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Emma Forbes is a TV Presenter who is currently producing a podcast @thelifestylenewshound with stylist Gemma Sheppard which is available on iTunes, Google and are on British Airways on all their global flights.

Emma and Gemma met a few years ago when she helped style her and get her mojo back at a time when she felt she had lost it style wise!! They are great friends and the podcast is an extension of that: two friends having a conversation with inspiring people!! I live between London and America.

I was honoured to be interviewed on The Lifestyle News Hound podcast the other week and you can listen to it HERE.

Describe a typical day for you?

A typical day for me is getting out of bed, have to have breakfast (can never miss it or am extremely grumpy…) and then will do some sort of gym/exercise – power walking on treadmill, alternating days of what I do – then I tend to do all my emails/phone calls and get them out of the way…I don’t really have a typical day as my routine is always different depending on work – am never a lady who lunches – so I tend to try to do meetings at home over a bowl of soup or salad…and I always have a to-do list on the go of what I need to get done…and as I cross one thing off…I add another?! Evenings – I tend to cook dinner, love eating at home, catching up with my son and daughter’s news via FaceTime wherever they are…and then a day debrief with my husband!!!


What do you feel are your biggest achievements?

My biggest achievements – are definitely my marriage and two kids. 30 years of happy marriage and two children who are happy, healthy and wiser than I am or ever was!!!


What’s in your handbag?

What’s in my handbag makes people laugh – I have a medicine bag and am equipped for almost anything – no joke – everyone laughs about it – but trust me people use it – I have everything for any eventuality from heartburn to allergies and throat sweets….lip gloss of some colour and description, my favourite Charlotte Tilbury eye palette, wallet, keys, a snack of some description (normally almonds) and a pair of glasses….


What are your ambitions in life?

To try to make this next phase of my life another exciting chapter – I would love to get onto American TV…I would love to spend more time in the States and to spend more time with my husband now my kids are grown…..and I am more conscious than ever to make staying healthy a major ambition – does that count?!


What do you wish you’d known at the start of your career?

What I wish I’d known at the start of my career that I know now is just how replaceable I am…I think I thought that I could take time off and return to it as I had the skill….but you realise in the TV world – out of sight, out of mind…I wish someone had told me that!!


Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

In 5 years time I see myself living in America…..definitely somewhere with more sunshine, my husband and I having more down-time together ….ideally having a life where they come home with boyfriends/girlfriends and I am still the hang-out place of choice…and my career….well I would LOVE to be on a daytime USA network show. ….


What advice would you give a budding presenter?

Get a tough skin….get ready to ride the rollercoaster of highs and lows – and not take it personally – but never ever lose sight of your dream! Also to always be lovely to everyone on the way ‘up’ – it pays off!


What do you wish you’d known about motherhood before having kids?

Hmmm…tough one. I didn’t realise what ‘real’ sleep deprivation was…..bigger kids = bigger things to deal with? That I would never really ‘sleep’ again in the same way where you switch off your mind and in my case my phone…but equally I don’t think anyone told me just the overwhelming love I would feel – it was and is beyond anything I every dreamt!!


Finally, happiness is…

Happiness is….my family – the dream happy is all four of us under one roof on a lovely sunny holiday together….I sleep like a baby!! …


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  1. Carol Cameleon

    I’ve got so much respect for Emma Forbes. I remember from Blue Peter I think (or something with Philip Schofield anyway!) and I always remember her bubbly personality!
    Carol Cameleon recently posted…Time for a dose of happiness in #HighlightsofHappy blog linky #52 ~ because life’s for the good stuffMy Profile

  2. Mirka Moore @Kahanka

    Really enjoyed reading this inspiring interview! Love the fact Emma considers her marriage and kids her biggest achievements in life x
    Mirka Moore @Kahanka recently posted…Inner Beauty: The Hidden Power of FlowersMy Profile


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