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Credit: Yorkshire Post Newspapers

In this latest instalment of Wonderful Women, I interview fellow Yorkshire lass and hilariously funny blogger and author Kirsty Smith, who has recently penned her first book on parenting, ‘How to have a baby and not lose your Sh**’.

A former television producer working in comedy and magic (!), her varied career saw her introduce Russell Brand to an erotic wrestler and head to Argentina to find an 80-year-old magician with one arm, during her time making shows for the BBC, Channel 4 and Sky.

Now she works from home in Ilkley, Yorkshire and is a mum to 2 small children. Kirsty blogs at Eehbahmum and has written for The Daily Telegraph, The Metro, The New Statesman and The Huffington Post.

She was also a panellist at Mumsnet Blogfest alongside Jon Ronson and Rebecca Front talking about writing comedy.

Kirsty is also working on a first novel and a sitcom.

Describe a typical day for you?

I start the day with a quick check on social media, the Today programme on Radio 4 and lots of running around, trying to find missing shoes.

My partner and I both get the children ready for school/ pre school, this is easy with our 5-year-old daughter who dresses and feeds herself, not so easy with our 3-year-old who doesn’t like wearing pants or trousers.

After the school drop off, I head back home and write – paid stuff first, then if I have time my blog and personal projects.

After the school pickup, we make tea together and all have a nice big argument about whose turn it is to pick a show from Netflix. 

Daddy comes home and tidies up and we do bedtime together. In the summer we fight about who’s turn it is to go for a run before tea, which he calls dinner because he’s southern. Then we crack open the wine and hope the children sleep through.

What do you feel are your biggest achievements?

My children, buying my own London flat, picking good friends. Oh and did I mention I wrote a book?

What’s in your handbag/satchel etc?

Like right now? Now, now? A plastic pirate cutlass, pirate eyepatch, pirate hat, grown up lady purse full of reward cards, actual purse with money in it, pens, NARS red lipstick, notebook filled with brilliant ideas for my novel, another notebook filled with terrible ideas for my novel (which one is which?), Grazia magazine, Sunday Times Style magazine, bits of pottery the children picked up from a stream in the summer, packet of Frozen tissues, keys.

What are your ambitions in life?

To keep having fun, write more and get really good at gardening.

What advice would you give your pre-baby self that you now know having had a child?

You just have to love them, the rest of it you can wing. Oh and don’t let them make light sabers out of kitchen skewers.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

Writing my third novel wearing a fabulous pair of Nicholas Kirkwood shoes, still laughing at my children who will probably be taller than me.

What advice would you give a budding writer?

Write, stop reading about other people who write, or thinking about writing or moaning about how you haven’t got time to write, sit your bottom down on a chair and write. Oh and log off the Internet.

Finally, happiness is…

Not worrying about what people you’ve never met think. Betty’s florentines.

For more information on Kirsty you can follow her on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and you can visit her blog here

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