father and daughter boxing

My Dad or Papa G those who follow me on here, over on FB or YouTube will know him as, is a real character. Charismatic, funny, smart, silly, people always gravitate towards him and he’s taught me a lot about business, being an entrepreneur himself.

He’s also taught me a lot about food and cooking being a multi-award winning chef. You might have seen us cooking together on Facebook Live or over on my YT channel-the guy’s got skills!

It always warms my heart when I read your lovely comments about him too. So many of you love him as much as we do!

Now his passion for food has certainly rubbed off on me and whilst he’s taught me a lot in life in the kitchen and generally, recently it was my time to return the favour and teach him a few things as I set up a work-out session for us both where I showed him hoe to box and do some weights using a kettlebell, both things he’d never tried before.

He goes to the gym twice a week but only uses the machines there, so this was a chance to show him other ways to work out.

Oh and to have a laugh whilst we were at it. Sport should be fun, right?!

And it was all part of an exciting new campaign.

Dad lifting weights

WE100 is a new global initiative from Merck Consumer Health that aims to prepare society to live 100 healthy years.

WE100 hopes to inspire people of all ages to try something new for the first time, and in doing so, support their mental and physical health into old age. They believe that consistently trying new things aids longevity.

I’m from a long line of family members who have lived to a ripe old age with my Great-Great-Grandmother living until she was a whopping 110 (Dad says some relatives say 108) but either way, hello and WOW! My Great-Grandmother was 92 when she died and my own Grandma was 96. All amazing, fearless, intelligent and loving women who had pretty great innings.

I was very close to my Grandma Vikentia, below (I’m named after her) and fondly remember her hilariously telling me that her job was to worry about her grandchildren and children, worrying was ironically her main concern. She was tiny in stature yet was incredibly strong by nature and she was one of the most caring people you could hope to meet. I loved taking Oliver at 6 months over to Cyprus to meet her and I miss her everyday. Just looking at this photo makes me cry as I ache to hug her and kiss her rose scented cheeks (he used rosewater as a toner).

Greek Grandma and grandchild

My Dad is so like her (he has such a huge heart) and I’m sure he’ll touch wood, live a long life as she did, too.

So back to the session…After a quick warm-up and run, we had a boxing session and did some weights which really saw Dad get into the swing of things (literally)!

You could have been a contender Papa G!

He loved every minute working out and I actually can’t believe it’s the first time we’ve had a session together. We’ve pledged to go for a run together again soon so not only did this campaign help him Papa G try something new but it’s also encouraged us to exercise together and keep each other on track when it comes to fitness.

lifting weights

Dad felt energised after the session and said that he hopes this post and our video encourages others to try something new like he has.

Growth really does come at the end of your comfort zone and it was touching to see Dad enjoy something he’d never even thought of trying before. He thought boxing was for the ‘young people’. Well, you proved it certainly isn’t Dad!

Check out the video I made to see what we got up to:

If you want to get some more inspiration to help encourage your own folks to try something new then please head to www.facebook.com/WE100.

This is a sponsored campaign.

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Working Out With My Dad, Papa G!

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15 Responses

  1. Michelle Reeves

    Wow, your family is very long-lived – great genes clearly! So lovely to see the photo of your grandmother and what a fun video of you and Papa G – Rocky eat your heart out 🙂 Seriously though what an inspiring campaign and so great to get people out of their comfort zones and trying something new. Well done guys, awesome x

    • Honest Mum

      Thanks Michelle, miss Yiyaia Vikentia every day. It’s vital to keep trying new things huh, therein lies the growth x

  2. your DIY family

    What a great initiative – you’re never too old to try something new and I think trying new things is exactly what keeps you young. And Papa G is as adorable as ever! What a sweet video of you two. xx
    your DIY family recently posted…6 diy’s that will take your bedroom from drab to fabMy Profile

  3. Susanna

    I love this new initiative to get people of all
    ages active. In my yoga class most of the participants are over 70 and are more flexible than me ! They put me to shame. One lady can do the splits ! I need to work out more ! Haha. Your dad looks amazing. And your grandma looks so caring and beautiful. I’m sorry you miss her so much. Family are everything. x
    Susanna recently posted…Empty Nest Syndrome – Does It Exist ?My Profile

    • Honest Mum

      Thank you darling Susanna, I miss her lots. How amazing about your yoga class, I can do the splits too, hope I will still be able to in old age x

  4. John Adams

    Well this, for me, makes for very interesting reading. In a former life, my job was to highlight pensioner poverty. An issue that kept coming up was how actuaries have, for years, underestimated how long we’re all going to live. Someone who is 30 year old today should prepare to live until at least 100. In other words, this is a great campaign! We have all got to prepare to live longer and that means looking after our health. Great to see dad and daughter working out together too. I shall check out the video when I get the chance.
    John Adams recently posted…Headphones for parents: Introducing the August EP650CB & EP750BMy Profile

    • Honest Mum

      Absolutely John and what a fascinating job you had. It’s vital we value our lives and work towards the best mental and physical health. Such a joy to be part of this campaign x

  5. Sharmin

    Your dad looks so well for his age, you can tell he exercises out and how fun you worked out together!! This is a great initiative. Love the video 😉 X

  6. Colette

    Great work guys! What a fantastic initiative. I often say to my clients and family that I fully intend to live to 100, why not? But it’s important that those 100 years are spent healthy so I can enjoy every moment.
    What I love about this post is the encouragement you have given your dad. Like you say he is active and goes to the gym, and you have a PT too but sometimes it’s just about getting outside and having fun. And if you can do that with your kids (no matter what age as your dad has shown!) then all the better.
    Many of my clients have school age children and the subject of child care comes when they are booking their sessions. I tell them “no problem!”. The gym I work out of encourages families. And whilst my clients bring their kids armed with iPhones and books, by the end of the session the children are far from the side lines and I will have them joining in, and with homework set so they can continue the fun at home!
    Working out and the gym shouldn’t be a scary place that mum goes to and comes back looking wrecked, but a place and thing to be enjoyed together. And think beyond just a bike ride or a walk. Get some balls out, just trees as sprint markers and organise raises. Set squat jump challenges against siblings and see how many burpees you can all do! Much fun!

    • Honest Mum

      Love this comment Colette and means a lot coming from you, a fitness trainer and expert. We had so much fun together and that’s it, isn’t it trying new things, stretching ourselves, at whatever age and enjoying it. Thank you for your words of encouragement x

  7. Joana at Mind The Mummy

    This is fab! It sounds like an ace initiative but above all, whoa to your dad!! He looks like he’s in good shape already and THAT SKIN? What is he doing to it, spill the secrets! He looks amazing and will no doubt be getting into even better shape with this programme 🙂 I’ll definitely be checking this out and giving my Dad who is 66 some tips. He’s a real couch potato!

    • Honest Mum

      Haha he does eat well and exercises and he laughs a lot. He’s such a strong man in so many ways. Aw def show your Dad and thanks for your lovely words x


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