Heidi cake

Wonderful Windsor + Tea & Cake at Heidi Bakery at Daniel of Windsor

Windsor Castle

We love the historic market town of Windsor with all our hearts and honestly feel like we’ve lived here forever. It’s weird as there was no real transition to life here when we first moved last August from Yorkshire; we instantly fitted in, with the kids attending an outstanding school near our home, and the castle and Long Walk minutes from our home.


We realise how lucky we are.

I adore these photos my husband Peter took of Alexander, 5, in his element, enjoying the golden hour after school, free as bird lapping up the countryside, and most recently our cow comrades on our doorstep!

I’m not sure he’s ever looked cuter to be honest.

The Long Walk, Windsor

Honest Mum's child

confident child

Michael Kors jacket with hoodie

smiling child

cute portait of a boy

child in Michael Kors jacket and striped leggings


cows on the Long Walk

…We spend the majority of our lives outdoors here, walking, whatever the season or weather and everything is pretty much at arm’s length away so we have all that we need here: quick transport links into London, high street, designer and indie shops a plenty and eclectic restaurants and lush countryside at every turn.

Windsor is alive with culture, history and character.

outside Windsor Castle


Windsor at night

…The photos below were taken on another recent walk after school just before and as the sun was setting, and reflect our everyday lives here. We’ve never felt more relaxed or content.

rowing boats in Windsor

Windsor castle

beautiful swans and a sunset

swans with a sunset backdrop



I also had to share these candid shots of the boys playing football earlier in the week Peter snapped while they were engrossed in a game. The tops are from a souvenir shop in Windsor our good friend Libby picked up for the kids at Christmas and are perfect for these little soldiers!


child plays football in Windsor

soldier t shirt for kids

Referring to exquisite shops, those who follow my Instagram Stories and FB Lives will know that Daniel Department store in Windsor (holder of a Royal warrant no less) is one of our all-time favourites. Their toy floor cannot be rivalled and I always find stunning gifts for new babies and friends’ weddings along with chic designer dresses in their womenswear department not to mention the prettiest cushions from Furnishings which adorn our leather sofas!

They also do food. And very well at that too.

Heidi Bakery on the ground floor kindly invited us over for tea and cake on Sunday-a lot of cake (!) to celebrate the impending Royal Wedding and we gladly gobbled up dreamy treats spanning gluten and dairy free delights before being shown around the new, soon to be open family restaurant Foggs on the same floor as the toys, which has its soft launch next week and looks utterly ah-mazing!

We’ll return to review soon!

For now though, can we please take a minute to look at these exquisite desserts, suitably fit for royalty (and little old us)!


desserts at Heidi Bakery, Windsor


raspberry tart

banana bread

caramel dome

Heidi offers delicious, decadent and healthy options be it afternoon tea, lunch or a snack in between shopping (their salad bar is varied and vibrant) and the pastry chefs in-house are French patisserie chefs which is obvious in the cakes.


savoury croissants


desserts at Heidi Bakery

Heidi macarons

Collectively we enjoyed healthy chocolate protein bars, raspberry macaroons, banana bread and caramel chocolate pyramids of gooey goodness, taking home cakes we couldn’t finish to eat with a movie later!

Honest Mum enjoys cakes at Heidi Bakery at Daniel Department store

What a wonderful pause over our weekend in Windsor. Thank you Heidi.

Do you live in Windsor or are visiting soon? If you have any questions or comments, I’d love to hear from you!

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