Interview with Kids’ Style & Design Blogger Nomita Vaish-Taylor


Interview with Kids’ Style & Design Blogger Nomita Vaish-Taylor.

Nomita is from India but grew up in Prague, Hong-Kong, London, New York, Delhi and Mumbai.  An ex-advertising girl turned full time mum and blogger, Nomita now lives in London with her husband and daughter.

She is very passionate about beautiful design and writes a blog about non-mainstream style and design for kids.

Describe a typical day for you?
The 3 days a week that my daughter goes to nursery – it’s a mad rush every morning to try and leave on time (timekeeping isn’t one of my virtues!). Once I’m back I work – blog, research posts, answer emails and a bit of social media. At 3pm it’s nursery pick-up time and after it’s usually a play date or a trip to the park or something to keep the kiddo entertained. Then it’s home time and cooking time.

Food is a big and very important part of my husband’s and my life and we like to eat well everyday. So that means cooking which I love to do and spend many evenings doing. After Anya’s been fed, bathed and put to bed, my husband usually gets home and we catch up on our day and eat a meal together. To unwind and switch-off, I’m partial to an hour of TV and then a bit more research for the blog.

On non-nursery days, I need to find time for my blog which is a must do but other than that it’s time spent one on one with Anya and anything else we may fancy. We’re both partial to a shopping trip so often find ourselves doing just that or else meeting up with friends or even (very) occasionally we may indulge in a pyjama day!

What do you feel are your biggest achievements?
I’m sure I’m not the first to say this and won’t be the last but its got to be having my daughter. My marriage is another and my blog too especially as I was chosen as a Babble top 50 Mom design blog.

What’s in your handbag?
I used to carry half my house in my bag but have considerably reduced my baggage due to shoulder problems. Now it’s just essentials like wallet, keys, oyster card, lip balm, hand cream, coloured pencils and always sunglasses (yes, even on grey, wet, wintery days because I live in hope!)

What advice would you give your pre baby self that you now know having had children?

I thought certain life experiences that are very important to me (traveling the less beaten path, experiencing a wide range of cuisines etc) would be seriously curtailed or even come to an end post baby.

But I was so wrong. I am doing everything I would have done pre-baby but in a slightly different way. I still travel to far off places (14 hour + flights and all) but now the excitement doesn’t just come from discovering a new part of the world.

It comes as much from watching my daughter discover it from her perspective and from sharing the these new experiences with her. It also comes from the little things like watching her pack her carry-on case (with the most ridiculous things!) and hearing her version of what she did on our travels when she comes back.

Traveling and experiencing new things has become even more special in a way that I never imagined possible.

What are your ambitions in life?
To show my daughter the world, to expose her to as many cultures and cuisines as possible. To give her the best possible education I can and to be the best mother and wife I can be. Professionally, I love blogging and I have a lot of ideas for growing my blog further which is what I plan to focus on once my daughter is at school.

Where do you see yourself in five years time?
I was once asked this in an interview for an advertising job I really wanted.  I realised I could give them the predictable, corporate reply along the lines of ‘I want to be a director heading x-accounts’ or I could answer from the heart. I chose to go with my heart saying I believe in fluidity, being open to ideas and opportunities so who knows where I will be (must’ve worked because I got the job). And I think my answer is still the same. I have lots of dreams and ideas so who knows where I might be in 5 years time.

What advice would you give a budding blogger?
Be yourself. Let your personality come through on your blog because after all, there is only one you and that is how you will stand out from the crowd.

Finally, happiness is…
An abundant table of home cooked food to be enjoyed with close friends and family with lots of laughter and maybe even some tears as you reminisce over all the good times and just revel in spending time together.

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