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Mirka was born and raised in the Czech Republic, and still had a chance to experience the old communist regime. She was just 14 when the Velvet Revolution happened and was able to start studying English which has had a massive influence on her life.

Mirka lived in the UK to improve her English and after returning to the Czech Republic, she studied at the West Bohemian University to become an English teacher. She taught English at a secondary school for a few years but as travelling is one of her biggest passions, she soon left for Sydney, Australia, spending 5 wonderful years living and travelling around Oz and that’s where she met her English husband.

These days they live in London and Mirka is a full time mum of two and blogger and social media addict and expert, trying to raise her two daughters bilingually!

Describe a typical day for you?

Every morning I wake up to our year old Olivia asking for milk, and soon her older 6 year old sister Isabelle demands some breakfast too. Then it is a huge rush getting everyone ready for the school run. These past few months have meant most mornings  after the school run are spent at our local leisure centre, as I was training for a swimathon, while my baby was looked after at the crèche there.

A quick lunch and a bit of time for mummy while Olivia naps after lunch, then  school pick up time and Isabelle’s after school activities. Sometimes I feel my second profession is being a taxi driver to my daughters! Later on, dinner, bath time, and in the evening I love watching Czech soap operas. That is my way of keeping in touch with my country… aside from flying there very often to see my family and friends!

What are your biggest achievements?

Finishing my university degree in the Czech Republic and achieving a MA in teaching English at Secondary Schools. I love teaching and miss it these days. Another of my proudest moments would definitely be running through the finishing line when taking part in the famous London Marathon in 2011.

I am a very sporty person and always need a challenge, just a few days I completed a Swimathon, and swam 5km for my dad. I have been trying to raise £500 for Marie Currie Charity to help people who are suffering with cancer like my poor dad. You can still sponsor me! Thank you if you do! I am also honoured to be one of five finalists in the MADS Best Baby blogging category, all my hard work is paying off.

What’s in your handbag?

It isn’t a handbag, I had to swap it for a Marc Jacobs’ designer changing bag, which I got for Xmas from my hubby before our second daughter was born just over a year ago. So you will find 2 nappies, wet wipes (cannot imagine my life without wet wipes…), Organix Carrot cake soft oaty bar, a soft spoon, a long sleeved wonder bib, Tic Tac mints, Maxfactor lip gloss in a natural colour, a hairbrush, my Diesel sunglasses and a bottle of water!

What are your ambitions in life?

I have been blogging for over 4 years now, and I love it. My dream would be to become a full time professional blogger, maybe for some parenting website or a well known company and get paid for it. I would also love to run another marathon soon.

Where do you see yourself in 5 year’s time?

 I think if all goes well, I will be working as a blogger and social media advisor and making loads of money!

What advice would you give to a budding blogger?

I think one of my tips would be to be yourself and write from your heart. I would also recommend not getting upset if people leave negative comments on your blog. I used to let it get to me a lot but  it isn’t worth it. It’s often down to envy!

Finally happiness is…

the last few months have been very difficult for me as my dad is very ill and I have had to accept the worst thing any daughter could, that he is dying. This means it isn’t easy for me to be happy but when I look at my two gorgeous daughters playing together, seeing them happy and healthy, I feel happy too.

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