Sarah Cawood

Interview with Broadcaster Sarah Cawood

Sarah Cawood

Sarah Cawood is a broadcaster, blogger, mum and now mum to be again! Most recently, she’s been on Heart Breakfast Shows all over the country and can seen reviewing the papers on Sky Sunrise occasionally too!

Describe a typical day for you?

I’m pretty much a stay at home freelancing mummy! I have no childcare and no family nearby so my days are taken up with looking after my little boy! Up at 8am (Daddy takes care of breakfast!) then I entertain him ’til his nap between 9am and 10am. While he sleeps, I shower, dress, make the bed, tidy, clean what needs cleaning, get a wash on, have breakfast myself, make phonecalls that need making and do some emails. If I get time, I peruse Twitter and Facebook but am trying to limit that as I have no time for procrastinating these days;).

Then I get Hunter up, dressed, play with him, give him lunch (he likes to feed himself so lunch can be a messy and leisurely affair!), then I try and do more housework while he plays. He has a shorter nap about 2ish then when he wakes up, I either take him to friends for coffee and socialising, or down to the park if it’s not a rainy day or to a baby class if I can find one.

Most of them are in the morning though, when he is napping:(. Dinner is at 5pm. Bath at 6pm and bedtime is after In The Night Garden at 7pm. Then I tidy the flat, make dinner ready for Andy getting home. We then eat and collapse for a couple of hours before bed at 10/11ish. The glamour never stops;).

What do you feel are your biggest achievements?

At the moment, getting through the day, making dinner and keeping the flat clean and tidy are my biggest achievements but prior to that, I think being a part of the nineties cultural zeitgeist on The Girlie Show was a highlight. I like to think that I have been a great friend too, a good wife and over time, a great Mummy. It’s harder than it looks!

What’s in your handbag?
At the moment: purse, chewing gum, empty ink cartridges (I keep forgetting to recycle them!) baby wipes, antiseptic wipes, phone, snacks from Graze (as I still feel nauseous with any number 2), pen and lip balm.
What are your ambitions in life?

I would like to get back on TV, or start a new career in another area of broadcasting. I would love to make my blog into a better blog and then maybe a book. But ultimately, I want to be a good wife and mummy and raise my children to be polite, humble, gracious and lovely:-).

Where do you see yourself in five years time?

On the radio. Living outside of London, thinking about how we are going to decorate the living room;).

What advice would you give a budding broadcaster/TV presenter?

Don’t give up! If you are any good, eventually, talent will prevail. Knock on doors, bother people, use Twitter as much as possible and over all, be nice. I can’t tell you how many dick heads there are populating TV. Rise above their egocentric nonsense and don’t sink to their levels if you make it big!

Finally, happiness is…
A happy baby:-). When he smiles at me, my whole world lights up with him. I hope he’s always a happy boy, at least then I will feel like I did a good job of raising him.

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Photograph credit Retts Wood-©Sarah Cawood.

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