Vietnamese food-Honest Mum

World Cuisine at Trinity Kitchen

Trinity-Honest Mum

Last Sunday, the family and I braved the crazy winds and took shelter in the melting pot of restaurants that is Trinity Kitchen within the landmark Trinity Shopping Centre in Leeds…But before we even get there, I must share some pictures with my darling Dad, Papa G who was my date for the Trinity Kitchen’s 1st Birthday party the previous Thursday…

Papa G-Honest Mum

Not getting free evenings regularly to hang out (me: kids, him: the restaurants he oversees), I thought I’d take Papa G along with me to sample some food and champagne of course, at the 360 champagne and cocktail bar.

champagne bar-Honest MumWith brilliant live entertainment and dozens of restaurants and street food vans to dine from, we were spoiled for choice.

Tortilla-Honest Mum

Opting for Mexican at Tortilla, Dad tucked into a burrito, I a low carb chicken salad with guacamole and sala: fresh, flavoursome and HOT! If you don’t like heat, say no to those jalepenos (I love chilli but they were scorching)!

Burritto-Honest Mum

low carb Mexican salad-Honest Mum

Then we hit Carluccio’s close by on the top floor as Dad was craving vanilla ice cream and coffee.

It was such a  fun night hanging out with my Papa, who everyone has ever met, would agree, is one charismatic, smart, funny, larger than life kind of guy-a big kid really who I literally had to drag home in the end! Ha!

Now back to Sunday (you still with me?) for some more spectacular food…

Pho-Honest Mum

A family day out, where we combined some quick clothes and toy shopping with a New York meets Vietnamese meets Indian feast-from hot dogs and coke to Indian Rola Wala street food and soft whipped ice cream for afters for the kids-we went worldwide for our lunch and it was magnificent!

Diamond Dogs-Honest Mum

Hot Dog-Honest Mum

Alexander-Honest Mum

Oliver stealing Daddy’s coke for a sip-well it was a Sunday!

Hot Dogs-Honest Mum

Pho-Honest Mum

Peter and I shared delicate Vietnamese tiger prawns with vermicelli and steamed rice with fresh rice paper summer rolls stuffed with vegetables on the side.

Pho-Honest Mum

Vietnamese food-Honest Mum

Still hungry (we did share the Vietnamese brunch) Peter wandered over to rola wala, a success story of Trinty Kitchen, progressing from street van to shop floor and they’d only just opened that day!

The food vans at Trinity Kitchen are positioned next to the permanent restaurants there and rotate monthly, offering varied cuisine to Leeds, pop up tasters (literally) before moving on in their culinary journey- but in rola wala’s case, an opening arose when a permanent restaurant moved floors and off the back of their HUGE success as a street van they took the plunge and became a restaurant!

Rola Wala-Honest Mum

Good job too as these stunning 45 spice falafel naan rolls need to be accessible to the people of Leeds.

Epic Indian street food, rola wala serve up a feast of mostly fine meat fillings on the menu with sharp pickles, fresh salad and chutney all rolled up in soft naan bread ensuring your lunch is not only spicy but sensational too!

Falafel-Honest MumIf you haven’t been yet, head to Trinity Kitchen for a taste sensation multi-cultural party in your mouth! Amazing!

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