Hazel Davis
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Wonderful Women Wednesday-The Interview with Writer Hazel Davis

 Hazel Davis

Hazel Davis is a freelance writer living in beautiful West Yorkshire with her partner Bob and daughters Clementine and Gilda, 19 months and three months respectively. Hazel writes for a variety of newspapers and magazines including the Guardian, Daily Telegraph, Financial Times, Billboard and more.

She tends to write about music, HR, careers and social issues, but has been known to write about sluice rooms and tyres. If it needs words, she’ll basically give it a go.

Describe a typical day for you?
There just isn’t one at the moment. I am juggling working more or less full time with motherhood (my partner does most of the childcare) and we’re still figuring out how it works! I get up later than I’d like at the moment as I am a natural early bird but I have to get my zzzs where I can at the moment. But if I’m not out on a job, after feeding babies I will get to my desk by at least 9 and do a quick sweep of social media sites, the newspapers and my emails before getting down to writing. I might also send a few pitches based on the day’s news. Sometimes I go out and work in a cafe, depending on the day. Currently I am working on a business round-up book so I am immersed in that at the moment. If I am working from home I’ll stop for lunch and play with the babies and then back upstairs. I am getting better at having breaks these days as there are people to play with!! I tend to stop at dinner time, depending on the day but I frequently work till late if I am on a deadline.

What do you feel are your biggest achievements?Work-wise? No idea. Maybe simply deciding and realising that this was what I wanted to do (I was doing a PhD before and intended to go down the academic route. It wasn’t for me and I gave it up. Best decision ever). Life-wise, my two beautiful children, of course.

What’s in your handbag?
I never have one but I usually have my laptop bag with me and it always has several books, making it really heavy, along with lipstick and baby wipes. The essentials.

What are your ambitions in life?
Gosh. I feel in some ways that I am where I want to be, professionally. I’d like to get some fiction published, maybe, or a play, but I don’t actually know if I have it in me. I’d REALLY REALLY like to have a piece published in the New Yorker or Granta. In life, I’d like to convert our cellar….

Where do you see yourself in five years time?
Hopefully still doing this!! Still living where I live now. But with fewer bags under my eyes…

What advice would you give a budding journalist?
Develop a thick skin, don’t be precious about your writing and never turn work down, unless it’s for a really good reason. No time isn’t a good enough reason.

Finally, happiness is…
Singing Tallis, a flat white and a good book, friends for lunch, having blusher applied by a toddler.

Hazel’s website: www.hazeldavis.co.uk, Twitter @hazedavis.

Photograph© Hazel Davis

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