Maria is a Chilean raised in the US with a six year stint in the UK (she was a mum before becoming a mom!) She lives in the Washington D.C. area with her husband and two children; a four year old son and three month old daughter.

She is a PR by profession and started blogging in 2010 with her first blog Mummy’s Busy World (written from her son’s point of view) and then launching her second and main blog Very Busy Mama focusing on beauty and style for moms. She also writes for Disney Baby, Spanglish Baby and LatinaMom.Me.

Describe a typical day for you?

I’m not sure when my day ends and when it begins! With a three month old you never know when she will sleep or wake. I’m still in the early stages, but my day will start around 7.30am with a morning feed and up to get the four year old his breakfast. Then if we have nothing planned, I may head back to bed for a cuddle and be up by 9.00am or so. After that it varies day to day…some days it’s off to the park or meeting with a friend or visiting with Grandpa. I’m bad with routines, but I try to have at least one activity a day.

What do you feel are your biggest achievements?

Surviving motherhood! No really, this is tough stuff and I feel I am constantly struggling, so every time I conquer another phase I feel proud. Aside from that, one of my other achievements is running the London Marathon in 2011.

What’s in your handbag?

What ISN’T in my bag? 🙂 With a newborn things have changed again so I sort of carry everything in there. Wipes, nappies, dummies, snacks, my wallet, keys, iPhone and my planner/diary. Even though I use the one on my phone, I still like to cross things off my to-do list.

What are your ambitions in life?

I think these have changed throughout the years, but in the end I want to be happy. As simple as it sounds, I want a good happy marriage, to raise happy children and live a life knowing that I have built a happy and stable home.

Where do you see yourself in five years time?

Most likely with a third child. My husband would like to live outside of the US again, so possibly going back to the UK. We love it, so the possibility exists 🙂 I’d like to have written a book and made a proper name for myself be it with blogging or otherwise.

What advice would you give a budding  blogger/writer?

General advice – go with the flow. Sometimes things do not turn out as planned, and when that happens the best is to work with what you have. If you focus on what didn’t go right you will just lose time — best to get on with it and work with your new reality :).

Advice for bloggers: love your craft. Hone your craft. It takes years to establish yourself and find your path (sorry didn’t mean to rhyme!) and don’t force yourself to do something if your heart isn’t in it – so you don’t want to blog for a month? Then don’t! Take a break then come back, but don’t fill your site with rubbish just because. Readers will fall out of touch with you.

Finally happiness is… having the strength to face the difficult times without ending up in a straight jacket and knowing that my kids and husband love me. That simple.

I’m continuing to write about budget friendly fashion and style for busy mamas at and sharing all things baby at Disney Baby — very excited to be working with the MOUSE!
Twitter: @verybusymama
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10 Responses

    • honestmum

      @Alexandra Bridger ooh we lived in Bristol for a while too, fab place! I’m really looking forward to meeting Maria!

  1. Mirka Moore @Kahanka

    Some great advice for bloggers. I miss you Maria so muc. She is one fo the first bloggers I met in person, and we did a few things together…like running the London Marathon back in 2011. Shame you left London, hope to see you soon xxx

  2. Maria @verybusymama

    UJU my mama for life thank you for the kind words! I miss my UK crew too. Believe me, it’s taken OVER a year to get myself back to the swing of things in the US.

    Vicki, THANK YOU so much for featuring me and please forgive my lateness. I swear I am all over the place and can only really sit down and focus on writing and responding AFTER 9pm and then you and I have a 5 hour difference. DOH!

    • honestmum

      @Maria ooh don’t be silly, you are a superwoman and it is such a pleasure having you! Would love to meet you x

  3. Babes about Town @Babesabouttown

    Aww she came right out and said it… I see you with baby number 3. And I also see you back in London, rocking it with your old crew. We’re waiting for you!

    Great advice for new bloggers and listen up, peeps, because she knows her stuff from the inside out. All around excellent chica and a lovely interview xoxo


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