Manjinder Virk

Wonderful Women Wednesday-The Interview: Actress & Filmmaker Manjinder Virk

Today is the premier of a new weekly feature on the blog: Wonderful Women Wednesday-The Interview, where questions will be asked of simply awe inspiring women from all walks of life to inform, inspire and entertain.

Award winning Actress (BAFTA nominated- The Arbor, BAFTA winning – Britz), Writer (Acclaimed One Woman show, Autobiography of a Face) Director (Short film, FORGIVE) & Mother of one, Manjinder Virk is my first interviewee… Enjoy!

Manjinder Virk

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Manjinder on the red carpet at the London Critics Circle Film Awards 2011 where the feature fim she starred in The Arbor was nominated for 4 awards.

Describe a typical day for you?
My days are so different depending on if I’m working/what I am working on or if I’m with my daughter. If I’m with my daughter it’s all about her. We hang out, go to music groups, museums, libraries and the odd afternoon tea!

At the moment I’m working on finishing my second short film, OUT OF DARKNESS, (with a brilliant cast including Tom Hiddleston & Riz Ahmed) so a lot of my time is in the edit. My editor Lou Macgregor is also a mum so we usually work from 9-5pm, pretty much non- stop as we both know how valuable our time is.

I recently performed in REDCROSSE (RSC), in Coventry Cathedral, my home town. My daughter watched me perform for the first time. I was so impressed she sat through an hour of verse. Even though she said her favourite part was, “Clapping at the end”.

What do you feel are your biggest achievements?
In life, it’s my daughter, she is 3 now and her capacity to discover, love & have fun is contagious.  In work I am still going for bigger achievements, it keeps me going. Getting towards the end of OUT OF DARKNESS is quite an achievement. But I don’t want to jinx it as I’m still in post production! I felt very proud to have been nominated for Best actress & newcomer at The British Independent Awards for THE ARBOR…and when BRITZ (Manjinder played the lead role of a suicide bomber) won a BAFTA, it was quite cool standing on stage and seeing Judi Dench in the audience!

What’s in your handbag/satchel?
A William Morris notebook, another random notebook, WHSmith diary, felt tips, pen, MAC red lippy, umbrella, ear phones, “Until Further Notice I Am Alive” by Tom Lubbock, headbands, lollipop, IPhone, purse, keys, photo of my daughter, Charlie & Lola stickers!

What advice would you give your pre baby self that you now know having had a child?
The best is yet to come and the love you feel is overwhelming…But it comes with a lifetime of worry.

What are your ambitions in life?
Simple things like creating a happy & healthy environment for my family & security for the future.
If it was specific to work I’d say to continue making and being part of work I am proud of that challenges and excites me. To work with people who are committed to telling great stories.To keep travelling and see the world.

Where do you see yourself in five years time?
With my family and continuing to realise those ambitions above..

Finally, happiness is…
Being with my daughter & husband. Quite simply, the best and most precious of times.

You can follow the progress of OUT OF DARKNESS @HundredsofSouls and Manjinder @Manjinder_Virk

Agent: Hamilton Hodell Talent Management.

Manjinder’s short film Forgive below:

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