Luci McQuitty Hindmarsh

Interview with Marketing Consultant & Blogger Luci McQuitty Hindmarsh

Luci McQuitty Hindmarsh


Luci runs the parenting and lifestyle blog Mother.Wife.Me. She is married to a businessman husband, they have a 3.5yr year old daughter and live in Hackney. Luci started out her working life in the fashion department of a magazine and ended her employed career as a beauty PR.

She is now resolutely a work-at-home-mum, who manages to fit marketing consultancy and blogging around looking after her daughter.

Describe a typical day for you?

My day pretty much always starts with cuddles in bed with my 3.5yr old daughter – and my husband if he hasn’t already jumped ship to head to work.

If I’ve got a lot of work on I’ll do half an hour or so before getting my daughter ready for nursery. Her new nursery is about a ten second walk from the house at most, so once she’s happily ensconced there my working day – or morning – begins.

I’ve trained myself (OK, it wasn’t hard) to leave clearing breakfast dishes, the kitchen and any other chores until lunchtime, so I can use the time I have by myself to focus.

The morning is spent either writing or promoting posts for the blog or on consultancy work. I work at a rate of knots; I’ve forever got one eye on the clock.

Lunchtimes and afternoons are spent with my daughter, be it a play date, an activity, a trip to the playground or pootling around at home.

Once bedtime is done and dusted I’ll either settle down to eat with my husband, sprint upstairs to my laptop or head out to meet a friend for supper.

What do you feel are your biggest achievements?

I’ve achieved lots in the various versions of my career, but I can’t help but think with my heart when it comes to this question… my biggest achievements are having our daughter and the fact that with the loving support of my husband, I am bringing her up in the way I always hoped I would – i.e. I’ve managed to forge a way to be a full-time mum and work for myself, rather than have to go back to being employed.

What’s in your handbag/satchel etc?

My keys, my iPhone, my purse, a lip balm and a spare pair of pants (aged 3-4yrs).

What are your ambitions in life?

For the future – aside for health and happiness for me and mine, I would love to see my blog Mother.Wife.Me continue to grow and do well. The blog is the first thing I’ve created that is totally mine and I love that it’s success or otherwise is all down to me. I believe that we are still only at the start of the blogging revolution and I’m in it for the long haul.

What advice would you give your pre baby self that you now know having had a child?

Slow down. Don’t try to prove to yourself and everyone else that you can do it all and more. Enjoy being a parent and especially savour the early years, because they go by so quickly.

Where do you see yourself in five years time?

Despite our proclamations of wanting a big house in the country, I’m pretty sure we’ll still be living in Hackney, I’ve got London running through my veins.

My aim is to evolve my own business, it may be an offshoot of the blog or something completely different – I am also a trained reflexologist! – but whatever it is, my aim is to continue to work for myself so I can be around for our daughter whenever she needs me.

What advice would you give a budding PR and marketing consultant and blogger?

PR – get yourself out there into a work placement or junior job as soon as you can. There’s only so much that studying the subject can teach you, doing the job is the quickest way to get ahead. Almost more than any other job, you live and die by your contacts, both for career progression and for securing coverage.

Marketing – the world of traditional marketing has been turned upside down by digital media, blogging and social media. Get in there, get your hands dirty, stay ahead of the game and you’ll be onto a winner. Always try to avoid blue sky thinking and thinking outside of the box!!

Blogging – Your blog is your space to do what you want with, there are no hard and fast rules, but always keep your reader in mind when you’re posting. Try and be as clear and concise as possible, I think a digital minute is even quicker than a New York minute!

Finally, happiness is…

Me, my husband, our daughter, our two cats, coffee, chocolate and a lazy Sunday ahead of us.

Luci blogs at Mum Makes Lists.

Luci has recently launched Business Mums on Mother.Wife.Me, a series of interviews with female entrepreneurs who’ve been inspired by parenthood to do things their own way. If you’d like to share your entrepreneurial story you can email Luci at motherwifeme @


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Interview with Marketing Consultant & Blogger Luci McQuitty Hindmarsh - Honest Mum


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