an art deco engagement ring. Stunning.


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