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Wonderful Women Interview with Entrepreneur Liv Conlon

Not many people can say they’ve started two successful businesses from scratch, built a £1m brand in their teens, travelled the world speaking internationally, and won 10 national and international business and entrepreneur awards and all before they were 21 years old, too! 

CEO & Founder Liv Conlon, The UK Young Entrepreneur of the Year, tenacious and entrepreneurial to her core, left school aged 16 and founded her first business ThePropertyStagers (property staging and styling company) soon after. At 19, she built a £1m brand in an industry that didn’t exist so she knows a thing or two about building a scalable internationally recognised business and personal brand. Liv now uses her own experience and success to help fellow entrepreneurs leverage their expertise to become thought leaders in their space. 

It’s a joy to interview Liv on the blog.


Describe a typical day for you?

I wake up at around 4 am (I’m an early bird) and whilst I’m getting ready, I’ll listen to either my favourite audio book or a personal development podcast with Tony Robbins.

I’ll then plan my day out, what I want to achieve, and get to work. Work for me can look like a day on my laptop, coaching calls with my clients or speaking at an event. Once I finish, I’ll head to the gym for a 30-minute workout, spa, chill and will be in bed for around 9pm! 


What do you feel are your greatest achievements?

I feel proud and incredibly grateful to have won 10 awards in the past 12 months which recognise the work that my team and I put into the business.

My biggest achievement so far has been a charity initiative I started up and continue every year:  The ‘100 Home Christmas Makeover’ where we help bring true festive spirit into the temporary homes of 100 families in London and Glasgow by providing items donated by homeware brands, including Christmas trees, lights and soft furnishings to help uplift their living space. 

We receive amazing support from brands like M&S and Dunelm and every year is utterly magical.  


What’s in your handbag/ satchel?

I have too many to choose from! I’m definitely all for a bag for every outfit so I don’t have too many designer ones but my ultimate bag has to be my Baby Blue Prada. I always aspired to have one as a teenager and finally bought myself one when I hit a massive goal.


What are your ambitions in life?

My overall ambition in life is to give back. I want to get to a position where I can support all of my family and friends if they need it. I would like to become a ‘magic moment creator’ where I create unforgettable experiences for those I love! 

I also have a massive passion to help people who are less fortunate than I am, both with my time and finances. My ultimate vision is to invest in young disadvantaged people’s business ideas where I would mentor and guide them. 


What do you wish you’d known at the start of your career you now know?

Wow-lots! I think one of the biggest things I wish I’d known was how important your team is. Whether that’s people you actually employ right down to contractors, your accountant, lawyer etc. I haven’t always had the best advice or support from my team and that’s ultimately ended up costing me a lot of money, time and stress. 

I also wish I’d known to take things a bit slower, enjoy the journey more and make sure at every point I was ALWAYS having fun! I’m a massive believer now that things happen for a reason, so to my younger self I would say, ‘trust the process and the universe’.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

Career-wise, I see myself coaching entrepreneurs, impacting their lives and serving them on an international stage. I will be sharing how to grow their business through branding, positioning & PR.

Life-wise, I see myself in a warm country (either Spain or LA) alongside the man I love (maybe I’m too young for kids at this point!) and of course, my mum who I want to tag along too! I also see myself having a foundation where I’m helping young entrepreneurs get started.


What advice would you give a budding entrepreneur?

My advice would be to remain focussed on the ONE thing. At so many points in your journey, there are going to be sparkling objects that are going to distract you, stay true to your one area of expertise and become the leader in that space.

I would also say START NOW. Start posting consistently on social, start positioning yourself as to how you want people to view you in the future. Taking massive action at the start of your journey and sharing it with the world, will accelerate you.

And my last one, only do something you LOVE because in the times you feel like giving up, that’s what will going to keep you going. 


Finally, happiness is…

On a beach with a margarita in my hand knowing that my loved ones are safe, happy and secure and that I’m making a difference to my clients’ lives but also those who are less fortunate and need help.




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Liv Conlon

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