Claire Stubbings

Mummy, wife and part time GP, Claire teaches communication skills to undergraduate medical students and is a GP liaison for Accident & Emergency. Life is busy but fun!

Describe a typical day for you?
I get up at 0630. Get myself & the wee one ready. I get into the practice just after 8am. I read my 30-50 pieces mail which consists of results, clinic letters, reports etc. I usually start surgery at 0850, 13 patients later and it’s coffee time.I’m usually on call from 11am and and 1pm. I have a quick coffee catch up with colleagues, sign the 1st batch of prescriptions and then divide up our home visits.

I might also do the ward at the community hospital. When you’re on call you also have to do any emergency visits or see urgent patients. I also have to deal with any medication queries or phone calls from patients looking for advice etc.

When I get back I do any outstanding tasks from the morning e.g.  referrals any phone calls. I eat lunch at my desk. In the afternoon I have two 1 hour surgeries with an hour in call between. More prescriptions & medication reviews.

I do any paperwork that’s generated from surgery during my on call. I usually get home at about 7pm, just in time for story time and tucking in. On occasion I have to head back out either to work or to attend a practice or educational meeting.

What do you feel are your biggest achievements?
My biggest achievement is having our son (does everyone say that?). That’s probably followed by going back to med school as a “mature student” at the grand old age of 23!

What’s in your handbag?
Clinique lipgloss (it’s ancient and smells a bit but they don’t make the colour anymore). Creme de la mer lip balm.
Best. Lip balm. Ever. That’s survived a full wash cycle in the washing machine. Lots and lots of paper. A folder. iPhone. Charger. The remnants of a tea bag that burst some time ago. Purse. Pen. Sometimes an iPad. Sunglasses.

What are your ambitions in life?
To show our son the world. Be the best parent & wife I can be. To stop worrying so much. Work wise I have no idea…I’m what you call a portfolio GP I teach undergrads and other stuff. I guess I’d maybe like to get more involved in non clinical work. Until I have the time I’m not sure exactly.

Where do you see yourself in five years time?
Ruling the world of academic general practice?

Finally, happiness is…
Being with the ones I love most.


Photograph ©Claire Stubbings.
Twitter: @Mummydoc1



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