Working Out Your Mission


Bloggers talk a lot about feeling that you need a niche to succeed but I don’t believe that to be true. Factually, it’s been the opposite for me. I share all of my interests and loves on my blog.

Sure, stick to one theme/ topic if that makes you happy, I’m just liberating you (if indeed you feel remotely shackled), offering you a reminder that there are no rules here-that’s the beauty of owning a piece of the digital pie, you just need to bring yourself. Be you, folks!

So for example, let’s say you mostly stick to fashion but want to include food posts on your blog too, well you can. Think about the magazines you love, I bet most are varied and reflect a mix of opinion pieces with fashion features, beauty, travel and more and the reason you return is because of the voice, you share the magazine’s values and ethos.

Your blog and social media platforms are representative of you: your character. The fact they are so personal makes them relatable and interesting. You are the editor of your own material. You’re in control. Please don’t forget that. Write what you want to read. Heck, write what you want to write.

I have a simple rule here, if it excites me it gets published.

I focus on the issues and people that/who give my life meaning and offer value, and those life themes I cover, they change and evolve as I do the same. Blogs are live records, they are living and current and reflect the right now.

Vitally though, I have a mission, a wider goal that drives me every single day, both here on the blog and in life. I’m a communicator (I was a filmmaker pre-blogging and vlogging, making drama and social documentaries) and I love to share, to tell my story and that of others but my purpose in doing so is to hopefully touch or inspire others.

I take such pleasure in sharing what I know as a digital entrepreneur and creative (if I know something cool, transformative or useful, I want you to know it too) and I hope my blog and channels help others in life and business so they can feel as badass as possible. Why? Because I love nurturing, protecting and caring for others. I always have. It’s in.

I was maternal far before having kids.

I genuinely want to help others and not in a self-serving way either although helping others feels good, it takes you outside of yourself and brings the greatest of rewards: contentment.

I’m a sometimes (over) sharer (yay) and I find joy in seeing, and helping others succeed (who knows, maybe one day I’ll be a manager as well as a blogger)- I’ve helped people get book deals, coverage in the press, commissions, heck even husbands (true story) because that’s how I roll.

I feel so incredibly moved when I receive emails and messages from parents (I received one from a dad the other day) or meet readers in person who tell me that my work has inspired them to launch blogs, businesses or simply feel better about themselves. How can anything feel sweeter than that?

There’s enough room, success and money for all and if I can play even a freaking tiny part in helping others, particularly those who might have felt as low and broken as I did when I first started my own blog, then I’m one happy woman.

I love my good friend Jessica Huie MBE‘s wise words on the importance of a mission (she and Marie Forleo inspired this post),

‘Stand for something more than commerce. Have a mission, an underlying why which underpins your brand. The communicate this why to your audience. These value systems are part of the elixir which will enable you to both resonate and reach your tribe’.


It’s vital you know your mission, your goal. To have something that will serve and nourish you so you can endure creatively and spiritually in whatever work you do. To keep you on track, to pull you out of self-doubt and to witness in real time the positive effect you can have on others.

When you feel yourself worrying about your own self-worth and place in the (digital) world, turn it around and ask yourself what your goal is, what you stand for and how you hope to affect your reader and viewer. The effect you hope to have on them. Then, keep that in mind with every post and video you write and make.

It really is that simple. And powerful.


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Working Out Your Mission - Honest Mum



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