You Won’t Believe The Natural Ingredient I Use In my Beauty Routine


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I’ve noticed an influx of questions regarding my skin lately, so I thought I’d share with you what I’ve been using… And I think it might just surprise you.

First up though I’ll provide some context to my olive complexion as my Greek Cypriot heritage has meant my entire family pretty much have the most amazingly soft and supple skin. I have my ancestors to thank that… So much so that my late grandmother and namesake Vikentia died at 96 sans a single wrinkle, thanks in part to a healthy Mediterranean diet but also her genetic make-up, something I’ve benefited from on both sides of my parents too.

Look, my skin is far from perfect, there are small frown lines on my forehead and I get hormonal spots but at 37, most people guess I’m 10 years younger (thanks y’all) so I thought I’d share some of skincare secrets with you, including the natural ingredient I use in my beauty routine I can’t live without!

I’m not done with the contextualising just yet though (sorry for the suspense) but I need to explain why I sought out alternative skin care solutions…Last year, I noticed a small square shaped scar on the tip of my nose which most people stated they couldn’t see but which bugged the hell out of me. It appeared overnight and despite my initial hopes it would simply disappear on its own, it didn’t.

At first, I simply continued with my usual skincare routine of cleansing with Garnier Micellar Water (I still use) and Nivea day cream but I decided to switch things up and take action on it a few weeks ago and gave OLIVE OIL yes EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL a whirl to see if it might help nourish and in turn, eradicate the scar in the way BIO Oil can with stretch marks and the like. Within the first week of rubbing the oil in (just a few drops morning and night, the scar started to disappear (it’s very faint now) and my whole face looks brighter too.

I’ve also taken to using the olive oil as an all-round moisturiser on my combination skin and I LOVE it.

I have combination skin so have no idea how you’ll each individually respond to Olive Oil until you try it for yourself but my face absorbs it quickly so it’s non greasy (I even did a photo shoot last week with olive oil as my moisturiser) and after the initial rub-in, you can’t smell it either (I quite like the smell of olives anyway but in case you don’t).

Replenishing, nourishing and Mother Nature’s gift to skin and limb! Bursting with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, what could be better?

So there you have it, the olive oil you put IN your body is also great ON your body. Many mums will already know this is if they took Baby Massage class where you rub olive oil into baby’s body to soothe…And I’m going to start using it on my body and stretch marks too.

The skin is the largest organ of the body so why not nourish it from the outside in as well as inside out. I honestly can’t recommend it enough!

Let me know if you try it, won’t you?!


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You Won't Believe The Natural Ingredient I Use In my Beauty Routine - Honest Mum





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