Wonderful Women Interview with Artist Zu.

The inspirational Soweto-born storyteller Zu. is a multi-hyphenate who creates with the intention to heal and bring awareness to topics close to her heart.

In 2015, Zu. produced the band’s debut album, Relationtrips. Following that, she expanded her creative horizons and started creating music specifically for children under the moniker of Zu. Since then, she has released a series of engaging projects, including the SAMA (Scottish Alternative Music Awards) nominated track “Ndim Nani”.

It’s an honour to interview Zu. on the blog.


Describe yourself as an artist

I am passionate and dynamic. My storytelling style is simple My performances have been described as haunting and enigmatic. The way in which I deliver is captivating.


What do you hope listeners take away from your latest project: “Zithande” by Suns of Zu.?

This project is aimed at young minds. To affirm and empower them. Zithande means love yourself and that’s what I want our children to do, passionately and unapologetically.


How have your experiences as a mother influenced your music?

I am more mindful of the words and messages I pen. My perspective, even though it is reflective of real life, is always to teach and grow as opposed to just spewing words for music’s sake.


How do you think your music speaks to African children specifically?

It speaks to the magic of their melanin and the ways of African people. I have also written a few songs in isiXhosa which is my native language.


What do you wish you’d known at the start of your career you now know?

That you can’t create to please people. That every voice is allowed to be unique and develop in it’s own way.


What are your career ambitions as an artist?

Storytelling is my passion. Finding my voice and place in the different industries I practice in, brings me great satisfaction. I would like to continue to use art to heal and empower myself and anyone else who resonates with them.


What advice would you give to a singer starting their career?

Start with what you have and stay true to yourself. The music industry can be, for lack of a better word, quite a wild place. Staying grounded in your “why” is imperative. Writing as often as you can is important because it exercises your muscles. I would also advise young musicians not to leave their jobs in the beginning of their pursuit for musical success because it adds unnecessary pressure on their craft and
that can compromise their mental health.


What advice would you give to a new parent as a parent yourself?

Be patient with yourself. Every child is different and every parenting journey deserves to be learnt for what it is. Asking for help is so important because you’re in a very fragile place. Allow yourself to feel all your feelings and rest as often as you can. Taking care of you is the key to being best parent you can be.


Finally, happiness is…

Self-love, peace of mind and spirit.



Link to music: You can stream or download it here: https://platoon.lnk.to/zithande

Connect with Suns of Zu.:




Wonderful Women Interview with Artist Zu.


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